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is the spirit of all that are sincere, and serious professors of it, and therefore if there come in any corrupt doctrine,& corrupt religion, our Saviour tells us,by their fruits ye fhdlknow them, fa such as their corruption is in judgement, such will it bee in their lives, in Mat.y.l$. BeWe offalse prophet/4&c.£/ their fruits you /bat'/ know them, a good tree cannot bring forth evill fruity neither can a corrupt tree bring forth good fruit, and so it was with the Pharisees, though they were the strictest sect of the Iewists Religion, Aft, 16.5. Yet as they vverc corrupt in their lives,so their Religion was corrupt, and those that were Proielites to it* Mat. 23.15. They made them twofold more the children of hell then themselves, iTim.} 13. EviU

eeived^ and the ground of that is this, the concurrence of the spirit of God with his owne word, and the concurrence of the spirit of Satan, with his ordinances and instructions, there is a spirit goes with both,that doth affimulate and transforme a powcrsull professor of sincere Religion, to be sincere In heart. And the Professors of corrupt Religion to transforme them into the nature thereof: In the 59 of Efaj, verse 21, My Spirit that is upon thee, and my rvorets which 1 have put in thy mouth% shall net depart out of thy mouths nor out of tV.e mouth of thy seedy nor out of the mouth of thy feeds feed, from henceforth and for ever, Gods spirit goes with his owne Ordinances, where ever they are rightly and sincerely received, as alway by force they are, where ever they have free passage, they will have some good issue, and some persons or other, on whom rhey will worke such a change , in 2 Cor, 3 J 8. W* aS with open face beholding^ as in aglaffe, the glory of Cjod are changed into the fame im*ge, from glory to glory y as by the spirit of the Lord, Consequently if Antichrist come with his delusions, hee shall come with all the power of Satan, who/e comming(faith the Apostle,2 Theff.i, o, 10. ) is after the working of Satan, and with all power ofsignesand lying wonders, with efficacie of delusions ; a signe these delusions arc not rrcercly Nationall, but ertecluall, to transforme the heartlike unto the minde, their m\\ like unto their /adgemen^and their life like unto both, that you shall have the whose frame of their state, such as is their Religion * if the lives of Catholikc Professors be corrupt,


an an evident argument their Religion is corrupt, and if their Religion be corrupt, their lives cannot bee found, they that live by that Religion must needs be corrupt : so that upon the discovery os the corruptions of the lives of Catholikes, then men began to scruple their Religion j at sirst it was fairely interpreted of some Catholikes, that were reformed, and brought to the truth, they thought that all abuses found in the Friars& Monks was but from thclivesof men, their religion was better, their religion did not teach them so:and therfore thought still,thcy might appeale to the Pope himseifjas Luther did,they thought it was the ignorance of the Priests, that brought Pardons into the Countrey to fell them, for groats and shillings;but this was but a charitable opinion, and in truthjthe Priests the ministers of that Religion, did but act the spirit of that R -ligicn, the whoSe heart was ticke,and the whole hjcad and body mortally distempered.

The \£(c is thus much, it must be a word of holy admoni- Vsc tion,and warning to all Professors/m this Countrey, and Church members, ro all thkt protests they came out of England for purity of Ordinances, to be very circumspect, pure, and saithful!, and zealous in all their whole conversation : for beleeve it, you will sinde this true, and remember it while you live, if you bee corrupt in 2%cT9-Engl*nd% if you be unsaithfull here, if you be worldly minded here, false of your words and promises here,, injurious in your dealings here, beleeve it one of these two will unavoidably follow, either ail England will Judge your Reformation but a dclulion, and an invention of some of your Magistrates, or Elders> or otherwise boke at you, as not sincere busi counterfeit. This unavoidably you will sinde true, you cannot poure forth a Viall of more wrath on Religion, as it is hfcre: reformed and ellabhshcd,through the blesiing of God,you cannot load it with a heavier Visll of Gods wrath; then if heercyou; ihdl grow worldlyaand covetous,dcceitfuiiind contentious^neb unbrothcrly. Are these your Church members,fuch&such thingswere done,but I hope it was not your Church Members,arewc not all brethren ? Doth our Estates lie much of them in Common f Well, what ever things may be, though Christian love will paste by much; yet beleeve it, if men make no conscience of their bargaines, but that they doe defraud others. If men

