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Ye are of jour Father the devill^&the rvorks ofjour Father yetvi/l doe, John 8 44.Licrs for deceits Murtherers for mifcheifjthese arc the spirits he sends forthjwhich surely comming as they doe, out of the mouth of theDragon,and out of the mouth of the beast,and out of the mouth of the salse Prophet,they are not spirits properly so called : They are therefore Emissaries sent forth by them, men of nimble wits, and parts.actlve for nimblenesle, and dole conveyance : and full of deceit and mischiefe. And these are the spirits are sent forth : and here said to be three spirits comming out of their mouthes, not as if one came out of the mouth of one, and another came out of the mouth of another ; but all three of them came out of all their mouthes together at once. It is not rightly translated here, that he faith he saw them camming out ; for the word comming out, is not in the originall: but hee saw them out of thost mouthes', out of those mouthes they had came ; thence they had their originall, and from thence they sprange.

Much inquiry there is who they mould bee : I willnot trouble you with variety of rnens judgements , The Dragon is no more here the Turkish Empire then before, but the Dragon here is hee that is before called Satan,acting/tow, and so hath seven Heads, and ten Homes ; which are the Armes of Rome, as yee have heard before, not of Constantinople: And it is hee that consults, and conspires with the Beast of Rome to fend forth these three uncleane Spirits- Now if you shall put all together that hath beene observed by different Interpreters, and consider withall what kinde of spirits the Catholique Church, and the head thereof (the Bishop of Æ<?w*)hath troubled the Church withall, yee shall sinde they all sall under three sorts: three sorts of spirits they doe all issiie from;and these have all inspired and breathed into them the very Character of the nature which is found in the Dragon, the Beast, and the false Prophet. There are many rabies of popish orders, which were endlesse to name now : But they are all summed up in three Heads : for all the other are but hangbies, and traines to them: all the Emissaries of Rome, the spirits whereby shee hath troubled the Church , they all sall under these three, either Cardinal!?, Bilhops, or Jesuitcs : and under the jesuites I ranke all regular Fryers, they arc all of them of one nature, regular

E men men, Cloyster-men; of which the JesuUes are the cheisejand I would rather instance the Jefuites , breaule the rest ot that rabble (the other orders oi Fryers and Monkcs ) they are defc eribed not Under the name of Frogs, but under the name of Locusts , chirping Creatuus, «s the Frogs ate Croking;and both come out of the bottomlesfe pt : Buc the other arc moic like to Locusts. in the g Revelations 3 to 11. They be both of them mischeivous, both the Locusts, and the Frogs too; tut the Frogs are a little too dull tor this kind of imploynicwt, which is attributed to the Frogs :but these three the Dragon, the Brast, and the false Prophet, send forth the Cardinalls, the Bishop?, and rhe Jesuites : yee shall finde the quintessence of nimble wits in these Spirits 5 active and nimble spirits, yee shall finde them close and secret in th-ir conveyances, like spirits : no part can be so secretly watcht but they will enter in, no Gates of Princes Pallaces so secret but thy will enter them. And uncleane they be as neither fit for meat nor for facrifice : as uncleane leasts were. They are neither sic for Church nor Common-wealth: neither fit for the one nor the othet , neither for meate nor lacri* foe : uncleane also arising out of the mud; uncleane in their Doctrine, rooting out the Doctrine of Lise; uncleane in their converfation, as ail false Teachers mote or lesse bee, Jude 8. and 10 Vers. And making the Countries uncleane where they come ; they let loose the raines and open a doore unto all Licenticu fnrfle and Prophanesse. Three unclean Sprits kkeFtcgs* 1 hiscxscription of them likening of them to Frogs doth exclude them, from trie L ;custs, for. they are not Amphibia ( as they call them j'such as can live uftori the Waters or Earth :for-Locusts love not to be in the Waters ; but these are indifferent on Earth or Wafers : Therefore these three can indiffctcntly live either upon the waters, or upon the Earth ; and even as well in the one as in the o:her. It is ird.&rtnt to them, whether yee imploy thtjn in Church worke, they can domineer tfierc; or whether you imploy them in state matters, they are as free, and as busy there, in the Courts of Ptinces, and the stares of Commonwealths, and as impetuous there, and as active there, and as cunning,and as domincring, and Lordiy there as they are intue Church.

And therefore looke as were the plagues of Egypt (which is called Sofom ) so arc these plagues of spirituall Sod,m% The Frogs they cmie upon them cunningly, and would come into the Kings Pallaces, and noplace could be kept free from them: Even such are these three uncleane spirits, no place can they be kept out from. And like unto Frogs arethey fortheir continual! ticking; nothing but one kinde of tune : their own matters they never lenve crekirig of not like theseFrogs here in s/fmtriia that have a severaii tune in ercli part of the yeare, but they arealwayes in one, or two, or three at the most; either the Citholique visible Church , or the Pope the Judge ofconcroverlies , or of visible succession. And chenlooke ;sycesee it is wirh Frogs they are most busy with their notes when It growes darke, and in the heat o' the d:.y they arc a great deal! more silenr , for then they get them downe inco the mud ; so it is with theie uncleane spirits, they ly close ir the light of the Gospcli shines forth brightly And if it grow warme in the zcallofthe spirits of Christians, then yee here no newesof them, but they are in some muddy places then, they are hustit then :I if you should come with a Torch in the midnight they are silent and still then.

