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sliajne of a mans nakednesse. And idleness? in a mans calling, is the very nakednesse and lha me of a man. So on the othemde, what is righteoushesse? the white linnen of a Christian*? pure shining garments ? They are such, that if the Lord looke upon a man, he is pure in his eyes • if the world looke upon him, he is bright, yea, it even dazels the eyes of wicked men. I say, it is the honour of aChristiam, it is the comlinesse of his person. There is no garment, that becomes a Christian so well, as to be clothed from top to toe with the pure garments of Christs righteousnefle imputed. Inherent righteousnesse is not so comely, save in the eyes of men. A tender conscience, a spirit easie to be entreated, is a comely spirit j a man void of pall ion, that hath the bridle and reines of his assertions, it is a great beauty to a man^both righteousnesse inherent, and righceoulnesse imputed, they make us walke so, as no man shall see our nakednesse and shame. Diligence in a mans calling, and trustinessc and saithfulnesse are comely things in Christians.A well-girt Christian the Lord wil keepe, that men shall not see his nakednesse; though in many things he may saile and be ashamed, yet the Lord keepes him that men fee not his nakednesse. 1'hat is the sirst Use. And the second is this;

it must teach us holy watchfulnessc in all our Christian conversation,especially in such times when these Frogs are croking, and these active spirits are leaping up and down. There are many spirits of Errour, as it is generally complained of (and I fear too justly) up and down the countrey: Some ye know, and more will know, and the sooner the better. Beware of them, look well to your garments, keep saith, and keep a good conscience: Keep them too, and yon keep all your garments: Faith looks to your holinesse, and a good conscience to your righteousnesse: Be watchful! to Prayer, and watchfull to the Word, and watchfull to your callings, and watchfull to your own deceitful!; when you fee the salse Prophets stir,when you See errours stir: Keep your garments close, and so much the closer, when you see soch spirits stirring • and now (I doubt not) it is a time when evil spirits are biisiV/ind stirring in our native country. Oh that the people of God might be but watchfull. Now Jesuits, and carnall hearts will be btisic. Oh that ail, high and low, of all the Nations of the earth were awaked, not to be intreated by them, that Will strive to carry Religion in the old

streams streams of Euphrates, that makes glad none biri Cardinals,and Bishops, and carnall hearts; whatsoever is a support to new Ba-. by Ion yox oldj whatsoever maintains Popilh Idolatry* or Turkish Tyrannie: But to bestir themselves like men, that so the work of* the Lord may go forward, and the streams of the River Euphrates may be dryed up; what ever maintains Popish Idolatry, or. Turkish Tyrannie, that ail this were drycd up. What a cause of joy would this be to ail the people of God! If ye hear any ill news from our native country, you will hear nothing but ihamerulncsse discovered. If men be not watchfull, shamefulnelse in Doctrine, and ihamefulnesse in Worship, and fhamefulnesse in Government will be discovered,if men be not watchfull at this day: For now is the time that God goes about to pour out the Vials of his wrath upon the Throne of the Beast, to dry up the Episcopacie. And ye shall fViie great way made for the drying up of the river Euphrates , for it will suddenly be dryed up. I fay (therefore) it behoves men in this time especially to be watchfull; and therefore let us pray for our Brethren, and for our selves in this regard , that the Lord would gird them and us close, that our lamps may be burning, as men that are bound to dry up this river Euphrates, that-makes glad Rome, but fad the hearts of Gods people.

Last of ail (to make an end) it will be a ground of comfort to all watchfull fouls, to whom Christ comes as a thief; ami yet when he doth come he findes them watching, and girt: (If the %ood man of the house did knoW When the thief Would come, he Would surely Watch, and net suffer his house to be broken through, &c.) I fay in such a case as this is; if the Lord give up the spiritsor men (as 1 doubt not but he doth) those that are so, take it for your comfort; yee that are close girt, cary it home as an encouragement unto continuall watch fulnesse. Such as walke before him spiritually and watchfully, marke what the Lord promiseth you, for yee see what the bklsednesse is which the Lord promiieth. He (hall not have blessednesse only, but he is a blessed man, Blessed is he that Watcheth} he shall enjoy the Lord Iesus Chrifi, and all Sovcraigne q]ood. He Will gird himjelfe, and Will Jii doWnc at table and minister unto you, Luke 17.7. A man will hot fay so to his servants. But (mind yee) here's a difference, that if so be a man have walked with a watchfull frame of spirit, the Lord will serve him.A man that hath kept his garments without spot, the Lord so well approves the frame of his spirit, as that he wilt gird himself, and will serve him, (that is) ready prepared to do Inch a soul good. V • . THE

