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si>eb*, and there offereth Sacrifices ,^6. consulteth with the Lord, Gen. and the Lordencourageth him togoe dovne, bideth him not f earc. He wiH be with himtand there make a great Nation of hi m, and bring him back^ againe ("and so he did to be buried)thus are his hands fully strengthned in his way : The like also was the case of the men of Samaria, Ioh, 4. When the woman had told them that Jesus was the Christy because he had told her all that ever fbee,dtd, they beleevedy because of her saying, Vers.19. But when they came unto him, and talked with him, then they faid unto her Vers 42. Now we believe, not because of thy (ajmg,for we have heard him our selves, andknow that this is indeed the Christ* the Saviour of the World, Thus the voice of Christ carrieth his people an end in the waies of their callings, with effectuall power unto sudden and speedy execution.

The Reason is taken first, from the greater power of the voice 'Reason l\ of Christ spcak-;ng by his Spin.-, then when hee speaketh by the gifts of his Servants,and therefore P.*#/puttctha great difference in this cafe. Ads 19. ai. The Text telleth us. That he purposed in his Spirit togoe up to tiierufalem, afterwards going on his wayy hetneeteth with certaineDisciples, Aft. 21.4. and they by reason of the Profkefe os tsfgahus concerning Paul, vers, 11. fell upon him ani wft* aud besought him not togoe up to Hierusalem, Whut meane you (faith he) fa wee\e, aid to breaks mine heart, for J amreaiy not to be bound onely , but to dye at Hierusalemfor the name os the Lord lesus. Behold here the Spirit of God had revealed clcareiy h'mfelfe in the heart of Paul, to strengthen him to goe up to Heirusalem, these Disciples ( upon the Prophccie of tAgabtu, that he should be bound at Hierusalem) faid to Paul through the Spirit, that he should not goe up: By what Spirit?' By the gifts of the Spirit, the spirit of love, and their care of the Churches; but ?«' waves them all, for hee had the minde of Christ, by the voice of the Spirit himleife; this was indeedc in times of extraordinary Revelation; but it slieweth you neverJhclclle the difference betweene the voyce of the Spirit, and of the girts of the Spi« it, he giveth the greater power to the Spirit,. then to the gifts of the Spirit, being such kind of Gifts, wherein humane frailty might be mingled..

The second Reason is taken from the greater power of Gods gear 21 voyce in Publike,then in private Administration; If one of these Elders lp«ake unto them, it may be but a private incou. "'. ------ ragement.

ragemeht Such as the advice of 2^towai unto David, to build the Temple, i Chro% 17.2. But had he come, (as afterwards he did) in way of Publikc Administration; Hee could not have beenesomfstakenasthenhe was; For therein doth the Lord more specially reveale the prescnce,and the power of his Spirit, and grace, CMatth. 18.18. ip. 20* Therefore it is, That when there commeth a great voice out of the Temple, it carrieth along the Seven Angels to a speedy dispatch of this great workc, of pouring out the Vials of the vprath of God upon the earth.

The sirst Vse may teach us a!i, that have any private inducements crincouragements to any calling, or worke of God, by any Cburch-Omcer, or Church-Member, not to Height the fame; for these A ngels did not sieight the motion, when one of the Church Officers gave unto them the seven golden Viols,buc they tooke the Vials, And when they sea their time, when there commeth a publike Voice out osthe Temple, then doc they all follow on effectually with their worke, in their seasons* Sleight not therefore private encouragements to good callings,but looke for further provocation and strengthning in them, from the publike Ministry, even from the voyce of Christ in the publike Ordinances of his Church. Private Revelations without the Word, are out of date, butcertaineitis, that God doth speake by his Spirit in private N'editation and Prayers, and conferences with Bretheren; and in all these, comforteth his people with ihc manifestation of his fatherly goodnefle, yet speaketh nothing, but in his word, and according to it. Now these be good hints, and good encouragements, which God giveth his people in them,and by no meanestobesteightcd,whenGodmeweth his presence in them: God forbid that any of the sonnea or daughters of God mould put them away. Yet this let me say, though fuchbesaire incouragements, (what private duty soever they come in) whether to bclecve on this or that gracious promise of God^or to stir as up unto any other Spirituall work, the servants of God arc hereby led to attend the more upon the publikc Administrations of the Church, for thefurther clearing of the mind and will of God; There will the Lord more dearely reveale himlclfe by his Spirit in every Ordinance of his Worship, there doth he delight to poure out all his frcsli Springs, TfaUSy. Last, For there the Lord commanded the blessing, even life for ever* more, p/alm 133.2. Eccrnall life doth he giye in the Publike fcl

"~ io^vsliip lowfhipof his Saints, there doth hec confirme their callings to them, looke unto the Lord therefore for his blessing in this way, ?ind so shall yoube faithsull followers of these holy Angels of God, who being privately incouraged, wake for a publike voice to carry them an end in their Administrations, wherein the Lord by the mighty power of his Spirit doth consirme al his Promises, threatnings, and Commandcments, and more throughly stirreth up. the hearts of all his people to take hold of al that is spoken unto them; therefore if ever you perceive any voyce or spirit to take off a man from Publike Ordinances, and cause him to height them,thcn ever looke at it as a manifest delusion, for every dispenfation of God, doth butenkindlc a more earnest longing that the Lord should confirme the fame by his broad Letters Patents, the Publickc Word and Sacraments in the Church. Yea sofarredoethe Saints of God stand hereupon, that whatsoever is in private oncly brought unto them to belecve, they will findc much adoc to rest fatisfied in it, until! they fee it confirmed in publike also. As when men have any fpeciall grant fiom their Prince, and have it confirmed by the Privy Sealc, they will not rest therwith,but will go totheLord Keeper for the Broad Seale; to consirme what was before Sealed to them, though either of them apart be sure, yet both joyned together will make it more sure: Shall men be so cares ull for rhis world, and fortcmporall Patrimonies, and stiall Christians take up every motion in private and Height publicke Ordinances ? Be not deceived, whatsoever is brought unto you by the spirit of God in private, will cause youtoieckc for more clcare evidence from his loud voice in Publike, where his voice goeth on more strongly and powerfully, convincing the Conscience, and breaking downc all Temptations and discouragements that might hinder the comfort of Gods people.

