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^pottles Creel),

According to

Bishop Pearson,

In a New Method, by way of

Paraphrase and Annotation.


B. KE N N ETT,D. D. late President of|
Corpus-Christi College, Oxon.

The Second Edition, Corrected.


Printed by W. Botham, for James and John
K N A P T o N, at the Crown in St. Paul's Church-
Yard. Mdccxxvi.

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T has been the Wisdom and Happineis of the Church of England, to approve Herself the soundest Part of the Catholic Church, by contributing most to the Support of the Whole, and the Defence of the Common Faith. Of which were all other Testimonies wanting, that are so great and numerous, the Claim wou'd be made good by one Performance of one Man, that of Excellent Bishop Pearson on the Apostles Creed; than which the Christian World has seen nothing more accomplished, since the Divine Truths of Scripture have been guarded by the Succours of Human Learning. Whosoever wou'd engage in the useful Task of drawing up a more succinct View of solid Divinity, a Manual of Faith and Practice, must chiefly borrow his Supplies from this noble Treasury; and therefore the latter Proceeding cannot be disingenuous, unless the former cou'd be unjust, But then the admirable Judgment and A. 2 Accuracy Accuracy of this great Author renders him as difficult to be followed, as it is safe, and even necessary, to follow him. Perhaps, he comes the nearest of all Writers in Prose to that Character of the most exact of Poets,


. His Judgment such,

Never to say too little, or too much. Yet while his own great Capacity and Opportunity hindred him from being ever deficient, the less Capacity and less Opportunity of others may still make him appear to them sometimes redundant j and tho' he fays not too little for any of his Arguments, he may yet fay too much for some of his Readers. For the Ease and Benefit of those Readers, this more compendious System is propos'd. In which after a Paraphrase on each Member of the Antient and Orthodox Confession, a Proof and Illustration of the said Paraphrase is subjoined, both with regard to the most apposite Texts of Holy Scripture, and to those invincible Reasonings-by which they are connected and enfore'd. And because a farther Confirmation was given in the Marginal Notes from the Authority of the Primitive Fathers, and the true Rules of Criticism, so much of this assistance likewise is taken in, as may secure the Words and Import of the several Articles, either from the Exceptions of antient Heretics, or from the Cavils of that modern Sect which has refin'd upon all that were infamous in former Ages. Yet the Critical Remarks are by Parentheses disjoin'd from the plainer Series of Argument, that no Interruption may be given to the unlearned Reader, nor that Disadvantage be incurr'd, which the incomparable Author with so much Sagacity

avoided. avoided. Nor will it be an Injury to his Name, that we have, on some few Occasions, produc'd the concurrent Sense of other our great English Divines. The Use and Necessity of believing each Particular, with the Practical Inferences most naturally flowing from it, are preserv'd in their due Place. And as this brief Exposition has received the Improvement of an Index, so we hope it may it self be admitted for an Index to the larger Work; or be allow'd to resemble those Glasses which by contracting a great and beautiful Object, present it with more Clearness to weaker Eyes, such as cannot view it in its full Compass and Proportion.

The Apostles Creed.

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