wake no conscience of heavenly roindednestc of purity and ~- - — - - - gakj 2cale j andthinkcit needs not,butrcst in meer formes of Church Ordinanccs,you will unavoydably-, pcurea Visll of Gods wrath, as much as in you lyes, on all the purity of Gods Ordinances, and judge you how dishonourable it is to God and holy religion, and how blame-worthy it is in such as are faulty herein, however you will answer thisbefoie the Lord at his comming? For you cannot avoide it, this will be the ifluc 5 either we arc counterfeit Profesibrsof Reformation, or that our reformation is counterfeit, you fay you came over for puritic of Ordinances; Eut in eruth,you didbut dissemble, & however you thoughr,it was not in your hearts, the event proves the contrary; if you be not sincere, but hollow Members of the Church, and corrupt livers, under the govemement and worship of God heere established and ordered, I fay, you will force all whose eyes are on you, throughout the Christian world to thinke, these are but the inventions-of men ; there is no. truth, no true heartednefle in the Religion here established: and for the Religion established in JLngUuA) what ever you talke of humane inventions, we know there is no such unfaithful! dealing, and hollow heartednefle, no such bitterneste betwcenChristians. A Ministers Presence is amiable, and his sett beaurifull, and where hee comes, ft is not thought too homely to be regarded, of better then himleife* J f Religion in our Native Ccuntrey,of them that are sincere, if it hold foorth more puririe there, beleeve it, it bcares more evident witnefle to the truth of Cod there, so much as is truth, then as we doe, that professe greater (implicitie; these are but the names of tilings , but the reality is wanting. It is never to be forgotten, the Argument of the blessed Apostle, the C'jri'tt«inns tooke offence at him fas they were numerous, though godly men) yet a generation cf them were haughty by their great gits, P-tul faid he would come to Q0' rinthy he promised to come, but he did not, and they thought he used lightnesse; it was an easic thing with him to be Tea and Ray : What faith the Apostle? when I said J Kculd comei did J UseUghtm fe, that with me there Jkou/d6eTea,andNay? Nay^ faith the Apostle, ( I pray you rnarke it, and I could Wisli , it were engraven on the tables of godly niens hearts j in the 2 C rimh. 1. 18, As God is true, our rvord to-va-dyau veM not Tea and Nay: How doth hee prove that? For the Sonne os God, lesut Christ, who was preached amongst y ou 7 by Hi y*ai not yea and nay, but in him was yea, and all the promises of God in him, are Tea and Amen. What is this to the purpose t If tSse gospel he preached be not yea and hay then neither are hit prem'-sas yea and nay : this is his intendment j else his inference is nothing,

I you will fay, Ministers and Apostles ought to be such, but tl is that followes wraps in all profelsours. Noyv hee which slabhsheth you with us in Christ (it is net Elders onelyj and he that anointed us is God,whoanointeth with such oile as falls on every member of his body ? who hath also sealed us, and given the earnest of the spirit in our hearts, and makes us every way like himselse, therefore faith he , I call God to record that to spare you I came not yet to CV*«/6,othcrwise as the Gospell preached by him and Silvanus & TtmotheusyWM not yea and nay, but in him was yea, no more was his promise-this is the spirit of Christians,and Ministers,andfo of al that are established together with their Ministers, anointed,and sealed and confirmed in grace with their Ministers, and have received, the earnest penny, to bind the bargainc of eternal! falvation, to faithfull soules; So looke what a Christian doth promise, he is bound by the earnest penny of Gods Spirit, hee dares no mere alter his words, to the discredit of his profession, then the Spirit of God to lie.

So that consider if Professors grow corrupt, Religion wil grow corrupt; and on the discovery of the corruption of common Christians, corrupt religion will -be discovered, else you will be discovered to be carnall professors.

But there will be these two events, either it will cast aspersion on you, and lo they will say none arc better; the spirit of the Country is deceitfull in their bargaines, there is no con-stancic in their words. -- ,T

Or else that your Religion is corrupt i indtKswfll also foU f V E lo\Vj' low unavoidably, though your Religion bee of God, and the Lord himselfe will beare witnesse, it is of God, and according to the true patterne of the Word; yet if we in this generation shall defile it, by our uufaithfuWsse» unspiritualncssc , unheavenlinefle, and ungodlinesse , this will be the issue j on the corruption of the lives of Professors, fullowes corruption of Religion, and upon the discovery of the one, followes the discovery of the other;

That Religion, which by the blessing of God , and the power of his grace, is dispensed heere in simplicity, will bee corrupted in the very next generation ; you will findc your Children after you ( of whose state you ought to have as much care., and Itl inke, I may speake it without inconveniencyy more then of your owne : you may know the worst oi it for yrur selves, being neere the grave many of you : but verely, what will befall your Posterity ? They will degenera;:our of measure, by the unfaithfulncsse of your lives, and unrighteousnefle of our promises, they will fall to bee ltarkc nought in point of Doctrine, Worship, and Government, they Will utteily degenerate from their Ancestors , let buc us bee polluttd, and all the waters that come from us wili be polluted, it cannot be swc;t water that runnes through a poyfonous earth: if the earth bee unfavoury, the Watcs, and Deepen, and Rivers be poysoned, what will the ifluc bee, all will bee corrupt : and therefore as you desire to leave Religion with a blessing, leave it pure in the converfation of Brotherly love, and punty, and faithfulnesse, and fruitfulnclTe, and heavenly lniudcdncsTc ; that so as Religion alwayes loves to lye cleane, as was a grave speech of an ancient Saint, it will not lye nasty as a Swine, and a Dogge in a kcnnell, it must lye sweet and cleane : if the heartland waics of men be not pure and holy, you shall not alway have the Sea cleane. but Religion will grow to Aposiacy, and that which is our glory, will be our confusion*. .'

It hemea^the blood of a deed man* .

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