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And the second Angel soured out his via/I upon- the Sea, and it becatne as the blood of a dead man^ and every living soute died in the Sea,

jSSi His Verse describes the pouring out of the Viall of \ffi&& thc second Ani;el: For the subject, Heponres it on, the Sea; and the effect was3 the Sea became as the blood of a T>eaa man, and the efirectof that, en the living (oules in the Sea9 they ail dyed. The allusion is, to a like plague upon c "Egypt, m the 7. of Exod, 20 21, Where Moses sirucke the River Nilus, and it was turned to blood, as hcereT^ Sea became as the blcodof a dead man j and a/! the fijbtn the Rivers dyed that i?, of all forts some.

Now for the meaning of this iecond VialK First, for the Sea , What is heere meant by the Sea? And what by the Sci becomming blood, and as the blood of a dead man ? And hoW is every living foule in this Sea, said to dye by this mcancs t The Sea cannot be me-nt the ordinary Sea of Waters, foryou'eahcot bring any J Judgement on that sea, that can afflict Antkhristi

D ans ans more then Christians ; if you should corrupt all the Sea fas the Papists expound it, and yet they beleeve all these evils redound to Antichrist.J) What hurt will it be to Antichrist more then to the Church ot Christ? If all the sish in the Tea died, What would it hurt Antichrist more then Christian Nations ? cannot Antichrist be supply ed with other dainties on the shore, out of the Flocks and Hcards, and out of the Fidds and Woods, and out of the Ayre from the Fowles there, though he never had any Fish at his Table? That therefore cannot bee the meaning. But the sea is the sea of the Antichristia» world, a distinct world from that heavenly slate wherein other Reformed Churches stand. TheSea>asyou know, is the confluence of all the Rivers and Fountaines of waters ; they all sinally arc gathered together into one place, and are called Sea. And truly the confluence & concourse of all the springs of the Churches, theydomeettogethcrinone Religion, that is thecornrnon receptacle of all; tSlU my jresit springs arc in the Lord^ Psa/.Sj. 7, In that Religion which the Church profefl'eth : And therefore Religion was resembled in the 4 of the J\eveI. vers, 6. By the sea of giafselikf twto ChrjstaUt that is, all the Ordinances of God they were so clcare, as that you rr ig'it fee Christssacc mthemasinamirrour orglasse, 1 Cor, 3.18.

Wherein the state of Religion in the New Testament differed from the state of Religion in the old Testament, Where the Brazen sea in Salomons Temple was indeed bright as brasse, but thicke and not transparent, you could not see so clearly the blood of Christ in itj and yet there was a sea of Waters: What to doe? In the 4 Cfoon.4,2. to the end of the 6tverse, which was for the Priests to wash in- Now what is it that can cleanse the Priests, but oncly the blood of the Lord Iesus* Now that was resembled by the water in the Brazen sea. Therefore all the Ordinances of Christ,which did hold forth the blood of Christ, to the washing and purging of the Priests and people of God, that is the sea. Now this sea, as you heard in the 15. Chapter ohhe Revelation,the 2,versey In the Reformed Churches is a sea of Glafle, though mingled with Fire; mingled with some contention, yet the face of Christ might be clecrcly feene in it. But this sea heerc,thatis, the Popish Religions the confluence of all their Ordinances, as they doc administer the worship of God : And upon this sea, upon this Religions the second Viall poured-In the former Via 11. First,men stumbled at the lives of Papists, and chef upon at the lives of them that led them,at their Priests covetousnelfe,ignorancc>and hipocrisic. they liked not their lives, though at sirfl they stumbled not at their religion .but thought it was the faulc of their lives; but loone after, they stumble at their Religion jfo that the next Vial is poured on their Religion, the Ordinances themfelve$,as they are difpenced by them : the Viall is poured on them so sarre as they differ from Reformed Churches. Then what? This being the sea, how is this sea come robe as blond*That is this Religion of theirs is convinced, and discovered to be, not such as holds? forth the cleansing blood of the Lord Iesus, as the Sea in Salomons Temple did: and as the sea of Glaste like unto ChrU stall did, but holds forth the blood of a dead man : A dead Christ, and dead Ordinances to any fpiriruall life. There is no life, no power, no savour of goodnesic in it; as the blood of a dead mnn% which is not like the living blood of Christ, to cleanse and purisie,and togive life ; ivhoslever eats m)fle{h7 anddrinks my bloud hath f ter stall Ufa John 6.54 But this is the blood not of the live* ing God, but of a dead man, there is the best of it> and what is that i Fit to pollute and desile, sit to choake a man, but nor to feed him ;not to cleanse and purge him. And every thing living that [ca dyed: Every thing, That is every foule that had no other life, but what was bred and fed in that Religion • and had no other Christian life but what he fucked and derived from that Religion, they all perished everlastingly, this is the meaning of the words of the Text.