The use in the 2.placc ferveth to reflect a iust reprofet^erfore sfi upon any that (hall despise or neglect the Publike ordinances of God in rhcChirch,for you see here that what is confirmed in the whole Church is the great voyce of God, and that without contradiction to tho holy Saints and Angels, if therefore the Publick ordinances be vnder mined and borne wi'nesie against by any that comroeth not from the spirit of these Angels, but from some cvill roote in the hearts of the sonnes and daughters of men. the report of which is a vexation oispirit to hcarc therc7~-C '" of.

of. Tl us much for the first note. Goe poure out the vials of- the wrath of God upon the earth.

And the first Angelwent, and poured cut his vlall vpcn the Earth,

Here is a world you fee c?iscribed,having an earth and sea, and rivers, and fountaincs, and funne, and aire, and they all belong unto the Beast, and therefore the first Viall is poured upon them that had the marke of the Beast, and the last brought in the fall or Babilon: So that from first to last,they are the jud^mentsof God vponthe Romm Antichristian state,as fixe of the seaven scales brought in judgements upon the Pagan Romane \vorld,and the seven Trump, rs.ius Judgements upon the Christian world, as they were ruled by Christian Emperours: so are the scvcnlar. Vials pow»*cd out upon the Antichiiftian world; From hence therefore you ir.ay note thus much. . That the whole antichristian world , or state is but earthly Dou*l* anfl not heavenly .For all these Angels are commanded to poure che vials of the wrath of God vponthe carh,andrhey went not beyond their commission; in pouring ihcrn upon t! cfra, and Rivers, and fountains,and vponthe funne,and upon the throne of the Beast ,and the River Euphrates, and the Airej whereby the Holy Ghost holdeth forth vnto us, that all these are but earthly, the sea is but earthly, the fountaincs and rivers earthly, their funne an earthly funne, and the throne earthly, c\:c. And though it is true ( as some fay ) poure out any Judgement upon any clement, and the earth fareth the worse, for it : yec take the description oftheKoiy Ghost,as it is plaine, and it intendeth the antichristian world alone: They are of the world, therefore they fpeakc of the worJd,and the world heareth them, I / %. And he that is of the earth ^fpeaketh of the Earth3loh.. 3. 31. And so also are all their ordinances earthly, The first Reason is taken from the efficient cause of all their frame and state,which isbutfrom the Earth: all their Doctrine, worship, and government, so farreasit is Antichristian is but humane, if notdivcllisti, Rev,i$.i%. The whole number of the Beast, whatsoever isnurabred to belong unto him,is but the numberof a Man, humane inventions and will-wised ome, men Will have it so, and thi-is the Summcof all Popjsti Religion, jleaf. 2, . As the whole frame of their .Religion commeth from the

earth, so doeth it tend to the earth againc, for what doth all.

- - - - - --- , * r— dr drive at, but the maintenance of an earthly Pompious, stately Prelacy;nothing in the world but devices to get money : they are full of covetousness and ambition;both which,what arc they, but an open doore to their earthly libertie ? these are sensual! ( faith Iude ver, i p ) not having the spirit:There is nothing spiritual! in all their orders, nor in their pleafant fights, iwecc smells, dclightfull muf?quc,and many goedly Fca'.is they have, and what arc they but to please the tasts of men; and all their carvedand painted stocks, and stones, their goodly Images,vvhat doe they but please mens fancies, And

This you shall sinde in the third place, that their best de- <vcaron^ votions doc but leave a man in an earthly and carnall estate, ^' ** and therefore the Holy Ghost fpeakethboldly, Rev, 13.8.That ''- -. 1 aII that worship the Eeafly their names are not written in the Inoke of lifers the Lambcflainc from the foundation of the world: There is not a man of them, that knowing and beleeving no more then what he hath from the Beast, can be faved, therefore they thought not amide who have written.that a Papist by his Religion cannotgoe beyond a Reprobate, so then whatsoever is meant by these things in the antichristian world,whcrcon these vials were poured, all is but earthly; an earthly sca,an earthly sunne, an earthly light, an earthly aire, fitter to choakc men ( so farre as it is Antichristian ) then to breath any life into the soules of Christians.

To shew you the vanity os all their indcavours, that study vr to reconcile Popish and Prctcsant Churches together, I will *e l* fay but thus much, you may as foone bring Heaven and eartrj together, as you can draw Popifli and Protestant Religion together; for Popisti Religion is ail but earthly, and all the Churches of Christ are Heavenly, and therefore when Heaven and earth mcetc, then will Poperie and Vrotroltrnj sieetc together,

In the second place let all men beware, lest they have any Ii- ^ couristi affection towards the old Rdigicnjas they call it, if you '** a* sliall hearken to the voyce cf iuch charmers, charme they never so wisely, your best Religion will be but earthly,your prayers earthly,ycur faith earthly, your obedience wiU bee earthly, yon shall find nothing therein able to answer an Heavenly aril spirituall mind : what though they tell you that Protestant Religion lovetb case]j but as for them, they have their whippings, * '* "Ca" and

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