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tion and wrath hath been kindled by that means against all Germany what a world of blotid hath been spilt; how fire and sword hath pursued those attempts to this very day? What might be said against this Interpretation, is not much, but yet so much, as to make some addition to this Interpretation.

The Papists willby no means bear and acknowledge it, that any Civil state should be the most Illustrious light of their Religion; they will tell you that the Emperour is but a borrowed light from the Sun, and doth owe homage to the Pope for his Imperiall Crown, that have tranflated the Empire from Greece to France, and from France to Germany ; They will te.U you, the Pope is as much above the Emperour, as the Sun is above the Moon. And they are not ashamed to speak to the Pope, in the amplisication of hi<s glory, Thou art the light of the world, the flower of Paradise, the gate of Heaven :And if they make the Pope their greatest light, their most transcendent and Illustrious light, the Sun in the primest and chiefest glory, then you must look and search somewhat further, for some further Interpretation then meerly the Imperiall state, or the state of that same Family combined and united unto it.

And yet neither would I wholly wave that Interpretation of the Imperiall state, because the matter is not what Papists will acknowledge, or what the Church of Rome will own, Whether they will own the Emperour to bee the primest and chiefest light, or others; for the holy Ghost speaks of things as they be, as well as how they are concei^ ved to be.

Now in Scripture Interpretation , the greatest lights are Magistrates 3 that hold forth the greatest luitre and splendor, but yet in the Churches; and when you speak of spiritual! Administrations , they that are to derive light from C H R i r T to the Church, they are the greatest lights for spirituall things: But wee come to speak therefore of the great light they set up, they set up him as the chiefest and greatest light, which derives light to :he very Scriptures; tor they conceive that they should not bee Aufhemicall,,

unkflfc. unlefsc the B: of Rome count them so; and if he do count them authenticall, then they (hall be so, though they be Apocrypha; and no fence of Scripture allowed for the light of truth, unlesse it be acknowledged by him > nor no Decrees go for currant, unless; he ratine them: So that that which they take for the light of their world , is chiefly the Bishop or Rome: If then he be their greatest light > then this Angel pours his Via! of Gods wrath upon the Pope his transcendent light, whereby he gives authority to the Scriptures, to Doctrine, to Worship, to Government, to Councels,and whereby he gives power to all his Ofsicers, to administer Discipline and Church-power in all Christendom, (as they call it) all Christian Churches over. Then they are the Angels that pour out the Vial upon that Sun, that take from him that transcendent Prerogative of the Sun, which is to rule by day, i $6 Pfal. 8. Take th:n from him his rule by day; for you must speak of things metaphorically in this place, though in the Psalm is meant another Sun •> but in this Sun, take from rhe Pope, from this Sun Popish rule of Religion, the rule of all Churches, the Soveraign power in all Ecclesiasticall affairs; and what then? Then you will pour out a Vial of wrath upon him: And sodii Queen Elizabeth in her time; and the Parliament then by making the Popes Supremacie,and the defence of it, high Treason against her person, and the State of the Kingdom,and against the Lord Iesus: Tt poured fbrth such a Vial of Gods wrath upon this great Lighr, the Antichristian State; that it rules no more by day, neither in Ewg£W,nor Scoiland^not Ireland,nor divers other neighbour Nations, who by her precedent example did abandon the like usurpation, the supreme rule of the Pope in Ecclesiastical 1 affairs, which is the very Rule of the Churches of Christ. Thus you fee, take the one, or the other, both will stand together: Let the House of Aufrixhz the Sun, as it is in his kinde aud Sphære,the greatest li^hr of all their created Civil power, and hath been a great light indeed, and both an ornament and nourishment to the See of Rome: Or take the Pope himself, who will be the greatest Church-light, and claims to himself Supreme power,no: onely in Ecclesiastic.! 11 causes, but Civil too. It is no unuiuall thing in Scripture, to make a graduall Interpretacion of dark Scriptures; as in the 17 Chapter, The seven

beads beads (faith the Text) are seven mountains^ upon which the woman fittctb; and (in the 10 verse) they are also seven Kings; the lame that represent seven mountains, doth represent (even Kings. And so Loth these are great lights of that ltate,the Imperiall and. the Spanish power combined in that house, by bloud and ariinitie, and the Pope himself in his sphere, are both the great lights of that state, and it hath pleased Cod to pour out his Vial of wrath upon them both, and both the one and the other suffer; and they shall suffer more and more, because they do not repent to give God glory of their due and deserved punishment, but continue still in their blaspheming against the Lord and his people; and when men grow worse and worse, both civil state, and Ecclesiastical state,both growing worse and worse,doubtles their plagues will be multiplied: Sweden began with one, and hath been followed: Queen Elizabeth in England, and others elsewhere have begun with the other, the Lord by sundry instruments in one kinde or other hath gone forth, and will go on stil,to let them know that the most high h.ith power over all the earth, and will not be driven out: When once he begins to execute judgement, he will go on destroying to destroy; and though the ministers of this wrath may conflict with doubtriill and various events, yet the issue will be blessed; and Popisti Princes and States shall stand a far off", and cry, Aim^ alaf9 that great city Babilon^ that mlgh'.y city - for in ene hour is thy judgement come: That will be the sinall ifliieof the great wrath of God upon it ; and how far both these have proceeded, you cannot chuse but know: How far queen Elizabeth scorched that Antichristian state with fiery indignation , it is univerfally known; which provoked Catholick Princes so much, that what with pou ing out the former Vials upon the Rivers 2nd Fountains, whenil.e decreed it Treason tor any to carry Popish Religion to Engl ,nd3 and to reconcile men to that See,the pouring out of that Vial there, and this here, so fat provoked them, that they b,ought in their whole power against her hi 88, and would have swallowed her up quick, ihey were so exasperated with heat and fuiy; and had not the Lord by his out-stretched arm and wis.loin pi evented, there h\d been no hope of preservation, but desolation of her and her Kingdom. Tims have I shewed