But no w when there is want of Iight,or want of heat of Rc!igion,then it is indeed that these spirits arc mostcroking, and tumultuous and unquiet: but otherwise if the spirits of Christians and Statesmen grow warmein Religion, ther's no noise nor newes of these spirits j so these are the three uncleane spirits that come out of the mouth of the Dragon, and out of the mouth of the Beast, and out of the mouth or the salse Prophet. And these three have left a spice of their own nature in them, theDevill hath lest a spice of his murther and malice against religion, and well ordered government tending to disorder; the Githolique Church hath left them hir state and preheminence, hir Lordly Dominion and spirituall supremacy, and authority, carving all before him; The salse Prophet hath left them corrupt Doctrine and corrupt wormip ;These corrupt all where they come, and with cleanly conveyance in the Name of the Lord, and thus saith the Lord :when indeed it is nothing but the meeie inventions of the sinfull salse hearts of the sonnes of men. To goeon a little further in the exposition of these spirits

they are the spirits ofDevills, That is co (ay all of a devil' i(h

E 2 nature nature $ they are not Gads spirits: men they will be accounted to be, but they are spirits of the bottomlefle pit, the spirits of DevilI*,Devillsfor learning,and Dcvills tor deceit,and Devillsfor mischeife.

Wording mrncUs^fx is a proper worke of the second Beast, but they are all but lying wonderSjthey come(faith the ApostlepW) with all power ofjignes and Ijing wonders.! Thef.2 9. And these being all thus furnishr,the Text tells you,

They goc forth unto-the Kings o f the Earth ]by Earth in this boo'ke is meant the Earthly Religion, and lo to the Princes of Earthly religion they goe forth , therefore they goe unto the Kings of the E^rth, Andofthe whole fVorW] They doe n ot con-. tainc themselves in the limits of Christendome, but the other Princes, the Princes of the whole world(that is to hy^io Pagan Princes,. They would have power to prevent(if it were poCiul3&) this great mischiefc to themselves, that they might crush these Christian Kings that brought in the reformation; Therefore they goe forth to the Kings of theEnth3 and of the whole World, To gather t htm to battellj To the battcll of that great day of God Almighty,TJThat's not the last judgements some have thought) there will be no warring then; but every day of great.cxecution is called a great day of God Almighty. But that we shall speaketo (God willing) when we come to it,of that great d^y of God Almighty. ] But what day is that 1 yce have it expounded in the I p. Rei wj . It is the day of Gods great Supper ; that yce may eat th, flepj cf Kings, and the flefo cf Captahies, anithe firsij of mighty &c. This is the great day of God Almighty > on which these worldly and wicked , these Popish and Pagin Princes with all their powcr,*nd all their forces,and armies they are able to make, shall come forth against the Lord Jesus, and against these Christian Princes,that have beenc scrious,and studious in the reformation of Religion , ::r.d in the drying upcf these streames of corruption. Thus you see the words opened, and the plaine and true meaning of them. I cannot fpeake 1 s the comming cf Christ now, and os the gathering tege her to the great battcll of Armageddon , and I would nor epen more then 2 am able to sinishatthis 0 resent. Therefore now consider the Doctrine againe, and the truth osk, how it doth plainly arife from the words of the Text.


U pen the pow ring out os the sixth VUU (that is to say ).up. on the drying up of the cm rent, andstreame* of the corruption of Antichiiitian religion,or Christianreligion (for Antichristi* an religion is but the corruption ot religion in Christendoms, ) The Dragon(that is to fay the Devili) and the Beast ('that is to fay the Æo»wwCatholique visible Church, ) and the salse Prophet (that is to say the Pope the head osthe Church) did send forth out of their mou:hes ( that is to say out of their commands ) three uncleane spirits, (that is Cardinallsyind B.fhops, and Jefuitc?.)

To llir up the Princes of the Earth, and of the whole- World*, (that is both Popistymd Pagan Princess to a great battell. To what end ? ye may see by the occasion ot it,is was upon the powling out the ^W/of the wrath of God upon the streames of corruption *of religion, therefore they would turne thestreame a gair,e,to prevent the way of the Kings of the Eist ( that is) the converlion of the Icrves, by bringing In old Idolatry and fuperstition,spirituall Adulteries and Whoredomes,and Witchcrafts, for the maintenance of the Sea oiRor/ic.

Thus you seethe point plaine fromtheTexc.neicher is there any difficulty that remaines for the opening of it, that I doc diseerne.

Now then for the Reasons of the poinr,and so briefly to come to thetise. The reasons are two, why that .upon this drying up of the streames of corruption of Religion these three great commanders should thus fend forth such kinde of Emissaries, instruments that will bee active, and nimble to gather sceh a fearfull Battell against the Lord, and against his servants.

The sirst reason is taken from the nature of their Kingdome. Rea\ Antichrists kingdom is contrary to the Kingdome of Christ, hisKingdomeh not of the Earth, theirs are from beneath; his Kingdume is not of this World, But theirs are of this World, These are of the World, saith John speaking of Antichrist, in the i lob. ^..Chapter 6Vcrf. And therefore ( minde yee) the weapons of their warsare are carnall, full of malice, and hill of envy, and devilliftntflc; their instruments arc not spiritual!, but carnall, and worldly. And therefore being thus slnken as they arc, their returne is not to Fasting and Prayer,

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