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& scourgings,and fastings,and these (they wills ay) arc no such earthly dainties; Trudy these so farre as they arc Antichristian are but earthly ; they fast from flesli indeed, and from white meats, but they have the dainties of the Apothecaries (hops, preserves, and conserves, and such kind of pleafant meats, and what have they done all this while? these their practises arc not fanctified of God,and therefore doc leave the soules of men still vnder carnall delusions, being no other,but earthly and bodily exercises. Coe and peure out the vials of the wrath of godvpcnthc E«rthy and the first went and poured out his viall vpen the earth. This is vpon the lowest and basest clement,inthc antichristian world,Thence we may observe. n „ That God in his ludgements vpon wicked persons, and states beginneth first with the least and lowest amongst thcm.this is evident in the Text, first upon the earth, and the sea is next; which like the naturallsca is above the earth, and the Rivers, and fountaincs arc higher then it, and the funne higher then they :and then vpon the throne of the Beast, and when we come to open the sequell you shall sec that all things goe in a gradation; And in this fort did the Lord deale when hee brought antichrist into the world, Rev.2, 7. The first judgement came vpon the earth; The second vpon the sea; The third vpon the rivers and fountaines of water; The fourth vpon the Sunne, then commeth Antichrist the King of the Bottomeleflepit,Æ*v, 9. 11. and herein the 5. Viall his throne is frnitten,andupon she sounding of the fixt angell, the fourc angels in the River B* ~ phrates were loosened,and here pouring out the 6th Viall,thc River Euphrates is dry ed up. And the consideration yccldcth great light tohelpe us in the exposition of these seven vials: for by the fame steps wherby antichrist came into the world, b? the fame steps doth the Lord vnderminchira and bring him downc.Tor as first the common fort of Christians were corrupted when antichrist was brought in; so first the Common sort of Catholiques are blasted, when antichrist beginneth to fall-; The like course did the Lord take inthc plagues of £^.7.19.. «&c. He beginneth with the lowest, first to turnc their waters into bloud, and thereby killcth their sisli, but still men subsist well enough, but then he bringeth frogs into all the. land of Egypt, and they crawlc into their kneading troughes, then he *hangcth Ac dust of the land into lice?and that wasa great deale more loathsome to men, and at length bee killcth all their first borne, and at last overwhelmed) Pharaoh and his hosteinthe boctomeof the red sea; and all this is according to the old covenant of his justice, Lcvit.z6. i S, 21, 24, a 8. If you will not for all this hearken vnto me, f will punish you yet seven times more for yottr fins, so he threatneth againc and againc in all those verses, untill at last he bring upon them such fcareful and horrible Iudgements, that they become an hissing to all nations.

The Reason of Gods dealing thus,is to magnisie Gods pa- Re*fl\ tience vnco all j know est thou not that the long suffering of God lcadeth theeto Repentance, Hom.2. 4, Itbecommcth the Lord to magnisie his patience and when he doeth strike he will not suddenly flirre up all his wrath, therefore when here he commeth to judge Antichrist, he first poureth out his wrath where it is least or all sensible to the great Lords of the Antichristian world, to magnisie the equity of his lust ice, and that he might also leave them without excusc,if the lowest judgement J doc not prevaile: tl is God doeth that he might be justified when he judgeth, Ps. 5 T 4. Thus thought wrath Bee revealed from heaven again\Jt all vngcdliuejfe and vnrighteojtf* nejfe osmen, Rom.\.\Z. yet such is the holinefle ofGods proceedings, that hee will {hew his patience, and will strike gently vpon the least and lowestin estate first, and afterwards hee goeth on further in wasting to waste, untill he have overspread a state with punishment; thus doth hee together magnisie his patience, and jnstisie his justice,and leave men without excuse*

This may serve in the first place to teach all men in the seare of-Vse God,to become wise by light Iudgements and gentle afflictions, those which you would thinke may least of all concernc you fleight them not: nothing more distant, from the chiefc men in a State, then the common multitude. A Iudgemcnt upon them doth not matter much, if a Famine wcjc upon the common sort of people, Princes and Great men would not be much affected therewith. But the least of his judgements should be warning* unto us, to teach us that the Lord ha'ih taken his Sword into his hand, and will go on in.judgement, untillhe make the soulcs o£ men to tremble. W hat if a judgement beginupon mens cattell?. That is fane off : It will come next upon your Servants and. Children, and it may be,reach to the wife of your bosome $ and' ilallthis prevaile not jt may be,He win strike you with grievour I""'~"" C3 - - - disease*

disease's in your body; and if you hearken not f orall this," what if he let the Devill loose upon the foules and consciences of menand women? What will the heart of a poore Creature doe in such a cafe? O consider this all ye that forget God I least hee teare you in pieces, and there be none to deliver; When the Lord striketh aloofe from us, It is but the Viall of the sirst Angcll, buc when the Lordbeginneth, he will go on further $ therefore it must be the wisdomc of the sonnesof men to take heed of his Ilroakes asarre off. This also is the Method of Gods dealing with his owneChildren: He did not sall upon the Conscience of his Servant hb at the sirst, but upon his Cattel!, then upon his Servants, after that upon his Children, and nextly,upon his Body, and at last, writeth bitter things against his soule. Be we warned therefore by the sirst hints of chalhsemcnts, by small and gentle visitations, and happy they that learnc to prosit by sucb0 to turne unto God, and to make their peace with him, before his wrath breake forth like a devouring sire, and there be none to quench it.