Now then it may be further demanded for clearing of this meaning, who is this Angell that pourcs out this viall of Gods wrath on this sea? the lea (yon say j is Antichristian religion, for the sirst began with the earth; thi'3 goes up higher, and so higher, and higher, till it come to the throne, and till at length Habilonbc sallen ; So that all these plagues fall on the antichristian flatc. But who is this Angell that poureth out this .Viall? There be some conceive that they arc they who met in the councell of Trent9 and gathered all the streames of Popish priests, and their doctrine, and practise, and ratisied them ail in that CounccU; yea some thinke that Bcliarmine hath

D 2 done done the Church of God good service, in gathering the body of Controversies, betweene protestants and popish Churches,and hath delivered them in iomany volumes that you might have a whole sea of antichristian doctrine- xvorship, and governement by him consirmed, though I doe not diflike the notion,and it will sall into the true meaning, yet that holds not close to the letter of the Text, for the Text makes all the Angels to be 'iRcY.i5 5. such as come out of reformed Churches,* the Temple open 6 in heaven; members of reformed Churches, all cloatheu in pure and white linnen, godly Christiaas, righteous soules, and girded with golden girdles, llablished in the truth of the Gcfpell, therefore they cannot be the Bishops,and Doctors of Rime, nor BelUrminenoi any of them that have held forth Popish Religion in a Popish Church ; What then? Then it mult bee 0ther Ministers and Professors or reformed religion, who have discovered the religion of the antichristian state to be as it is» GbicEt. you will fay can they turne Popish Rehgion to blcud. Anfrv. she £)0ctor$ of Trent indeed have , Bel'larmine makes it Worse by maintaining and consirming of it. True but can Ministers of reformed Churches be said to doe so. Marke they are sayd to pourc out aviall, not by making their religion worse, but makingit appeareas bad as it was; I hey bang righteous men, they could not corrupt religion , tut discover it, and make it appeare, that all the decrees of the councell ofTenr, and of BelUrminey and such Popish writers j they discovered them to bee nothing but a sea of corrupt doctrine , and worship : all the streames that run in that sea, are all polluted and silthy, that who so lives and dies in them, perisheth everlastingly. And such were all those worthy servants of Christ, that have written either against the Trident Councell, or against Bellarmine^ that have convinced their Doctrine and worship to be all polluted and corrupted, and to be such that if a man know and practise, and beleeve no better he cannot be saved, such hath been £henm\tim% and Jxmus9 Cbamier, JVbitaker, and Reignolds% Perkins, and Ames&xA the rest of the holy Saints of God, that have poured out this viall of Gods wrath, that is, that by their doctrine, and writings from the word have poured out such dcare conviction, and refutation of their doctrine and worship, that to al! that arc not pirtialUt appearcs to be not the bloud of the Lord Icsus, tut of a dead man, and thcrfore who ever lives and dies, in that religion, hee cannot die better then a reprobate, nor live better then an hypocrite, this is the true meaning of the second viall.

The first noce that we may gather (I will not be long in it,nor Do%* in this place the matter requires it r,ot,in some places it might J

As upon the corruption of common ChriHians followesthc corruption of religion, so by the discovery of the corruptions of Chriiiiansjor upon the discovery of the corruption of common Christians, followesthc discovery of corruption in Religion.

This note follovvcs upon the former words, compare this verse with the second trumpet, vpon the sounding os the second trumpet, there was brought in corruption of religion,in the Impcriall Christian world, as in the 8. Chapter of this booke,and the 7. 8 9.ver. The first Angell foundedy and there followed haile And fire mingled with blond, whereby as I the green grafs* tvxf burnt *p,&c. The first Angcll paired out sire and bloud, that is vncharitablenesse, and contentiousnesse, and so corruption grew in the spirits of common Christians , and what followed upon that? And thereupon the second Angel sounded,, and there sell a great mountaine burning with fire, cast into the sea , on the contentiousnesse, and quarelling of common Christians and their ambition. There grew contention, about primacy in Church Governours3and that so far corrupted the sea ( A mountaine of high preferment being cast into the sea) that a third part of the sea became bloud, here was a third part a great part of their religion, specially that which concerned governement, became bloud, very noisome, both their doctrine and governement : so that looke as on the corruption of the lives of Christians, presently religion grew corrupt, so on the discovery of corruption in common Christians. In this second viall follows the discovery of corruption in religion itself,inthis second viall: and looke by what degrces,the trumpets sounding, brought in corruption into the Church; by the fame degrees, the vials bring forth the discovery of corruption in theChurch the vials of Gods wrath discover corruption & pollution in Religion.

The reason of this pointis taken from the powerfull cffi-^fW* racy of all religion ,to transformc the sincere professors of it, $0 the like nature with it seise, looke what tbc religion is,such

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