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Secondly, Performed, in the sequcll of the Chapter

Commanded, wtoerein observe that Commandcmcntset forth, First, by the JnfirumentaR efficient Promnlger of it, a gfeat voice £/ heard a great Vtice.'J

Secondly, By the Subject-place, whence this Voice came forth, out of the Temple. \_-&g*tat votce out of the Temple,~\

Thirdly, By the matter commanded by the voice, [ goe your waies and pottre out the Vv*h °f ike wrath of God upon the eartk~J

This Coramandement thus given.was accordingly performed by all the seven Angels, in this whole Chapter.

The fust Angel poureth out his Viall,t er, 2.and that is,first set forth by tic subject upon which he poured it, [upon theearth, ]

Secondly, It is amplified by the effect it wrought [There fed anojsome and grievous fore upon the Wf*]]What men? They are of t*vo forts:

Filst. [ Such As had the Mark* of the Beast, ]

The word* arc somewhat da; ke,and there Is much variety in the Interpretation or them: I shall shortly open to you, what sby the comparing of this, arid odief Scriptures together) I take to be the meaning of the W ords,

First, when he faith £ I heard A great voice ] It is a voice- of Authority, and Power. And whole can that be, but his, that hath power over all these Plagues, even God himself^ and the Lord Jesus Christ, who also have power in the Temple: It is not the voyce of one ofthe foure Beast3,chc Officers of the Church alone, but a further power doth concur with this voice, such as carried Majestic, and authority with it.

Secondly, H Out °f tb* Temple ~} It implieth it was a voyce delivered not by one of the fonre Officers in private, but came out of Pubhks AdmimstrAtion, where onely the Lord speaking, did with Authority set forward these Angels upon (his work." And it may further Imply, that it sprung upon some Prayers of the Church in the Temple: for ail the voices in the Temple, arc either, the voice of the Church unto Christ, or of Christ unto the Church: And if the Lordspcake gracioufly in the Temple; Ic is commonly obtained in the Praiers of the Church, craving anftver from him,

[ To the seven Angels J That is to fay^ Seven forts of Gods

Messengers Messengers, whether Magistrates or Ministers j or whosoever they be that poure out these Vials, they are Angels of God, as being the Messengers of his wrath* Neither is it meant of (even Individual! persons, but seven forts of Persons, that set forward this worke. And withall I doc accord with those that fay, that in all these administrations, there is some presence of the heavenly Angels accompaning the men in the worke.

Cjoejonr re dies ] ^jour waits ] is not in the Original I, buc C Qoe jpottrt ont the Utah. ] The Vials are vessels of large content, but of narrow mouthes, they poure out flowly, but drench deepely, and diflill effectually the wrath os God: Vessels they are of full and just measure, as ail these judgements arc dispen-? fed in weight and measure.

Ofthewratbofgod~] Thatargueth, that upon what subject soever these Vials fell, the wrath of God feil together with them, upon the fame* And that heJpeth not a little to open the place, and to (hew the danger of some Interpretations, which doe expound the Sunne vers. 8. to be the Scriptures. If these Vials be the Vials of Gods wrath, how (hall any of them be conceived to be pGurcd out upon the Scripture, is the wrath of God kindled against the Scripture? And for the Earth, vers, 2. Some conceive it to be meant of the common fort of godly Christians j buc though some soare plagues might befall some of them, yet how can the wrath of God be conceived to be powred upon them f It cannot therefore be meant (as some of good note fay) of the Waldensesy and zAlbugcnfcs, Hugonets, and Lollards; but the wrath of God fallcth upon such, as worship the Beast and his Image: And therefore take that for cci taine, that what things soever the Vials of Gods wrath are poured upon, they arc such as God is deepely displeased withall.

Vponihc earths They thought right, that thought it to bee meant of the common sort of Catholikes : but let us further consider how it commeth to paste that the first of these Angels pourethout his Viall upon the earth, and the rest upon other things, yet they ail have a Commission to poure out the Vials of the wrath of God upon the earth. For the opening of this difficulty f which else might exercise some) we trust know, that in this Prophccic sometimes s **r*b ] is opposed to Heaven, and then as by Heaven is meant the pure Church, as Revels 1 • & 12.1 • So by Earth is meant an earthly and corrupt Church. Sometimes ~' B 2 also also by Heaven is meant, a corrupt state of Religion ] wherein heavenly and divine honour is given to Satan, or Idols, as Treves. 12.3.7. Againe.sometimes Earth is opposed not unto Hwven, but unto some other Element in the World, and so is it in this Chap. The first Angel poureth forth his VutU upon the Earth, the second poureth his Viall ontheSea, &c. So then in this case, the Earth is to be understood in a double fense. In general!,* of the Antichristian state,or world, Vers. 1. And in the Antichristian World they have some things that represent the Earth, and some things the Sea, and some things represent the of that World,and some things represent that Aye of that worldjthcref ore in the particular execution of this Commiflionj^TM the first Angel poureth out his stall upon the Earthy it is upon the lowest and basest Element in the ^Antichrist'ian world, and that can bee no other,but the lowest sort of vulgar Catholiks, and they were the first that had the wrath of God pour'd upon them, which did afterwards arise higher to the Sea, and then to the Fountaines and Rivers of water^then to the Sunne, then to the throne of the 35 east, then to the Kivct Euphrates, andiaitofaU to the Aye, and in all these doth the wrath of God ascend higher and higher, as may afterwards more clcarely appearc.

