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St Michael and all Angels. (29th Sept.) 404.

They overcame him by the Blood of the

Lamb." (Rev. xii. 11.) C. M.
1 GIVE me the wings of faith, to rise

Within the veil, and see
The saints above, how great their joys,

How bright their glories be.
2 Once they were mourning here below,

And wet their couch with tears;
They wrestled hard, as we do now,

With sins, and doubts, and fears.
3 I ask'd them whence their vict'ry came;

They with united breath
Ascribed their conquest to the Lamb,

Their triumph to His death.
4 They mark'd the footsteps that He trod,

(His zeal inspir'd their breast ;)
And foll’wing their incarnate God,

Possess the promis’d rest.
5 Our glorious Leader claims our praise

For His own pattern giv'n;
While the long cloud of witnesses
Shew the same path to heav'n.

From the Te Deum. L. M.

(Isai. vi. 2, 3. Rev. iv. 8.)
1 THEE we adore, Eternal Lord !

We praise Thy name with one accord :
Thy saints, who here Thy goodness see,

Through all the world do worship Thee.
2 To Thee aloud all angels cry,

And ceaseless raise their songs on high,
Both Cherubin and Seraphin,

The heav'ns and all the powers therein.
3 Th’ Apostles join the glorious throng ;

The Prophets swell th' immortal song ;
The Martyrs' noble army raise

Eternal anthems to Thy praise.
4 Thee,- Holy, Holy, Holy, King!

Thee, the Lord God of Hosts, they sing;
Thus earth below, and heav'n above,
Resound Thy glory and Thy love.



The Christian Soldier. 7th P. M.

(2 Tim. iv. 7.)
1 MUCH in sorrow, oft in woe,

Onward, Christians, onward go;
Fight the fight, and worn with strife,

Steep with tears the bread of life.
2 Shrink not, Christians,—will ye yield ?

Will ye quit the painful field?
Fight till all the conflict's o'er,

Nor your foeman rally more.
3 For when loud the trumpet blown

Speaks their forces overthrown,
Christ, your Captain shall bestow

Crowns to grace the conqu’ror's brow. 407.

The Harvest of the Lord. L. M.

(Luke x. 2. John iv. 35.)
1 BEHOLD th' expected time draw near,

The shades disperse, the dawn appear !
Behold the wilderness assume

The beauteous tints of Eden's bloom !
2 Events with prophecies conspire

To raise our faith, our zeal to fire :
The rip’ning fields, already white,

Present a harvest to the sight.
3 Come, let us, with a grateful heart,

In the bless'd labour share a part;
Our prayers and off'rings gladly bring,

To aid the triumph of our King.
4 Let us improve the heavenly gale,

Spread to each breeze our hoisted sail ;
Till north, and south, and east, and west,

Shall be with Thy salvation bless’d.
5 Where'er Thy hand hath spread the skies,

Sweet incense to Thy name shall rise ;
And slave and freeman, Greek and Jew,
By sov'reign grace be form’d anew.

408. Deliverance from Bondage. (Jude i. 5.) C.M. 1 FROM Egypt's bondage come,

Where death and darkness reign,
We seek a new, a better home,

Where we our rest shall gain.
2 There sin and sorrow cease,

And ev'ry conflict o'er,
The saints repose in endless peace,

Nor thirst nor hunger more.
3 There in celestial strains

Enraptured myriads sing,
And love in


bosom reigns ;
For God Himself is King.
4 We hope to join the throng,

And soon their pleasures share,
And sing the everlasting song,

With all the ransom'd there.


Love one another.(John xv. 17.) 9th P.M. 1 BRETHREN, let us walk together

In the bonds of love and peace;
Can it be a question whether

Brethren should from conflict cease ? 'Tis in union-Hope, and joy, and love increase. 2 While we journey homeward, let us

Help each other on the road ;
Foes on every side beset us,

Snares through all the way are strew'd ;
It behoves-Each to bear a brother's load.
3 When we think how much our Father

Has forgiv'n, and does forgive,
Brethren, we should learn the rather

Free from wrath and strife to live,
Far removing-All that might offend or grieve.
Then let each esteem his brother

Better than himself to be;
And let each prefer another,
Full of love, from envy free:

When in this we all agree.



are we

410. The Future Happiness of the Saints. L.M.

(Rev. vii.) 1 LO! round the throne, at God's right hand,

The saints in countless myriads stand :

every tongue redeem'd to God, Array'd in garments wash'd in blood. 2 Through tribulation great they came;

They bore the cross, despised the shame;
From all their labours now they rest,

In God's eternal glory blest.
3 Hunger and thirst they feel no more;

Nor sin, nor pain, nor death deplore :
The tears are wiped from every eye,

And sorrow yields to endless joy.
4 They see their Saviour face to face,

And sing the triumphs of His grace ;
Him day and night they ceaseless praise ;

To Him their loud hosannas raise. 411. Christ our High-Priest. C.M.

(Heb. iv. 15. Isai. xlii. 3.)
1 WITH joy we meditate the grace

Of our High-Priest above;
His heart is made of tenderness,

Of sympathy and love.
2 Touch'd with a feeling of our woes,

He knows our feeble frame :
He knows what sore temptations mean,

For He has felt the same.
3 He'll never quench the smoking flax,

But raise it to a flame;
The bruised reed He'll never break,

Nor scorn the meanest name.
4 Then let our humble faith address

and His pow'r :
We shall obtain deliv'ring grace

In the distressing hour.



Self Communion. (Psalm iv.) L.M.

1 RETURN, my wandering heart, return,

And earth's vain shadows chase no more;
Seek out some solitude, to mourn ;

And Thy forsaken God implore.
2 0 Thou, great God! whose piercing eye

Distinctly marks each deep retreat,
In these sequester'd hours draw nigh,

And let me here Thy presence meet.
3 Through all the windings of my heart

My search let heavenly wisdom guide,
And still its sacred beams impart,

Till all be known and purified.
4 Then with the comforts of Thy love

Vouchsafe mine inmost soul to cheer,
Till every grace combine to prove

That Thou hast fixed Thy dwelling there. 413. Self Discipline. (Psalm xxvi.) C. M. 1 JUDGE me, O Lord, and try my heart,

For Thou that heart canst see ;
And bid each idol thence depart

That dares compete with Thee.
2 Though weak, and cleaving to the dust,

My soul adores Thee still;
Thy grace and truth are all my trust;

3 Thine altar, Lord, I would embrace

With hands by Christ made clean :
I love Thy honor'd house,—the place

Where Thy bright face is seen.
4 O guide me in Thy love and fear,

My soul on Thee I cast;
Let me not walk with sinners here,
Nor share their doom at last.

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