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him. It i$stOtsarlc3*UcpenLancc,chic which the Lawworfe» eth, though it doth indeed make way for it, bnt they fee.bim and mournc over him; the sight of him worketh godly sorrow in the heart, .

And what is the measure of it > it is even such as for the losseosa mansencly Sonne, and his sirst borne, the stafFe,and and stay, of his name and life,and of his prosperity : Lord G§dt wrac wilt thou give mee, seeing I goc childlcsse, saith Abraham} such as was the mourning of tudnht and Icrnptlcm>vjhcn they saw Family, Church, and Common-wealth all plucked up by the rootes iuthelossc of one man; such is the mourning of every godly louk, scethall his hopes plucked up by the rcotesforthe want of Christ*

Bur ycu will (ay, is ir not godly mourning unUste it bee Q so great > may not a man meurne more for loile of Church > and Common-wealth, and for hisoiicly Sonne then for Christ}

I answer, mourning for one of these may indeed make more noyse; but not be a greater mourning : when amn mournetb for his siist borne, the windowes <*r Heaven arc open, the Judgements of Cod are open, and the Fouitaines oc thegreic deep are open ;this or chat cUcp Affliction seise;h upon a man, nature (etcech a man on worke to m^urne,and grace doth not hinder it, but when a manmoutneth for want of Christ, the windowes of H.aven indeed are open; but this mourning si »dcth much opposi;ion.b.lo»v even from our hearts within: a small shallow channel comming downe from a Hil/, will make a great noysv.-; when a man mournech for his onely' Sonne, it couinicth downe from God as a Judgement, downe hill, nothing hinderechi but this mourning for Christ is like a streamed ar goeth up hil!, fas it were ) and through many rretls und flagges, and therefore no wonder if itrrjaketh noc such a noyle, t hough it bee a sarre greater streamc then the othtr. .^uchis this spiritual) mourning: for in these things it doth exceed all other griefes and mournings whatsoever.

It is more durable then any other sorrow, our time in this world will never weare it out; whereas other lorrow, thoygh it be for a mms onely Sonne will not last a;way,timc will weare it cut.

It is anJncre :si ig sorrow : other fonowcS arc more me- 3

C c 3 . derated

derated every day then other, but this growetb-still more and more powerfully and will cat up all other grief es :Ifa man have but a wound in his conscience! it will we arc ou all other Cros-. i'c$,bftt * wounded Spiritwhv canbeare} Frov. 18.. 14. It is a very strong mourning, as we may percewe. Ps. 1C2. 5. where the H<>ly man comp'aineth, that his dayes are thereby consumed like smoke, and his bones burnt as an heartht his heart U [mitten and "mihcredltke£rajfe,j<? that heftrgetteth to e*t hu bread. &c. »

This gouiy iorrovv is also moie pure than any U'hcr 10 row, having not V1 mu^h mix ure with lusts» and CanuU Anvct ons; when 'David mcurnts for sbsabm, there is much GarnJi. Affection in it, info much that doth perceives, and deuicch sharply with him for it, but th;s mourning for Christ being heavenly * is not so clogged wirh thole bo^stetoua dutunpc.s which other mournipgs arc silled wit hall.

See a broad d.fference in the cause aud object of th s mourning: when a man mourncth Hor Christ as v*ron«ej by hsm i aud yet feeth himself faved by Christ: >s chis object is trantCMd * t, lo is che mourning transcendent a 10, therefore it is«'a- , R im S 26. 7 he Spirit ma^eth Intercessions for w with grones that cnm,9t be uttered. Thus being set upon Christ, and torn Ctucd by his Spirit,it is etcrnail in the causes of ic, aud will lift up the iouie abovcall undermoone discouragements, that a man will lookc upon them as things, which God lath g ve t and taken, and his gnere concerning rht m will van flia vay; but chis being fe tied upo i cternall oty cts can end no lomier then life it fclfe ;Aud if cur life in this world were cenull, so would-?bia mourning be, although indeed when this life stall have an tnd,it will be swallowed up in a perfect fi ui ion ol sesut Christ.

In tr t lait place.I would commend this unto ail the children o(Godt that they R'.gulute their mourning acc rding 10 this mo:jrnu>g:Let us mourne- for Clrist, ai d for his death, and bee truly sensible of the great Jijuks which uce havedoue unto lu"m,tha' so our griefe may 1 wallow up all the ba I enifle of our bets«s, and ail world'/ sorrowes which cause death,i.Cor.7.10. Bu* godly (orr.»w worketh Repentance never to rep nredof .* Let us therefore in all cut piiv.itc trd publick Adnunistratlons mourne after him, and mourne for him , that thereby wee may be kept from such entan^lcinents,and di'c-'-uragermnrs ai might interrupt us in our Christian Course upon other meaner occasions.




Revel. 16.17,18,157,20,21.

And the seventh Angel poured out his Vial into the Ajre,and there came agreat vojce out osthe Temple os heaven from the Throne,saying, It is done. '"

And there nere voyces, and thunders, and lightnings; and there was A great earthquake, such at was not since men were upon the earth,fi mightie an earthquake,and so great.

And the great Citie vat divided into three parts, and the Cities of the nations sett: and great Babylon came into remembrance before God to give unto her the cup of the fiercenesse of his wrath.

And every Inlandfled away, and the mountaines were not found.

And there fell upon men a great hoi le out of heaven, every ft one about the weight of a talent,and men blasphemed God because of the plague of the haile,forthe plague thereof was exceeding great,

Hese words describe unto us the pouring out of the seventh Vial, by the seventh Angel; and sec forth it is by a threefold Argument.

1. First by the subject: upon which it fell, it fell upon the Ayre It is tranflated [jnto the Ayre] buc the same word in the third and fourth Verses is tranflated upon (the Sea) and upon (the Rivers and fountaines of

A a a water.*)

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