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462. For the Spread of Christ's Kingdom. S.M.

(Psalm Ixvii.)
1 TO bless Thy chosen race,

In mercy, Lord, incline,
And cause the brightness of Thy face

On all Thy saints to shine.
2 That so Thy wondrous way

May through the world be known,
While distant lands their tribute pay,

And Thy salvation own.
3 Let difforing nations join

To celebrate Thy fame;
Let all the world, O Lord, combine,

To praise Thy glorious name.
4 O let them shout and sing,

With joy and pious mirth :
For Thou, the righteous Judge and King,

all the earth. 463. Progress of Truth. (Psalm xcvii. 1.) 7th P. m.

1 HARK! the distant isles proclaim

Glory to Messiah's name:
Hymns of praise, unheard before,

Echo from the farthest shore.
2 Hearts that once were taught to own

Idol-gods of wood and stone,
Now to light and life restored,

Honor Jesus as their Lord.
3 Blessed Saviour, still proceed,

Bid the glorious conquest speed ;
Let this first refreshing ray

Brighten to a perfect day.
4 Let the
messengers of

Raise their voice and never cease
Till the world, from sin made free,
Shall unite to worship Thee.

464. O arm of the Lord, awake." L. M.

(Isaiah li. 9.)
1 ARM of the Lord, awake, awake,

Put on Thy strength, the nations shake;
And let the world

adoring see
Triumphs of mercy wrought by Thee.
2 Say to the heathen, from Thy throne,

“I am Jehovah, God alone:”
Thy voice their idols shall confound,

And cast their altars to the ground.
3 No more let human blood be spilt,

(Vain sacrifice for human guilt ;)
But to each conscience be applied

The blood that flow'd from Jesu's side.
4 Arm of the Lord, Thy power extend ;

Let Mahomet's imposture end :
Break superstition's galling chain,

And the proud scoffer's rage restrain.
5 Let Zion's time of favour come:

Oh! bring the tribes of Israel home!
And let our wond'ring eyes behold,

Gentiles and Jews in Jesu's fold.
6 Almighty God, Thy grace proclaim

To men of ev'ry clime and name
Let adverse powers before Thee fall,

And crown the Saviour Lord of all. 465.

From the uttermost part of the earth have

we heard songs.(Isai. xxiv. 16.) 8. M.
1 THY praise, Almighty Lord,

Shall sound from distant lands;
Great is Thy grace, and sure Thy word,

Thy truth for ever stands.
2 Far be Thine honor spread,

Thy name let all adore,
Till morning light and evening shade
Shall be exchang'd no more.



Pray for us.” (2 Thess. iii. 1.) L.M.

1 MARK'D as the purpose of the skies,

This promise meets our anxious eyes;
That heathen lands the Lord shall know,

And warm with faith each bosom glow.
2 E'en now the hallow'd scenes appear;

E'en now unfolds the promis'd year:
Lo! distant shores Thy heralds trace,

And swell the tidings of Thy grace.
3 ’Mid burning climes, and frozen plains,

Where Pagan darkness brooding reigns,
O mark their steps, their fears subdue,

And nerve their arm, and clear their view. 4 When, worn by toil, their spirits fail,

Bid them the glorious future hail ;
Bid them the crown of life survey,

And onward urge their conqu’ring way.
5 So, o'er the Indian's gloomy night

Truth shall diffuse her radiant light,
And mild religion's power controul

The stormy passions of his soul. 467. “Having no Hope.” (Ephes. ii. 12.) L. M.

1 THE heathen perish ; day by day,

Thousands on thousands pass away!
O Christians! to the rescue fly-

Preach Jesus to them ere they die.
2 Wealth, labour, talents freely give,

Yea, life itself, that they may live;
What hath your Saviour done for

And what for Him will ye not do?
3 Thou Spirit of the Lord go forth;

Call in the south, wake up the north,
Of every clime, from sun to sun,
Gather God's children into one.



Come over and Help us." 13th P. M.

(Acts xvi. 9. Rev. xi. 15.)

1 FROM Greenland's icy mountains,

From India's coral strands,
Where Afric's sunny fountains

Roll down their golden sands,
From many an ancient river,

From many a palmy plain,
They call us to deliver

Their land from error's chain.

2 What though the spicy breezes

Blow soft o'er Ceylon's isle,
Though every prospect pleases,

And only man is vile!
In vain with lavish kindness

The gifts of God are strewn;
The heathen in his blindness

Bows down to wood and stone.

3 Shall we whose souls are lighted

With wisdom from on high,
Shall we to men benighted

The lamp of light deny?
Salvation ! oh salvation !

The joyful sound proclaim,
Till earth's remotest nation

Has learnt Messiah's name.

4 Waft, waft, ye winds, His story,

you, ye waters roll;
Till, like a sea of glory,

It spread from pole to pole;
Till o'er our ransom'd nature,

The Lamb for sinners slain,
Redeemer, King, Creator,
In bliss return to reign.

469. Victory from God alone. (Psalm xliv.) C. M. 1 0 LORD, our fathers oft have told

In our attentive ears,
Thy wonders in their days perform’d,

And elder times than their's.
2 'Twas not their courage, nor their sword,

To them salvation gave;
'Twas not their numbers, nor their strength,

That did their country save.
3 But Thy right hand and pow'rful arm,

Whose succour they implor'd;
Thy providence protected them,

Who Thy great name ador'd.
4 Thee, as their God, our fathers own’d,

And Thou art still our King;
Oh! therefore as Thou didst to them,

To us deliverance bring. 470.Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord."

Psalm xxxiii. 12–22.) C. M.
1 BLEST is the nation, where the Lord

Hath fix'd His gracious throne;
Where He reveals His heav'nly word,

And calls their tribes His own.
2 His eye, with infinite survey,

Does the whole world behold:
He form'd us all of equal clay,

And knows our feeble mould.
3 Vain is the strength of beasts or men,

To hope for safety thence;
But holy souls from God obtain

A strong and sure defence.
4 God is their fear, and God their trust,

When plagues or famine spread;
His watchful eye secures the just

Among ten thousand dead.
5 Lord, let our hearts in Thee rejoice,

And bless us from Thy throne;
For we have made Thy word our choice,
And trust Thy grace alone.

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