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Armageddon doth signisic the bil'Jos Megiddcn, for Afaygeddm, and Megiddon are cue different writings holding forth che lame thing: li^it why should it be called thus? shall this battell be fought there? there is no light for that. But as bee sometimes caileth %ome by thenamesof Sadosse9mdcs£gjpt} and ^^/tfw,because of their neere relemblancc one to another: So this is called Armageddon, because of the ncere resemblance of that batteH sought in this sidd , unto those bartels which were fought in Megiddon in old dme; For it is ufuaii in the Prophesies of the New Testament, to allude unto things; spoken of in the Old Now you may remember that three great battds have beene sought in zJTllegiddon, and I conceive that the Holy Qhofi makes h the events of the battell here fought, to bee like the events of those battels.

Hirst there was fought the battell of 'Deborah and Baral^zgainst lab in and Stfera which (the text saith) was by the waters of Megiddo, Ittdg. y. 19. This battell ended in a memorable and joy full victory3celebratcd with a joy full Pfalmejudg. 5. This overthrow t here given was dreadfull to all their adversaries, they destroyed them all, and saved not a man of thew: an eminent victory it was , and therefore Deborah prayeth, so let all thine Enemies perish O Lord, ver* 31. And David prayeth concerning Gods Enemies, doc unto them as unto Sifera, as to/rf£/*atthe brooke Kifin, which perished at En* dor&c. And like hereunto will this battell in Armageddon be, when those Canaanitei which have oppressed the Church of God shall be oppressed, and crushed in pieces by the 10. Kings that (hall rife against them.

There was a second battell fought at Megiddon, and that by Iofah and Pharaoh Nechoh who met Iofiah:tMegiddo>znd{[zw him there, 1. Kings 23.29, whereupon there grew a great Lamentarion,in so much, that all Iftdahmd Ierttsalem mourned for lojiahjznd Ieremiah lamented for lojiah,and all the siiging men and singing women spake oilojtah in their Lamentations> iChron. 3 5, 24,15. And hereupon Ierevtiah wrote the booke of Lamentations, as if he had seene the City ruinedi their wives ravished, their children tossed upon thespearcs of their Enemies, because the breath of Church and Common-Wealth, and every Family was choaked in the death of fosiah. And the like Effect of mourning fhall this battell feught in £rmam

A 32 geddon

gtddon Worke in the Itwtt % and (hall become the rise of their calling i when as they {kail sec the mighty power of Christ in rooting out all Image-worship , and worshippers that have Ub longtime hindered them, from comming to the knowledge of the Mtflias; then shall there be a great mourning amongst them, as trie mourning of Hadadntz^on in the valley of Mageddon , Zach. n. 10, 11. Therefore it is spoken of in the Hebrew :on»ue, because this shall befall the Hebrew people, a* winm you read, Rev, p, 11. that the King of the bottomUssc pit hath his name in the Hebrew Abaddons and in the Creels tongue Ayolion, it is to be nnderstood that heeisadcinoju boihuntotht Jewes and Gentiles: and if you shall afterward htareof some that sing Haleirajof), know of a rrurh that it principally concerneth those, in whose language it is spoken, (for every Nation is to praile God in his owne Language; J so the battell will be fought in Armageddon, because as it will be a great definition to Gods Enemies, so it will produce a penitentiall, and comfortable mourning at the length unto the Iewet.

But why is it called the Kill of MEg/DDO^, these battels were fought in the valley? therefore the H.>ly Ghost would Kot expresie ic barely by the name of Magiddo , that so he might point besides these, at another battell which was fought in the hill of Megiddw. now the hill that looked over this valley, was Mcunt Gtlboa, where the battell P/as fought by the Philistines against Saul, upon whose ovcrthiow David was jltablifned intheKingdomc j The men of Israel and Saul, a.)d his sjnnes fell downe staine in M0mt Gilboa , 1 Sum. 31. 1 Si From hence went Saulmenquire of th: vVi'ch at Sndor^ snd that was in the valley of Megiddon; so ern-y were nigh one to another, for T$Araks bsttell with Si sent was fought neerc Sndart Tsal. 83 . 9, 10. Thus w ee have an allusion to all these three notable and tocmorablebattels, whtreas had he faid in a place in the Hebrew tongue Cjilbo* , then had hee limited the illusion urro Sauls battell, who was indeed a destroyer of Religion, bu: soother effects of thisbaticll fo^ghe inthisText» bad not beene pointed at. Therefoie that hec u:ight graspe in 3/1 those Events, which thole battels th t were foughtjbont Megiddw brought forth, he laiththe \ lac. wa tailed Arma* Zeduot); and ic is an uftullthing that batteii in the hill arepursued to the valley, and in the valley to the /////: the hill and the valley lying neere together. And indeed the fame Eventswill this batrell bring forth,, which fell out upon all the former batttls at Megiddo. So then the summe is, that these spirits went forth in gather these Popish and Heathen Prinas together , into a place called in the Hebrew tongue Armaged* den, where the bacccll ihall have the like succefle , that ic had or old unto the destruction of Gods Eiemies, the utter ruine of Antichrist, as of Sanl, the fesling of the Kingdomejof Christ upon David , unto the conversion of the Iexrts , v?ho (hail upon this occasion mourne bitterly over him, whom they have pierced. Onelyletus a little further cleare one scruple which may somewhat rernainc ; why stiall the/raw come in mourning at this victory ? mail they mourne with Indignation for the successe of Christian Princes , and States f or shall it bee a mourning of compassion for the destruction of R«me } no verily, the text is plaine, they will re/oyce for both, andjoync 'together with the rest of the Christian Churches topraise the name of the Lord with Hallelnjabj in the lg. chapter of this bookcandthe i. ver. After these things, ( that is after the destruction of Babel) I heard a great vtjce ef much people in Heaven, fajtvgHallelujah: So againC ver. 3. 6. they shall praile God witn dn Hallelujah y as well as the Latincs with a Laudate Demhum; It is therefore neither a mourning of Indignation tor the succtfle of the Saints, nor of compassion for the Rivers of Babell; but (what is it then* ) It is a mourning of compunction whereby they , ( feeing in this batteil that Christ is indeed the true A fcfiat,) they shall mourne that they have beene so long estra lged from him; for rwo mainc stumbling blocks will (his batteil remove out of their way.

