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strangeto see how the Turk's prospered against them, and how much Christian blond Christian Princes spent to no, in sighting against them? 1 he way had beenc, sirst ro have dryed up all those streames of Superstition , and Idolatry, and to have tbrowns downe that nun of Sinne j that had beene the ready way to prcraile against chc Turke ; but the season was not then come, it is now comming. and how soonc it will come I know notjthe Lord knoweth, but comming it is, as appeareth by the Context of this Viall with the former ; yea they are in part fulsilled., and like the fj earc of lo/hua th«y will not returne, nor cease till all the Lords enemies be overcome ; The judgements of God upon their common Githolickcs ; their worship and government, their secular, and regular Priests, upon.theSunne the House of sAttstrui, and the Popes supremacy, you have heretofore heard the judgements of God upon the throne of the Bcast,which is the Episcopacy , is already begun,as you lately heard darkned it hath beetle by the going forth of thvScots,and doubtlesie the Lord will not let it rest there untill it have gone over the Seas, and come to the Gates of Rome, yea to the Bishop otRome himselfe, for after the Lord hath beene pleased to scomc the Churches from their Hierarchical! monarchy, then the next newes you (hall heareof, will be,that Christian Princes begin,to fee the Iewdnesse that is found in their worship, the wickednefle of their MurderSjSorcerieSjFornicationSjand Thefts, whereby they robbed their foulcs, as well as their bodies, then will they dry Up these streames, and so Euphrates (that did wash this /{*;»?,and the Tarty} Empire also ) will be dryed up :for this worke will goe on prospering to prosper, and though it may now and then be interrupted, yet when it beginneth,it will also make an end, for the Lord is Almighty, when he beginneth he will goe on to perfect his worke, and he will not ieave unto old Eli roote or branch. It is easy with the Lord to advance the worke a little higher, and then the streames of their maintenance will be dryed up by the hatred , wherewith they will hate the whore, and make her desolate , and naked rfor the time isap? proaching. '- » ..

The reason why the Lord will thus dry up the streames of <f/*- R:a phrases it , that he may untwist his own judgements in the fame way wherein himselfe did twist them ; wee have before heard how his judgements fell upon the Christian. World by the founding

ing of the fixth Trumpec the foure Angels that were bound in the great river Euphrates were loosed , and by this nieanes the Turltifb Tyranny wa? brought in. Now by the po wring out of the VuUl of the sixth Angell, the spirits of Christian Princes arc stirred up to dry up the River Euphrates, theieby to make way for the subversion of the Turks ami Vope> and to prepare a way for Gods ancient people to come in»thawhere may be no more wrath upon the face of the Earth. *c *• In the first place this may serve to provoke us all earnestly to Call upon the Lord, that he would flrre up the hearts of Princes to consider, and open their Eyes to fee howncediuJl their attempts are to rise up against the Pope : and for thai end that they may see that thejugglings of Popery are butThclcs, and Murders, and Superstitions : For when once those things arc throughly discovered i the meanes of the maintenance of the man of sinne must needs be dryed up : How much cause therefoi c have wz to wrastle with God for such mercy, and that our payers maybe so much the more effcctuall, strengthen wee out Fa<th, in this, that the Lord will doc it for he hath promised it,and hath begun to power out this Vudltand will not ceale untill he have left the Pope neither roote nor branch. ZJse 2. Secondly , this may serve to teach us, the ready way to subdue the Tyrants of the World , and to take away all their suppercance, their walles and Bullworkes : How mould you take Babylon ? dry up Euphrates , and Babylon is taken with a wet fingcr as when they dryed up Euphrates, they found it but a workc of burning of Reedes, to take old Babylon. And how snail you overcome the Turl^s ? dry up but the Fountaines cf the Corruptions of Religion, and you remoove Antichrist,and make the Turkes easily Conquerable, he will not be dcfenceable then, whereas now he standeih like a wall of bi asie, and so will doe until! these streanies of corruption be dryed up : It was a notable practise that which the Lord directed his people unto Judges 10. When they cried unto the Lord to deliver them from their enemies that oppressed them : The Lord recounteth the gratious deliverances which he had (hewed them j yet ( faith he Verse 13.) you have forfaken me and served other Gods; wherefore I will deliver you no more ; goe and cry unto the Gods which you have chosen, and let them deliver you in the time of your Tribulation. When they heard that they confessed their