The first Angel went and poured out his Viall upon the earth, ~\ This first Angel must be these first sort of Gods Messengers, that did pourc oat some wrath upon Common Catholics. And doubdesse such wrath it was, as being poured out, did workc a Noysome andgrievow sore upon them that worshipped the 'Beast, and his Im*ge ( as the Text expresseth) They that had the Mark of the Beajl (you heard before out of the 13. Chapt.; arc such as receive some indeliable Character of the Beast; such are their Secular, or Regular Priests, and ail that receive religious Orders from the Church of Rome* Who then are they that worship his Image I The J mage of the first Beast (you know) is all Nationals and Diocefan, and Provincial! Churches; and they thst rule them are the Image of the second Beast : So then they that worship the Image of the Beast, be such as are devoted to the Canons of Popiflh Churches, who drink them up, and receive them as Articles of their Faith 3 these arc all afflicted with a noisome and grievous fore by the pouring out of this first Viall: For those who did poureit out, they were such as aid convince them of the Damnable estate of aCathoiiks?and taught them, that by £ficirReIigk>h they could go not beyond aReprobatejand ibis Wad the common practise of the Martyrs of Jesus Christ in Queenc Maries time, in E {ward the sixth, and in Henry the eight's time, who disco vered unto you, that all their Religion was but the worship of God after the devise? of men, even Will worship, such as they were led into by the Man of Sinnc, who being himfdfe blinde, leadeth those that arc blinde, and both fall into the ditch j those that thus discovered the unseundncfie of the Religion of these Catholikes,v/ho before seeded to be good Churchmen, and good House-keepers, and good Christmas-keepers,they were the men that poured cur this first Viallupon the earth.. And upon this their dircovcry, there fell a noyseine, andgrieveous fore upon their Cathclike Priests, who had borne the common fort in hand, That Ignorance rem the mother of Divo:ion9, and such ignorant Devotion ivm the way of Snlvatton^hzn they fee that all their People, who were heretofore their honest and good Neighbours, full of benevolence towards them, were now informed, that they lay under a state of deepe DafKvatiat, it was an eye-fore to their Csuholike Triefisyznd all of that Religious Order, a double fore fell upon them*

First, a fore of envy,.and malice, against all the Martyrs of Christ, and all that fought for Reformation of Religion; against whom their spirits were so strongly embittered, that happy was lie that could bring "Fire and Faggot to execute vengeance upon them, chat did discover the siate of the common sort of CathoJikes to be so dangerous* [h was a pubiike speech of Henry the eight, when he fate in Parliament,. Complaining, of the Hirs that were made about Religion, There are many (ton he.) that arc toobusie with their new (Sftmpfmm) meaning t'rose that clave tS that which he counted the new Religion, though withal) others he taxed, who Abated fas he laid not a mine) much upon theiro\AM.wpsimiu, The new Religion (though true) Hee, and they all envied? the Old (thougn his owne) he despised,

Secondly, there was a noysome loathsomencsse discovered, by these true W itnefles, and Martyrs or Ciirift, unto the people. Whereby they began to fee that the common fort of their Religious Orders were full of lAi^ effCi of Ig»ord»cetcf Covetot<snes9 of Pride, and of Hypocryjier and that they hadlaid luch a foundation of Religion, as was not Jefm Chris the true Foundation, but had indeed reared span Antichristian Religion, whereof (as

B j-. it: it is bWIsal. 28,1 9.) it (hall be a vexation to hcaretheRef orc^ A grievous malignant ulcer it was, and the more they stirredHi it, the more they were vexed. And this let me further adde, foe open:ng the words, It is an alluuV -othatnoysoim- fore of^f* thac fell uponthe Common fort 01 people, and upon the M*gitu,tj*[(oyExod.9.11. So that they could not Hand before Moses-, and so it was here, these noisome fores of whkh wee have i'poken, did so fall upon the common sore of Catholikes, and upon their common ReUgiom Orders, that they fell before the Angcilthat poured out this Viall, as Bagoa before the Arke. Thus you fee the meaning of these words.

Now for the Notes that arise from them,—You may observe that {Chah 151') 0yie °f thesowre Beasts gave unto the [even Angels, Seven golden V'ols full of the wrath of god, but they Tve'nt not then, to poure them out, until/ they he Are a great voice out of the Temple, *nd norv they goe. So that the Doctrine in the first place to be observed, is this.

• Though the cot7nfell and instruction, and srlvisf* of a ChurchOfficer may be a good invitement, and inducement, and preparative unto a Calling:yet it is the mighty Voice of Christ/pecially in Publike Ordinances, that Effectually stirreth up a man to the execution of it. These Angels had councell and encouragement given them (as you have heardJ to goe about this worke, and were furnished with the wrath of God for this ende: but were not effectually stirred up to fall upon the execution thereof, till they heare a great Voice of Christ out of the Temple, (that is inpubiikc Ordinances) chenthey goe to poure out their ViarsJ You shall find this a very ordinary Practise in some things futable hereunto in Scripture, Ifoackgwc Jacob a Commandemenc and Instruction togoeto ^Padan-Aram, Gen. 2 8 6. Andchereupon Ucob went on his way, Vers 7. But the first night that he lodged out ofdores, when the Lord appeared to him in the House of God {Verse 15.) and tcileth him, That hec will bee with him, and keepe him in all places whithersoever hee goeth, and will bringhim backe againe into this Land; Then ceb(Chap,29 \.) liftethuphis heeles, and gocth on his wayesj Like2 Giant refreshed with Wine to runne his Course. And the like was the Practise of the fame Jacob, when they told him that Iofeph was yet alive, Gen. 45.27.2 8. his spirit revived, and

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