f'sc 2 i The second use is unto the common fort of Christians,if there beany more poore and common,and of leste esteeme then ether: Marke what I fay, and take it from the word of the Lord, it bell oveth you in speciall manner to take heed to your R eligion;for if corruptions grow therein, you will be the sirst that will suffer by them. And why so ?It is because Religion concerneth the common sort of Christian*, as well as any other! and yet they commonly leave their Religon, (as they say) to men that arc wiser then themselves ; well, if you cannot read in the Book of God the broade Characters of Salvation, and the way thereof, iooke for it, that when the smarting providences of God come upon any State where you are, you shall sirst taste of them, and then shall you see the necessity of looking unto your Rcligvjn> And upon this ground it is that Apostle lnity Vers, i. writeth unto all the faithfull, and exhorteth them, That they prtfild contend earnestly for the Faith once given to the S/tint r: otherwise they stiall have the sirst hansell of Gods Iudgements, for they will be soonest corrupted, and (hall bee soonest punished.

Deft. 4. That the discovery of the loathsome, and shame full sinnes of men, is from the Viall of the wrath of God. For what was this Viall which is powred out upon the carthsthat is upon the

Common common Tort of Christians ) It was their conviction "of their damnable Ignorance,and Superstition, Idolatry, and Hypocrilic; and thitthe Lord rhreatneth, as a judgement unto Uietusalent\ Eztc^. i(5. 37. That hee will discover h<r r.akcdnetfey that those that loved hery and those that hated her should see her nakfdneffcy Thus is his wrath revealed against all unrighteousnesses of men. 0 rt

For the Lord is the first cause of all the Evill that is done a- %eat 1; mOngthe sonnes of N'en, Amos 3. 6. So that, is mer-s wicked* ncsse discovered, is their loathsome, sinfull, carnall, corrupt cst ate laid open? The Lord bath done ic.

Because it is the proper worke of the Spirit of God to con- Re*s>H vincethe World of finne, John 16.8. and he workcrh itb^ the Law, For by the Law commetb the knowledge of finne ^Rom* 7 7, And what the Law doth, the lame doe the servants of God by the Ministery of it, yet all is the workc of the Spirit of God,- • ...... ::

The Vfc maybe, first to teach the Sonnes of men, to take tt heede how you snarls at Instruments of Gods wrath, though it irny be, they may sometimes deale disorderly ; yet is it your C\ part to see the righteous hand of God, and when mcnwalke according to God, in discovering your wickednesse, there is it, the righteous hand of God n uch more. As when the Angels that poured out this Viall, Were encouraged by the Oiflcers of Christ in his Church , and lo by the Lord himselfe ,to show men that they were full os palpable Ignorance, and superstition:: Therefore let men lcarnc in these caf es, to fanctified the Lord in. their hearts, and td acknowledge his hand on them, in such con* victions of their stnncfull and shamefull estate and courseLet it teach all such whose smnes are discovered at any time, ^re a> to humble their soules under the mighty hand of God, that as {heir sinnes have beene discovered by an Angel of wrath : so; they may be covered againeby the Angel of peacci

That the discovery of thesinnes of the Common fort of V^°m<j)ei} kple doth inflict a noyfome Boyle upon their corrupt leaders, ° and guides that allow them therein There feH a noyfome and grievousJore upon the men which bai the Af <rke of the Heaft^ and upon them that worpupped his Image, When all this wickedneste is discovered in the common Cctholikcs, then doth the Icaudncfsc of their leaders also grow notorious; what fay yom

. now:'

bow to all theirCathoIickc Priests, Their wickcdncsse appeared their Idlenessc, Hypocrisie, Covctoufnesle, and wantonnesse, breaketh forth. <tA grievous sore lay upon them all, to sec that all their labours arc discovered, to be but a building men up in wrath, the Spirits of the Popish Leaders were greatly disturbed and troubled to fee men so busie with their new Suntpsimus. A noysome blemish was it to all their Religious Ordcrs:andto all that did countenance the in the samc.E vident this is unto al those that read the Stories of ourownc times, or the times of our Fathers, how this noysome sore fell upon their Guids and Leaders, And so it hath done of old, Esay 9.15 ♦ 16. The Leaders of this people cause them to erre: So ?fr« S• 3 *• The Prophetsprophecie falsely ya»d the Priests htare rule by their means, 4nd my people love to haveitso; Thus arc their salse guides blemished. The Reason is taken from the duty of the guides of the Church and Pcople,whichis to turn thew from their evill waies, Jer.i^.zz. Therefore if they lead them into evill wayes, needs must a noysome fore sall upon them, when the wickednesse of the people is discovered.

This may teach all the servants of Christ, to whom the Church of God is committed, to be the more vigilant in all the Administrations of the things of God in his House,that there may remain ink no corruptions that a re discerned; but that being discerned* they maybe also borne witnefle against, and be seasonably rooted out,and the spirits of Gods people healed: else the sorenefle will sall upon the guids of the Church, the people may perish in

of those that should leade them in the way wncrein they should is not enough for the people to say,it is the sault of their guides, nor for Ministers to lay the blame upon the people, unlcssc they warne them, then indeed have they delivered their ownesoulcs,butif the People perish for lackc of knowledge, God will require their blood at the hand of their Guides.

their sinncsjbut their blood will the Loid


the hands


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