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James Hayden Tufts, W Wetz, Hugo Helbing, Edward Thomas
Owen, George J Tamson, A. L. Pogodin, Karl Brugmann, A ...

Kant's Teleology.

Seatti Intrate
Sprache Neratur

3 Habing, H.

....... Katalog von Original

Zeichning en de münchner Jugend ...... Interrogative Thought and the

Means of its Expression.


E. T.

on, G. J.

Word-Strees in English.

lin, A. L.

Why Animals do not Speak.

7 Brugmann, K. & Leskien, A.

Zur Kritik der künstlichen Weltsprachen. 8 Bohn, W. E. W. E. .. The Development of John Dryden's

Literary Criticism.

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13 F. G. Hubbard,

The Undergraduate Curriculum 14 fe Critica (20 Mov. o.) in English Literature. · 15 Bryant, F. E.

On the Conservatism of Lang.

in a New Country. 16 Eick, Dr. H. Bemerkungen uber den Roman.

17 Knapp, Dr. Otto

Stilverwirrung im Drama. 18 Meinhof, Carl .... Melodie und Rhythmus in Sprache

und Musik.

19 Ogden

he Attitude of the Press
d the Peace Movement.

809 PIO

20 Paul, H. G.

Suggestive Questions for the Study of Sakespeare.

2/ Lange, A. F.

The Relation of Instructi in English to Instruction in the other Branches of the Schoo Curriculum.

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26 Burnham, J. M.

A Brief Inquiry into the Province and Laws of Poetry

27 Miller, R. D.

Secondary Accent in Moder English Verse.


Milton's Conception of the Temptation as portrayed in Paradise Regained.

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