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They Offered Willingly.L. M.

(1 Chron. xxix. 6.)
1 JESUS, before Thy throne we meet,

To pour our off'rings at Thy feet;
All in their hand some talent bear,

O may we lay it humbly there!
2 For Thee and for Thy cause, with joy,

Our hands, our hearts, we would employ :
O smile upon us from above,

That blest may be our work of love.
3 Alas! we need that willing heart,

Which freely once Thou didst impart;
When Israel for Thy temple wrought,

And gladly all their off'rings brought.
4 Then let us feel Thy presence now;

Our stubborn hearts in mercy bow;
Our zeal, and love do Thou increase;

And bless us with the fruits of peace. 481. “Of Thine own have we given Thee.” C.M.

(1 Chron. xxix. 14.)
1 LORD, when our off’rings we present

Before Thy gracious throne,
We but return what Thou hast lent,

And give Thee of Thine own.
2 The earth with all its wealth is Thine,

The heavens with all their host;
Why should we then in want repine,

Or in abundance boast ?
3 The power, and willingness to give,

Alike proceed from Thee;
We still are debtors, since we live,

Only by Thy decree.
4 Ourselves, our all, to Thee we owe;

And though we come behind,
What others of their wealth bestow,

Give us the willing mind.
5 O Lord, our contributions bless

For their appointed end ;
And crown, with happiest success
The cause that we befriend.

It is more Blessed to Give than to Receive."
•(Acts xx. 35. Prov. xix. 17. 2 Cor. ix. 6.) L. M.
1 HELP us, O Lord ! Thy yoke to wear,

Delighting in Thy perfect will;
Each other's burdens learn to bear,

And thus Thy law of love fulfil.
2 “ He that hath pity on the poor,
" Lendeth his substance to the Lord :
And, lo! his

recompence is sure :
“ For more than all shall be restored.
3 “Who sparingly his seed bestows,

“He sparingly shall also reap ;
“ But whoso plentifully sows,

“ The plenteous sheaves his hands shall reap." 4 Teach us, with glad, ungrudging heart,

As Thou hast bless'd our various store,
From our abundance to impart

A liberal portion to the poor.
5 To Thee our all devoted be,

In whom we breathe, and move, and live;
Freely we have received from Thee;

Freely may we rejoice to give.
6 And while we thus obey Thy word,

call of want relieve,
Oh! may we find it, gracious Lord !

More bless'd to give than to receive.
It is He that hath made Us." S. M.

(Psalm c. 3.)
1 MY Maker and my King!

What thanks to Thee I owe!
Thy sov'reign jounty is the spring,

Whence all my blessings flow.
2 The creature of Thy hand,

On Thee alone I live;
My God! Thy benefits demand

More praise than tongue can give.
3 To succour those in need,

My grateful breast incline :
Yet let me never boast the deed ;
For all I give is Thine.

And every


Those that seek Me early shall find Me."

(Prov. viii. 17.) C. M.
1 BESTOW, O Lord, upon our youth

The gift of saving grace ;
And let the seed of sacred truth

Fall in a fruitful place.
2 Grace is a plant, where'er it grows,

Of pure and heav'nly root;
But fairest in the youngest shows,

And yields the sweetest fruit.
3 Ye careless ones, O hear betimes

The voice of sov'reign love !
Your youth is stain’d with many crimes,

But mercy reigns above.
4 True, you are young, but there's a stone

Within the youngest breast;
Or half the crimes that you have done

Would rob you of your rest.
5 For you the public pray'r is made,

OŃ 1 join the public pray'r!
For you the secret tear is shed,

O shed yourselves a tear!
6 We

that you may early prove
The Spirit's pow'r to teach :
You cannot be too young to love

That Jesus whom we preach. 485. Friendly Societies. (Hosea xiv. 3.) L. M.

1 GOD of our hope ! to Thee we bow,

Thou art our refuge in distress :-
The husband of the widow Thou,

The father of the fatherless.
2 May we the law of love fulfil ;

Lighten each other's burdens here,
Suffer and do Thy righteous will,

And walk in all Thy faith and fear.
3 Then grant our union, here begun,

May last for ever firm and free :-
Around Thy throne may we be one ;
One with each other and with Thee.

486. Children sang Hosannas to the Saviour. C.M.

(Matt. xxi. 15, 16.)
1 BLEST is the man, whose heart expands

At melting pity's call:
And the rich blessings of whose hands

Like heavenly manna fall.
2 Children our kind protection claim;

And God will well approve,
When infants learn to lisp His name,

And their Creator love.
3 Be ours the bliss in wisdom's way

To guide untutor'd youth,
And lead the mind that went astray,

To virtue and to truth.
4 Almighty God! Thine influence shed,

To aid this good design;
The honors of Thy name be spread,

And all the glory Thine. 487.“ Hear Thou in Heaven, Thy dwelling place."

(1 Kings viii. 30.) C. M.
1 HEAR, Lord, the song of praise and pray'r

In heaven, Thy dwelling place,
From children made the public care,

And taught to seek Thy face.
2 Thanks for Thy word, and for Thy day!

And grant us, we implore,
Never to waste in sinful play,

Thy holy sabbaths more.
3 Thanks that we hear; but oh! impart

To each desires sincere,
That we may listen with the heart,

And learn as well as hear.
4 O Lord I do Thou our spirits take

Beneath Thy gracious sway,
Thou canst the wisest wiser make,
And babes as wise as they.


Train up a Child, gc." 8th P. M.

(Prov. xxii. 6.)
1 THE Sabbath-day is come again,

The best of all the seven ;
And we are met, a happy train,

To hear of God and heaven.
2 Lord, send Thy grace into our hearts,

And through the day be near us,
And make us all fulfil our parts,

With Thee to help and hear us.
3 Keep down each vain and sinful thought,

Correct our whole behaviour :
And make us thankful to be taught,

And lead us to our Saviour. 489. “ Lying lips are abomination to the Lord.

(Prov. xii. 22.) L. M.
1 O 'TIS a lovely thing for youth

To walk betimes in wisdom's way;
To fear a lie, to speak the truth,

That we may trust to all they say.
2 But liars we can never trust,

Tho' they should speak the thing that's true;
And he that does one fault at first

And lies to hide it, makes it two.
3 Have we not known, nor heard, nor read,

How God abhors deceit and wrong?
How Ananias was struck dead,

Caught with a lie upon his tongue ?
4 So did his wife Sapphira die,

When she came in, and was so bold
As to confirm that wicked lie

Which just before, her husband told.
5 The Lord delights in them that speak

The words of truth; but every liar,
Must have his portion in the lake

That burns with brimstone, and with fire.
6 Then let me always watch my lips,

Lest I be struck to death and hell;
Since God a book of reckoning keeps
For every lie that children teil.

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