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Suffer the little Children to come unto me."

(Mark x. 14.) 7th P. M.
1 HEAVENLY Father, may Thy love

Beam upon us from above;
Let these infants find a place

In Thy covenant of grace :
2 Son of God, be with us here,
Listen to our humble

Let Thy blood on Calv'ry spilt

Cleanse these babes from nature's guilt.
3 Holy Ghost, to Thee we cry,

Thou these infants sanctify;
Thine Almighty power display,

Seal them to redemption's day.
4 Great Jehovah, Father, Son,

Holy Spirit, Three in One,
Let the blessings come from Thee,

Thine shall all the glory be. 426.

Forbid them not." (Luke xviii. 16.) C.M. 1 JESUS, we lift our souls to Thee;

Thy Holy Spirit breathe;
And let these little infants be

Baptiz'd into Thy death.
2 Oh! let Thine unction on them rest,
Thy grace,

their souls renew;
And write within their tender breast

Thy name and nature too.
3 Lord, if Thou lengthen out their days,

Continue still Thy care;
And, should'st Thou quickly end their race,

Their place with Thee prepare.
4 Thy faithful servants let them prove,

Begirt with truth divine;
And sharers in Thy dying love,

And followers of Thine.
5 Lord, plant us all into Thy death,

That we Thy life may prove;
Partakers of Thy cross beneath,
And of Thy crown above.

427. Christ's Faithful Soldier and Servant. C. M.

(2 Tim. iv. 7, 8.)
1 IN token that thou shalt not fear

Christ crucified to own,
The cross is printed on thy brow,

To make thee His alone.
2 O may the Holy Ghost with pow'r

The heav'nly birth attest;
And when the Lord shall own His saints,

Then be thy name confest.
3 Fearless, and faithful to the end,

Tread all temptation down;
And, call’d on earth to bear His cross,

Hereafter share His crown.
428. Let him Take up his Cross.” S. M.

(Matt. xvi. 24.)
1 THE pure and peaceful mind,

The meek and lowly heart,
The patient will to Thine resign'd,

God of all power impart.
2 Lord, make us timely wise

To know our call of grace;
And with each moment as it flies,

Run our appointed race.
3 Thus till we reach the goal,

May we count all things loss;
Nor, till we gain the prize our soul--

Grow weary of the cross. 429. Suffer the Little Children to come unto Me."

(Matt. xix. 14.) 7th P. M.
1 JESUS, kind, inviting Lord,

We with joy obey Thy word,
And in earliest infancy

Bring our little ones to Thee.
2 Born they are, as we, in sin,

Make th unconscious lepers clean;
Purchase of Thy blood they are,
Let them all Thy blessing share.

Ye shall be My Sons and Daughters.” L. M.

(2 Cor. vi. 17, 18.)
1 LOOK down, O Lord, and on our youth

Bestow Thy gifts of heav'nly grace ;
And let the seed of sacred truth

Find in each heart a faithful place.
2 The cross that mark'd their infant brow,

May it a faithful emblem prove
That they shall keep their sacred vow,

And walk as children of Thy love.
3 Now in the strength of pow'r divine,

O may they all with glad accord
In holy covenant combine,

And join themselves to Christ the Lord.
4 Thy sons and daughters may they be,

Confirm'd and strengthen’d by Thy grace ;
And, safe through life preserv'd by Thee,

In heav'n behold Thee face to face. 431. They shall be My People.L. M.

(2 Cor. vi. 16. 2 Tim. ii. 3.)
1 BAPTIS’D into Thy glorious name,

Ere yet the dawn of reason came;
Now we are taught that name to know,

Help us Thy worthy praise to show.
2 The water on our foreheads fell;

Within us let Thy spirit dwell!
Thy promis'd inward grace impart,

To wash the soul and cleanse the heart.
3 Then, dead to sin,-

to God alive,May we as Christian soldiers strive; Satan, the world, the flesh subdue,

Thy word believe, Thy paths pursue.
4 Lord, make the cross which mark'd our brows,

The faithful emblem of our vows;.
Thine may we be,-Thy truth maintain,
And Thine eternal kingdom gain.

432. “Jesus was Called to the Marriage.” C.M.

(John ii. 2.)
1 SINCE Jesus freely did appear,

To grace a marriage feast,
O Lord ! we ask Thy presence here;

Be Thou our glorious guest.
2 Upon Thy servants, Lord look down,

Who now have join'd their hands ;
Their union with Thy favour crown,

And bless their nuptial bands.
3 With gifts of grace their hearts endow,

Of all rich dowries best ;
Their substance bless, and peace bestow,

To sweeten all the rest.
4 In purest love their souls unite,

That they with Christian power
May make domestic burdens light,

By taking mutual share.
5 True helpers may they prove indeed,

In prayer, and faith, and hope,
And see with joy a godly seed,

To build their household up.
6 That love which Jesus Christ displays

Towards the Church, His bride,
The pattern be to them, always

Resembling Christ, their head. 433.“ They were both Righteous before God.L. M.

(Luke i. 6.)
1 WITH cheerful voices rise and sing

The praises of our God and King ;
For He alone can minds unite,

And bless with conjugal delight.
2 Oh, may this pair increasing

find Substantial pleasures of the

mind, Happy together may they be,

And both united Lord to Thee.
3 So may they live as truly one,

And when their work on earth is done,
Rise, hand in hand, to heaven, and share
The joys of love for ever there.

434. The Vanity of Earthly Distinction. L. M.

(Psalm xlix.)
1 LET all, of ev'ry rank and age,

Around in listning numbers throng:
For wisdom shall my thoughts engage,

And heav'nly truth inspire my tongue.
2 How vain the power that wealth can give,

Alas, how impotent to save!
Can riches bid the sinner live,

Or keep a brother from the grave ?
3 Array'd in rank, with honor crown'd,

Man cannot long on earth abide;
For soon his place shall not be found,

Forgotten shall be all his pride.
4 But when the just the earth shall leave,

(For like the wicked, they must die,)
God will their ransom'd souls receive,

To reign with Him eternally. 435. “ Here have we no Continuing City.” L.M.

(Heb. xiii. 14.)
1 WE'VE no abiding city here;"

This may distress the worldly mind :
But should not cost that man a tear,

Who hopes a better rest to find.
2“We've no abiding city here,”

But seek a city out of sight;
Zion its name—the Lord is there,

And shines with everlasting light.
3 Joyful abode of peace and love,

Where pilgrims freed from toil are blest;
Had I the pinions of a dove,

I'd flee to thee and be at rest.
4 But peace, my soul, nor dare repine;

The time thy God appoints is best !
While here to do His will be thine,
And His to fix thy time of rest.

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