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Be ye also Ready." (Matt. xxiv. 44.) L. M. 1 OFT as the bell with solemn toll,

Speaks the departure of a soul,
Let each one ask himself, “

Prepared, should I be call'd to die?"
2 Lord Jesus ! help me now to flee,

And seek my hope alone in Thee;
Apply Thy blood, Thy Spirit give,

Subdue my sin, and let me live.
3 Then when the solemn bell I hear,

If saved from guilt, I need not fear;
Nor would the thought distressing be,-

Perhaps it next may toll for me.
4 Rather my spirit would rejoice,

And wish and long to hear Thy voice;
Glad when it bids me earth resign,
Secure of heaven, if Thou art mine.
Prepare to meet thy God.S. M.

(Amos iv. 12.)
1 TO-MORROW, Lord, is Thine,

Lodged in Thy sov'reign hand;
And if its sun arise and shine,

It is at Thy command.
2 The present moment flies,

And bears our life away ;
O may Thy servants, truly wise,

Improve each passing day.
3 Since on each winged hour

Eternity is hung;
Awaken, by Thy mighty pow'r,

The aged and the young,
4 One thing demands our care,

Be that one thing pursued ;
Lest now despised, we never hear

Thy pard’ning voice renew'd.
5 Teach us Thy name to fear;

Spread an alarm abroad;

cry in ev'ry careless ear,
Prepare to meet Thy God !”

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444.“ Blessed are the Dead which die in the Lord.

(Rev. xiv. 13.) C. M.
1 IN vain our fancy strives to paint

The moment after death;
The glories that surround the saint,

When He resigns his breath.
2 Faith strives, but all its efforts fail,

To trace its heav'nward flight;
No eye can pierce within the

Which hides that world of light.
3 Thus much (and this is all) we know,-

They are supremely blest;
Have done with sin, and care,


And with their Saviour rest.
4 On harps of gold His name they praise ;

His presence always view ;-
And if we hear their footsteps trace,

There we shall praise Him too. 445.“ I shall be Satisfied, fc. (Psalm xvii. 15.) L.M.

1 WHAT tongue can tell, what fancy paint,

The joys that fill th' enraptured saint,
When mix'd with heav'ns triumphant throng,

He shares their bliss and swells their song.
2 He feels no pain, He feels no want;

His portion all that God can grant:
To see the Saviour as He is,

And dwell in heav'n with Him and His.
3 No darkness now obscures his mind,

The darkness all is left behind ;
And objects lately half conceal'd,

In full resplendance stand reveal'a.
4 His love, so cold, so mix'd before,

In heav'n is cold and mix'd no more;
It gains the region whence it came,

And lives a pure eternal flame.
5 No sin is there to fright or charm,

He dwells exempt from all alarm;
O may I reach that blest abode,
And there obtain my rest in God.

446. Christ coming to Judgment. 9th P. M.

(1 Thess. iv. 16. 1 Cor. xv. 52.)
1 DAY of judgment 1 day of wonders !

Hark! the trumpet's awful sound,
Louder than a thousand thunders,

Shakes the vast creation round:
How the summons-Will the sinner's heart confound!
2 See the Judge, our nature wearing,

Cloth'd in majesty divine !
Ye who long for His appearing

Then shall 6 This God is mine :"
Gracious Saviour-Own us in that day for Thine.
3 At His call the dead awaken,

Rise to life from earth and sea ;
All the powers of nature shaken,

From His face astonish'd flee:
Careless sinner- What will then become of thee ?
4 But to those who have confessed,

Lov'd and serv'd the Lord below,
He will


“ Come near, ye blessed,
Take the kingdom I bestow!
You for ever,-Shall my love and glory know.”



To die is Gain.(Phil. i. 21.) L. M.
1 HOW blest the righteous when he dies ;

When sinks a weary soul to rest;
When Jesus cheers the closing eyes,

And faith supports th' expiring breast !
2 A holy quiet reigns around,

A calm which life nor death destroys;
Nothing disturbs the peace profound,

Which then the christian soul enjoys.
3 Farewell, conflicting hopes and fears,

Where lights and shades alternate dwell!
How bright th' unchanging morn appears !

Farewell, inconstant world, farewell!
4 Life's journey done, as sinks the clay,

The spirit to its Saviour flies ;
While heaven and earth combined to say,
“ How blest the righteous when he dies !

448. Judgment. (Rev. i. 7.) 14th P. M.
1 THE Lord of might from Sinai's brow

Gave forth His voice of thunder ;
And Israel lay on earth below,

Outstretch'd in fear and wonder;
Beneath His feet was pitchy night,
And at His left hand and His right

The rocks were rent asunder.
2 The Lord of love on Calvary,

A meek and suff'ring stranger,
Uprais'd to heaven His languid eye

In nature's hour of danger;
For us He bore the weight of woe;
For us He gave His blood to flow,

And met His father's anger.
3 The Lord of love, the Lord of might,

The king of all created,
Shall back return to claim His right

On clouds of glory seated ;
With trumpet-sound and angel-song,
And hallelujahs loud and long,

O'er death and hell defeated. 449. The Shortness and Uncertainty of Life. C. M.

(Psalm xxxvii. 35, 36.)
1 LIKE crowded forest-trees we stand,

And some are mark'd to fall :
The axe will smite at God's command,

And soon shall smite us all.
2 Green as the bay-tree, ever green,

With its new foliage on,
The gay, the thoughtless, I have seen,

I pass'd, and they were gone.
3 No present health can health insure

For yet an hour to come;
No human power our life secure,

And save us from the tomb.
4 Lord, may we mark the awful truth,

Reveald in sacred page ;
A worm is in the bud of youth,
And at the root of age.

450. Judgment. (Rev. xi. 18.) 4th P.M.
1 GREAT GOD! what do I see and hear!

The end of things created !
The Judge of mankind doth appear

On clouds of glory seated.
The trumpet sounds! the graves restore
The dead which they contain'd before !

Prepare, my soul, to meet Him.
2 The dead in Christ shall first arise,

At the last trumpet's sounding,
Caught up to meet Him in the skies,

With joy their Lord surrounding :
No gloomy fears their souls dismay;
presence sheds eternal day

On those prepared to meet Him.
3 But sinners, fils'd with guilty fears,

Behold His wrath prevailing;
For they shall rise, and find their tears

And sighs are unavailing;
The day of grace is past and gone :
Trembling they stand before the throne,

All unprepared to meet Him.
4 Great God! what do I see and hear!

The end of things created !
The Judge of mankind doth appear

On clouds of glory seated :
Beneath His cross I view the day,
When heaven and earth shall pass away,

And thus prepare to meet Him. 451.

Judgment. (2 Cor. v. 10.) S. M.
1 OUR Judge will soon appear,

The dead must all arise ;
And not a single soul escape,

His all-discerning eyes.
2 Now let us seek His grace,

Whose wrath we cannot bear ;
Fly to the shelter of His cross,
And find salvation there.

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