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To the Christian Reader.

Bristkn fyader, Thou hast - here presented to thy view, a taste of the ordinary Weeke-daics exercise, of that Reverend man, taken from his o wne mouth, whose Pen would, have more fully answered thy grea« test expectations, could his time (drunke up with continuall waighty, and variousimploy* ments) afforded him more liberty and leisure, to have fyled over his owne notions' It is ho* ped they may be of great use unto thee, and the rather, because of the excellency and scasona* blenessc of the Subjects to erect thy hopes, and to put an edge upon thy Prayers, and desires, for the more Ipedicr bringing forth of those great workes, which this and the following Ageare to produce. Thegood that may accrue to thy felfe, and the common cause, produced this. Worke into the light j which was not

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intended, when first delivered, for any more publike use, then of his owne private Auditorie. Now the Father of lights, and God of all graces fill our hearts with the life and power of faith and zeale, to pray for, 1 ong for, speed, and waite for the most desired ruine, and speedy bcgunne-downefall of that most cursed Kingdome of Antichrist, according to the scope and drift of that Prophesie, expressed in shepowringoutof these SevenVldu

Thine in the Lord;

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e po wnng out o




with an Applications the

Chapter of the Revelati On;

RHV ELATION l6\l«2."

rAnd $ beard a great voyce out of the Tetnple9 filing ti the Seven Angels5 Gee yottrrvayes, anapoure out the Vials of the math of God upon the earth.

'And the first went andpour ed out his yiaH upon the Earths and therefell a noyfome, and grievous fore upon the men which had the Marke of the Beast, and upon they* which Worshipped the Image.

Ou have heard in the former Chapter, of the Prcpa^. ration of the Seven Angels, topourc out the seven last Plagues of God upon the ssfnticbriJttA\ State** In this Chapter, you read a large Description of


their Execution of that worke, which is, First,Commanded, Verse 1.


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