He shall sinde him at supper, he stiall sinde him at the ordinances , at every lpirituail duty he shall sinde him; at least, it will not be long,but he shall sinde him. I set aside extraor dinary cases of tryall, times of temptation and tryall, which may come upon any of Gods servants; and these stiall not be long. The Lord will hide them under the stiadow of his wings, and preserve them from sham cfu!l sals; or will hide the Jliamefulncfle of them j and the Lord will for the present be girt close to you: He will be ever and anon helping you in aUtriuls and temptations, when you have most need of him, then shall ye sinde him ready to be mofe near you. And therefore it is a marvellous comfort, and fray to a Christian whom the Lord helps to be thus watchful!: He will be a Sun, and a shield; and no goodthing Will he Withheld from them tkctW-alk^thus uoriehtly \V thhim, Psalm 84. Ii.

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Revel. 16. 16:

rAnd he gathered them together imoc^Uce^ called in the lse~ brew tongue Armageddon.

_ BC H E S E words arc the salt part, o{ the description of the Event that followeth, upon the powring ouC Cric VMoithe sixt Axgell, and in them is

^"23 *olt^ t*le ^cacy of tno*e three Spirits of Divclls: who as chey are described , by their ef- sect os working miracles, and going forth to gather men tqthc Bactellof thegreatday of <7<?2 Almighty,ver, 14.. Sotheydo prevaile, they did gather them togecher into a Held, wfr nin the Battell was fought, and that is called in the Hebrew tong ie Armageddon.

The place it felfe is of much difficulty, and much variety of Interpretations hath beerremsde of it, Imjynot lo much as reckon chem up, much lesse spend time to refute them.

In a word, two things are chiefly to be opened j First who is that \He\ of whom it is faid, [ Heegathered them together *&c] Secondly whac is this place* Thirdly why is it described in the Hebrew tongue. Fourthly what is this unto Christian Kings* And fifely whe«efore is this Batcell fought here i

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Pegathered them togtther. ] Some undershnesit os the Lord C7t?iAujiigbty, and so ic might well be insane J for ic is'he that garhtreth the Nations together into the Valley of lehofaphat, Joel 3. 2. Though that be not meant ol this Armageddon, but is spoken of, Revel. 20. 8, p. The Lord indeed jmay not bee excluded from this worke, yet because the fcme word is used, ver. 74. and tcis an usual! phrase in that language, tojoyne Vertex of the singular number to neuter Substantives 0/ the piurail, therefore I would tranflate this Verbe of the singular Number in the plural!, and fay | they gather ed the m^they went forth toperfwade them, and ihcy did prevaile nrghtily with them. For the word in the native and proper meaning of that language, is to be tranflated in another Language in the plura!I Number rather then in the Singular* '^ .

In:oa place called [s'rmageddon] there be th?: tranflate it to sign;si: the destruction of a sroope, now that may agree to any place under Heavtn j And I know not then why it should be expressed in Hebrew: A Greeke word might have expr essed it as well. Some doeinrerpretit to bee rhe Mount of delights, which the Turkcs (hall compasse; but you shall finde that this is not that Ba'te I; that is it which shall be fought in the Valley of Iehofaphat (though they be usually confounded by Interprefers^ but that Battell to which they are here gathered, is foughtinthe ip. chap, ver. 17.1021. TheBattcilof Gogand dfageg, which is in the valley of Ichoftphaty is spoken of in the 2q. chapter of rhisbooke; therefore you read that the DzWllivas bound a thoufand ycares, and then loosed out of Prii so;:, and at length cast into the Lake that burneth withsire,and brimstone; (Rev. 20. 10.) where he found the Bcaft and the f"alse Prophet, who were both cast in before, "Rev. Ip. 20. So that I dare not understand it to be meant indesi ntly, nor of the Mount of delights; for I know not why they here spoke of ( to wit Christian Kings) should g*e to 1 erufajem lo f\TMht this Kartell ; their burintfle will lye neercr home. And whereas many thinke that the leroes shall have a great stroke in this B*tt$!l, I dare not consent unto that, because there is but a way prepared for them in this stall; they shall the seventh Viallj These things put me off from closing with these, and such like Interpretations : what then may bt the meaning hereof ?


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