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be exalted, fsaj 2. 2. Speaking of a fkre Icfle day then this that I 3in now speaking of ; It will bee a great day to the glory or God, and ths good of his people ; To the inlargemcnc of the Church of Christ, but of destruction to the enemies of the Lord Jesus: That they may be overthrowne, and taken and cast into the botcomlelse pit, never to riseupagaine.

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ReVe Lat. 16. 15.

Behold, I come as a thee fe: Blessed is hee that ytatcheth, and keepeth his garments, Ufi he \Vall>e naked, and they fee his shame.

On have heretofore heard that these words set forth a description of the pouring out of the sixth. Vial. Set forth it is by the subject, upon the great River Euphrates. By the eftects,they were double : First, Immediate, the waters thereof were dryed up. The second was Accidental!, and mediate, warlike preparation. The former effect of drying up the River,was amplified by the end; That the Way of the Kings of the East: might be prepared. The accidentall effect, (which was warlike preparation) was set forth by a double argument: First, by the eiricients#Principal and Instrumentall. Secondly, by the watch-word which the Lord gives his people. The efficients were (principally) the Devill, the Beast, and the fa He Prophet. The Instrumental were certaine spirits, for nature: three spirits for number: Uncleane for quality: Like Frogs for similitude: Out of the mouth of the Beast, the Dragon, and the fdse Prophet: For their originall which aredesciibed by their effects, which are three : They work miracles; 'They goe forth to the Kings of tlie earth, to gather them to bat tell: And thirdly, They doe gather them together into a place called in the Hebrews tongue Armageddon. The watch-word which is the second Adjunct, observed in this warlike preparation, is the watch-word of the Lord Jesus to his people (in the words of my Text) there are two parts

A of of it: First, a description of the manner of his comming: by a comparison taken from the manner of a theefe: Behold I come as a theefe. The second is a word of promife,unto such as watch and keepe their garments at that time. The promise is first of blestednesse to them: And secondly, the prevention of the discovery of their owne nakedmjfe and fljame: Blessed is bee that Watcheth and keepetb his garments, lefi he Xvalke naked; and they fee his [bam?. Not to repeat what hath been delivered,that which offered! it seise here to our consideration's a two-fold doctrine, the first is this: . DoB.i. When Frogs, and uncleane Spirits, (that is to fay) when Popish Instruments snail goe forth To rather the Princes of the earth, and of the Whole World, unto battell: And those Princes shall go forth to battell against the Lord and his people. It is behovcmll for the people of God, to behold the Lord Jesus comming against them, or comming to them as a theefe. That's th« note: when the Lord exposes his people to great trials, by the busie diligence of those Frogs,or by the violent rage of the Beast and Kings of the earth, against Religion: The Lord then cals his people to behold him comming upon them, (I meane upon all the professors of the Gospell) the Lord cals them to looke upon him comming ut them, or comming to them as a theefe. Behold (faith he) / come as a theefe. When doth he fay so? when these Frogs were let forth : Those unclean spirits or Devils sent forth to stirre up the Kings of the earth,and of the World to gather them tob-.ttell, against the Lord, and against his people, and against Christian Religion, and them that maintaine it. Then, Behold, I come as a theefe : They are the words of the Lord Jesus. Because the notes are double, that the Text holds forth; I must be briefs in either of them.

,sfs a tbeef 2 The Scripture hath respect to a foure-fould manner of a theefe comming. He doth not come as a theefe injustice or robbery: That the holy Spirit of the Lord Jesus cannot be capable of. How can hee steale any thing from us, which is not his own : There is nothing but it is his, and therefore in that fense he cannot be faid to come as a theefe, (But yet) as a theefe he can come suddenly, and he can come secretly and flily, yea, and he can come also violently, and terribly, as a theefe.

Thus he can come, and thus he is described in the Scripture to come $ which, though some think it to be at the last judgement, - yet yet I cannot so conceive It; for here's a world of busineffe that is to be tranflated after this Vial is poured out: above a thousand yeers after this, before the coming of Christ to the last judgement, but his coming in any notable judgement, his coming, especially if it be a coming suddenly, and iecretly, and powerfully: It is coming as a thief, as ye have an instance of ittn Rev. 3.3. to the Church of Sard/s, I Wid come on thee as a thief. Ho W like a thief? Thou fast not k»oW What hour IWi.l come upon thee. And so in Luke. 12. 39. If the good man of the house had knoWn What hour the thief Would come, he Would have Watched, and not have suffered his house to be broken through. But coming suddenly, and Iecretly, at unawares therefore it comes to pafle, chat the good man of the house is afleep, and the thief breaks thorow and steals, when all is hisht then he comes, like a thief in the night, 1 Thes.5.2. Tourselvas knoW persectly, that the day of the Lord so comethy 04 a thief in the night. So like a thief hee comes suddenly, and secreth/. Thirdly, he comes as a thie£ to take away,and bereave a man of such goods as he carnally keeps, no! to steal from him, but to recover his own: Though not as a Liwlesse thief stcaleth,yet as a just recoverer of his fathers goods, out of the hands of those that have not been saithfull in improving of them. John 10.10. The thief comcth not, but for to steal, and to kill9 and to destroy: 1 am come , that they might have life, and that thcj might have it more abundantly.

And ib he may come also to kill; but not unjustly, as a thief, but verily as a just Judge, upon those that do not watch, and keep their garments: He may take their garments, and leave them naked,that men may fee their shame,and justly too,because they have not watched.but have suftred themselves to be desiled.

Thus then Christ will come at that time (yee shall have many men serious of Reformation, when the Lord shall dry up the River Euphrates, that makes glad rhe city of Babel) when the ten Kings shall come to make the Whore desolate : the Lord will then come and try all those Kings and their lbuldiers, who ever they are he will try them : in the Frogs he will try them, secret-? iy and flily, for ifcey will not cease to be inchanting, as secretly as they can, into the hearts of Kings, and all godly spirits; to turne things backe againe into the former Cuiirle of corruption: into those idolatries and thefts, which made glad the City of R ome, and which did uphold the T»r%. - A 2 And

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