sin sin and put away the strange Gods from among them, and served the Lord jand his soulc was grieved for the misery of Israel; then the Lord stirreth up the people to thinke upon Jcpbthah, and they easily goe through the Aorkc of vanquishing the oppressing Enemies : In like manner bring but in salse Doctrincwotship, and government into the Church, and you bring in monsters of men among you , the grand feigaiours of the World will oppress, and rule over you : On the other side let the Churches be reformed in France, in £r.*land^ in Scetlan^&c. Whatsoever other nations ther c be by that have desiled t hemfelves with Popish doctrine, worship and government.Iet them but sall to this worke of rcformation3and verily the Lords Scule will be grieved fortheir misery ,that they arc so oppressed with a base P/icst and his Clergy , who is in the mcanc while nothing else buc a dunghill of corruption , and what need have we earnestly to drive in prayer with God for these things 1 and as great Nations arc healed so arc particular persons also by being purged from their Idolatries, Fornications, Thefts,and Murdcrs,thcy arc preserved from those personall evills which by Sea or Land might prevaile against them. And the Lord is able to doe it for great Nations as well as for particular persons; for as he puts it into the hearts of Princes to agree and give their Kingdomes unto the Beast; so he can as easily withdraw their hearts from him, and cause them to fee the vanity of their subjection to him : Let us therefore give the Lord no rest, untill he have fulfilled his word, and overturned all his Enemies.

That the powring out of the wrath of God upon the Romish <D0ft Superstition and Tyranny,as it will be the drying up of the Popish and Turkish Tyranny, so it will prepare a ready way for the conversion of the Icwcs*

When they shall see Christ riding upon a white horse, and going forth conquering to conquer, then shall they be gathered unto himtRev.i9»

Because popish delusions, Idolatry and Superstitions are the R „ greatest impediments of their conversion. No man is acquainted ^J"9 with their writings but kuoweth that these things stand in their way : when the of Idolatry, Sorcery, Martyrdome of the Saints of God,Fornication,and robbery be dryed up,then will there be a prepared way for the glorious conversion of the lcwes9 together with the rest of the Nations which cannot enter into

D the

the Temple untiU the seven plagues of the seven Angels are sulfiUed,and then wiftthey come in as honourable maid * attending upon the Qjeene 5 it will be like unto the restirreftion from the dead unto them ; many devises there are in the mindes of some tothmkethat J.fusChrirt shall come from Heaven againe, and reigne here upon Earth a thoufand yeares,but they are but the mistakes of iome high expressions in Scripture,which defenbe the nidgements powred out upon Gods enemies , in making a way for their conversions the patterne of the last judgement.

This may serve to provoke us and all the Churches ofChrifr, to hold fast the purity of Doctrine, worship, and government in the Church of Christ : let no sti eames of Idolatry, nor love osthe V7orld,run in our hearts: If our Cowes be cur Gods,thc Lord will power out a K*W/upon them, that from 25'* they stall fallto 51. price j the Lord hath sometimes threatned that he will famish all the Gods of the Earth Zepk, 2. n. So that all the Gods of the Gemilts shall not be able to provide, any more offei ings to be brought unto their Altars, neither Apollo% nor Jnfucry nor Hercxlescm have any victuals : and so will God deale with our Cattell if they be our Gods, they mall either be worth little, or else he will deny us rodder for them; if they devoure our spirits, and take offour mindes from the Ordinances of God j he will rend away any thing that flandeth between him and our soules j Therefore asever we desire that we may prosper, and that their may be a ready way prepared for our comfortjet no streames of Idolatry, be found amongus, then will the Lord make way for many of his deserved ones to come in among us,or else wil make us we! without them For all the silver and pold in the world is !ii?5as the Cattell are his cn a ioco Hills. Only let us take part with this Angell in powringoutViaib upon the corru/t'ons that ares; und in our own hearts jlooke that their be no corruptions in us,but such as arc (Uldryir^snd drying up, and see if God be not faithful] and g^tious to us aboundiiicly 3 stir we up cur stives therefore, and one another hereunto,and pr;»y ihnt God would stir up other Nations and People hereunto, then shall we set Gods ancient people brou Jithome,atid the Lord shall be one over al the Earth and his nuneone,which wil trove a Resurrection unto all the Churches cf the Saints.


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16. Revel, 14.

X 11. Andthe sixth Angellpowredcut his Viall upen the great River Euphrates^andthe water thereof tvat d jed Hpjhat the ivy oft he Kings of the Eaft might be prepared. (13.) And I save three uncleane spirits lik*. frogs come out of the mouth of the Dragon &fut ofthe mouth ofthe Beasts and cut of the mouth of the false Prophets ( 14,^ For they are thespirit j ofDcvills wording miracles\whichgoe forth unto the Kirtgs of the Earth, and of thewhdeWorld% to gather them to the battdl of that great day of God Almighty,

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W)r^% by the effcst which ensiled. The /utyttwas IMW^ the great River Euphrates, The effect that 1^%% followed it, was sirst the dying up of the j^r® ws thereof: and that amplified by the end, that the way of the Kings of the East might be prepared. The

D 2 second

p the po wring out of the sixth Tlall of Gods j$ wrath. Described it is by the subj £t,upon vfj which it was powred forth, and secondly,

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