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The Youth's friend, and Teacher's Comfort.


Our own Country-Our own Currency-and our own Books.

The attention of Teachers, School Directors, Parents, Merchants, and the public genorally, is called to a series of Arithmetics, prepared with great care by Mr. Almon Ticknor, a teacher of upwards of twenty-five years' experience. They are called

The Columbian Calculator,
The Youth's Columbian Calculator.

Complete Keys to both Works. These books are purely American in their character-based on our beautiful Decimal System of Currency, and have received the approval of upwards of five hundred teachers and professors in different sections of the United States; a greater array of recommendations than any works of the kind have ever received in this or any other country. These books have also had a greater run than any heretofore issued, for the time they have been before the public, which speaks volumes in their favour. They are also the cheapest books in the market for the quantity of matter they contain, and only require a thorough examination to secure their universal introduction into the Schools and Academies of the country. Among those who recommend these books as the best works on Arithmetic, will be found

Hon. THOMAS H. BURROWES, the Father of the Common School System of Penn

sylvania Hon. JESSE MILLER, Superintendent of Common Schools of Pennsylvania. FREDERICK J. FENN, Esq., Chief Clerk of the Common School Department of Penn

Professor W. M-CARTNEY, of Lafayette College.
Professor YEOMANS, of Lafayette College.
Professor M. L. STOEVER, of Penn. College, Gettysburg.
Professor ANDREW WYLIE, of Indiana University.
The President of the University of Michigan.
Mr. JOHN BECK, Principal of Litiz Academy, Lancaster County.

The following resolution was unanimously adopted by the Teachers of the City of Reading :

" Resolved, That in our opinion, it is the best system in use, and should be speedily in. troduced into all the Schools in the United States, both public and select, as the general text books in Arithmetic."

As far as these works are known, they have received universal approbation.

TICKNOR'S COLUMBIAN SPELLING BOOK, Being a Progressive and Comprehensive System of Orthography and Orthoepy, including a variety of definitions, adapted to the use of Schools in the American Republic, by Almon Ticknor, a Teacher of twenty-five years' experience, and author of the Columbian and Youth's Columbian Calculators, Practical Common School Mensuration, &c.

This new Spelling Book, which is just published, conforms to the modern usages and changes in Orthography, and is one of the neatest, cheapest, best arranged, and better adapted to the wants of children, than any other published in the United States. It is what it purports to be, a Spelling Book, and not a Reading Book, and only requires an examination on the part of Instructors of Youth, to secure for it a universal introduo tion into the Schools of the United States.

For sale by all the Booksellers.

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