B you, you, as shortly and plainly as I could, what should be the meaning of this fourth Vial, and the Angel by whom it was poured, out, Let us shortly come to gather a note or two from the words, and very briefly. First: this; Dottr, i. When the wrath of G O D is kindled against: a State for corruption of Religion, he pours out his judgements against them by degrees; sirst upon the common sort of people, then upon Church Officers, and then upon the principal Rulers and lights us that State. That is the sirst note.

This is evident in the Gradation" of the Text, here is the wrath of the Lord kindled against the Antichrisiian state, called here, the earth an earthly Kingdom, an earthly state, brought forth of the earth, and minding earthly things, and all their Ordinances savouring of the earth, of humane inventions, and wisdom and power : The Lord then when his wrath is kindledd and fends forth Messengers of his wrath on that State, how begin they? They begin sirst with the earth, the lowest Element; they begin not with the Sea, nor with the Sun, nor with the Air, but sirst: the Vial sals upon the Earth: Common Catholicks, they sirst feel the shame, and confusion thereof, (as you hsve heretofore heard :) Then, as lie discovers their Religion to be generally corrupt, as the bloud of a dead mail; so hee pours out the next Vials upon the Rivers and Fountains of water, those that carry this Religion up and down the Countries and Nations, the Lord exasperates Civil States so sar against them, that they force them to drink bloud, their own bloud, as they made Martyrs to drink bloud; so the Lord gave them to drink bloud,/Sr they art worthy 3 (as you heard it opened this day seven-night.) He sirst begins with the common Catholicks, then with Priests and Jesuits: Well, doth he here stay, when the Lord fees what little fruit grow eth hereby? Verily no„ for here is no Reformation of the common sort, they still continue in their Ignorance, and Superstition, and Idolatry: And what are the Priests and Jesuits any thing reformed ? It is nothing so, nor do the lights of that State, either the lights of the 1 mperiall worldB of the Provinces, "or their genei all and grand holy Father the Pope (asthey call him) none see-k Reformation, what then? Then let the .I mperiall state,, and Pope, that claims Lord

ParaParamountfliip over all, let him look it, the next Vial sal? upon his head, and the Lord doth this by degrees; sirst upon his supreme lustre and glory, as he rules by day: And the next sals upon his Throne, and that is a great blow to him: and still the Lord goes on pouring to pour out, and striking to strike, till at length he crulheth the man of lin,and all his abettor.-?. For,their religion is corrupt,and all that drink of it perish, and the comon people, Priests & Jesuits mail smart; and then the Pope & Emperor, whoever are their great lights, let the be lights in Church or Common-wealth, (for I will exclude neither) they both partake in the sin, and stiail partake in the punishment of it: The four Angels, they may be severall persons, but they have one common work, they pour Vials upon the lights of both States, and truly so the Lord did in Christian fame. this is AntichriItian, but when Rome was once Pagan, and then became Christian in Constant inertime, and under the Christian Emperors, Constantine and the rest opened tiie doors of the Church so wide, that all the garden of God was become a wildernefle by an inundation of carnall people, Christians in name , but Pagans in heart, that were let in; and then that which was once a garden inclosed, was now made a wildernesse, when they took down the Pule, and let in all eiogs and swine that will come jn, the wrath of God breaks out against them, then the Trumpet sounds a llirill Ibiuicf, and what was that? In the 8 of KeveL 7, The first Angel jvnndingy tbert followed bail\ and fire mingled with blmdy and they were cast upon the earths &c, and that is upon the lo west fort of Christians, theie was given grievous hail, cold Iuiil-storm, they received not the truth in love, and being cold in Chr istianity 9 they were hot in Emulation and Contention. And then the second Trumpet sounding, there was as k were a great fountain burning cast into the Sen, and there was a third part of the Sea became blond; there was high preferment cast into the Oilicers of the Church* and a great fart of the Administrations grew corrupt. Then the third Angel founded , and there sals a Star from Heaven,, called YVqrm. wood, Wormwood of Heresie, and corrupts the Priests; many were infefled with the Heresie of Atrim^ and "filcjhrtuf, and Cycles'. Afterwards all Scriptures came to be darkned wits:

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