First, chat which is ihcir great Humbling block, to wit, the Pope .who is counted the Father of Christian Churches, and ycc hJmfelse liveth like a * Epicure, and maintaineth Idolatry and superstition-, and though ma-iy in the world abhorre his /vayes, yet they looke ar them but as S.ct«, and inferiour people and States, in respect of the Pope and Popish Princes j but when they sliall (ec ihic rheZealc of Christian Princes hath dryed up those streamts of 'upastision, to the utter confusion of the man of sttme, then uiiithcy also fee that, that whom they have resisted all this while* cven that lefus is the Mtffidt,

Bb 3 Secondly

2, 2. There is also another stumbling block , which some of

their more learned stand upon , that when the Mcfsta* comes, he shall destroy thefourc Monarchies spoken of, Dan, i. 4j. The stone that was cut out of the Mount ainc without hand, braise inpeicesthe lion she BrajfethecUjythe Silver\andthe Gold: Now (fay.they) it) Our lefw be the MeJfiastho\v commeth ic to paise the Monirchy standethupon his two feet, theTurkeand Pope? but they might have considered that the Lord lesus hath been crushing them a great while together, and hee never told them that he would doeicassooneas he came, though he will never leave until! he hith crushed them to the dust, and when oiicethis battell is sought, that there lha'l beno more remaining, but what is the J faes worke to do*: then shall they see the Prophisieof Daniel fulsilled, when the bat tell in Armaged~ shall end in the destruction of the man ofSinne 9 awd then shall they kcjefw Christ held forth in the purity of the Gofpellf contrary whereuntono word of the Prophets shall bee found, and chen shall they sec him whom they have crucifyed to be indeed both Lord and Christ: Then shall they lee that the name of the Lord Iefiu, which they now curse in their L/'turgies is blessed forever, now they will grieve that they have cursed his name blasphemoufly, praying that it might pe* rish from under these Heavens, and from above this Earth : for these things will they mourne bitterly. Objeft. But you will say,thac to fee the fuccesse of a battels is not a sufficient meanes to convert a people to the Lord, that are fully possefled with their owne wayes Here indeed may be a remc~ vens prohibens , that may somewhat help forward; but it is needful! unto their Conversion, that some word of God b&c set home to their hearts to convince them, that the curse of the Law which belongceh unto them , it is Christ oncly that . , hath borne it for them.

**% It is no small mcanss of conversion, to fee the Lord bearing

witnesse 2gainst the corruptions of Religion, in destroying the Enemies of his people. You know the story of Tethro ( who was a Prince or Priest of LMidian, ) when he commeth ro fee his lonne Mofif, who told him of all the great deliverances that <Whad wrought for his people,Exod. 18. 8><?, io. what saith he ? cow I know thar the Lord is greater then all Gods s for in the thing wherein they dealt proudly hec Was above

them; them : This is the effect of his hearing of the wonders that God had wrought for his people: so that you need not doubt ic,bui when these battells are fought (though they fliall bee noe parties on the one side nor on the other ) yet they ftiall hearc what wiil be reported upon this occasion, in the publick Minilkry of the word, which will bee sufficient to convince (as aPritst of Midian\ so)a lewjX&t this is thfl Lord lefrs, who ha:h io fulsilled ai! that h e hath spoken of in his word. Aud moreover I doc bc)c< ve, that great will bee the power of the Minister^ of the word in sighting of thisbattell, by declaring the powerful! presence of Christ with them.and for them; thus ihallthe sword of the Minifhry of the Gofpefl prevaile mightily, by animating Christian Princes and people, accordiig^s iC is said, chaf. 19. 21. of this booke; the remnant were staine with the sword that proccedethout of his mourti , thac is, out of the mouth or sefiu Christ ; and when the word of Christ geeth along with the sword of Princes , yo.i need not wonder if it doe not oncly prevaile against the Beast , and salse Prophet, but also to mike Satan sail dowue from Heaven like lightning, even out of the hearts of the scares, from deceiving"* them any longer.

Thus much for the opening of the words > which though it have beene long and difficult, yet many times things most difficult to open, are sweetest to chew upon,as in all bones,and the like; let us therefore from hence observe this note.

That the Event and sucecsse of the great, and last&tf- Dott. tell, which Christian Princes fliall sight against Antichrist,and his Adherents, fliall belike in mccesic to the battels fought at Armageddon : that is to fay, desperate destruction to the Enemies of Gods people; joyfull victories, aud Triumphs to the Cl urches of Chrrst; godly forrowes and penitential!mourning to the I ewes.

All these several; Events are inclusively spoken unto,in this Word Armageddon, and each branch of them are expreflely mentioned in this booke> and other Prophesies of Scripture.

First > that there ffiall bee great and desperate destruction so * • she Enemies of Gods people, you read in chapter 19. that it will be so great that the AW<r# standing in (he middestofthc Simnc, cryed with a loudvoyce (ay 'wg to all thefonlei ^ that flje in the tniddest of Heave*; comct wd gather jot*rselves togetlur

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