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Table of First Lines.


Abba, Father, while we, 306 Awed by a mortal's, 334
A charge to keep, C. Wes. 311 Baptized into the, 298
Affliction is a, Cotton 170 Baptized into Thy, 431
Again our weekly labours, 5 Before Jehovah's, Watts 30
Again returns the, Mason 4 Before Thy mercy, Bath. 33
Alas! and did my, Watts 204 Behold our, Watts 198
All hail the great, Perr. 249 Behold th' expected, Voke 407
All people that on, 0. V. 28 Behold the falling, Dodd. 50
All those who in the Lord, 96 Behold the Lamb of God, 339
Almighty and most, Rosc. 419 Behold the Lamb, Watts 543
Almighty Father!' Cott. 227 Behold the morning, Watts19
Almighty God, Thy, Watts493 Behold the Prince, Cott. 85
Almighty God, Thy word, 157 Behold the throne, Newt. 194
And now the solemn rite, 453 Behold what, Watts 148
And will indeed, Montg. 454 Behold ye servants, Bath. 51
Another six days', Stennet 6 Be joyful in God,

And is the Gospel peace, 176 Be merciful to me, Watts 360
Angels from the, Mont. 83 Beset with snares, Dodd. 367
Are we soldiers of the, 399 Be still my heart! Newt. 335
Are your minds, Merrick 333 Bestow, O Lord, Cowper 484
Arise, O God! Merrick 456 Be with us, Lord, where'er238
Arm of the Lord, Wesley 464 Bless'd be the, Watts 275
Around the throne of God,526 Bless'd day of God, 18
Ashamed of Jesus, Gregg 195 Blessed are they, Cotterill179
As pants the hart, Tate 134 Blest are the sons, Mason 364
Assembled in our school, 492 Blest are the souls, Watts 221
As when the weary, Newt. 383 Blest be the tie, Fawcett 294
At our Father's table, 424 | Blest is the man to, Mer. 146
Author of good, Merrick 107 Blest is the man, Bath. 297
Awake and sing, Hamm. 354 Blest is the man, Straph. 486
Awake my soul, Kenn i Blest is the nation, 470
Awake, my zeal, awake, 475 Blest is the work, o God, 21
Awake, our souls! Watts 152 Blest object of my soul's, 236
Awake, ye saints, awake, 16 | Brethren let us join, 376


Brethren let us,

Kelly 409 Father of mercies, Bedd. 77
Brightest and best, Heber 122 Father of mercies! hear, 500
Brightness of the, Robin. 245 Father of mercies ! send, 478
Bright was the, Sp.of Ps. 128 Father, Son, and Holy, 272
Buried in shadows, Watts 161 Father, thou dost conduct, 159
By thy birth and, Grant 208 | Father, whate'er of, Steele 369
Children of Jerusalem, 527 Fools in their hearts have, 79
Children of the, Cennick 508 Forbid it, Lord, Bath. 350
Children of old, hosannas 509 For a season call’d to part,521
Christians, awake! Byrom 92 Forever blessed be, Watts 324
Christ, the Lord, P. Book 211 Forth in thy name, Wesley373
Come gracious Lord, 261 Frequent the day, Browne 11
Come gracious, Browne 251 From age to age, Watts 53
Come, Holy, Ord. Serv. 235 From all that dwell, Watts 58
Come, Holy Ghost, 0. S. 258 From Egypt's, Kelly 408
Come, Holy, Browne 257 From Greenland's, Heber 468
Come, Holy Spirit, Hart 264 From Jesse's root, Pope 82
Come, Holy Spirit, come, 501 From lowest depths, N. v.187
Come, Holy Spirit, Wattó 260 From the first dawn, 494
Come, let us join, Watts 269 Give me the wings, Watts 404
Come, my soul, Newton 390 Give sentence with, N.V.337
Come, sound His, Watts 266 Give thanks unto, N.V.353
Come, Thou long, Madan 87 Give to our God, Watts 288
Come, ye sinners, Hart 355 Give to the Lord, ye sons, 232
Come ye that love, Watts 26 Glorious things, Newton 220
Come ye that love, Steele 247 Glory to-thee, my, Kenn 38
Communion of, Montg. 415 God in His temple let us, 32
Correct us, Lord, Lyte 171 God in the congregation, 345
Creator Spirit! Dryden 262 God in the Gospel, Bedd. 177
Day of Judgment! Nent. 446 God is the refuge of His, 237
Dearer, Lord, Thy Bick. 71 God moves in a, Cowper 396
Dear refuge of my, Steele 344 God, my strength,

Merr. 139
Deep in our hearts, Watts 199 God of my life, Cowper 319
Did sweeter strains, Prior 160 God of my mercy, Watts 192
Dismiss us with, Hart 62 God of our hope! to Thee, 485
Ere another sabbaths, 44 God of our life! Thy, 116
Eternal source of, Dodd. 114 Go to dark, Montg. 190
Eternal Spirit! Cotterill 265 Go worship at Immanuel's 119
Except the Lord, Bath. 349 Gracious God ! Stowell 268
Far from our thoughts, 133 Great God! and may, 525
Far from these, Steele 279 Great God! and wilt, 499
Far from the, Cowper 293 Great God of Abram, Cott.457
Far from Zion, Goode 301 Great God! this sacred, 17
Father, before we hence, 52 Great God! what do I, 450
Father, I bless thy, Watts 183 Great God! whose awful, 274
Father of heaven, Hart 414 Great is the Lord, Watts 37
Father of heaven, Cowper 270 | Great Shepherd, Newton 455


NO. Great source of my, Lyte 372 How long sometimes, 519 Great the joy when, 271 How many kindred,Dodd.111 Great was the day, 256 How pleasant, how, Watts 23 Guide us, 0 Thou, Rob. 239 | How pleasant is the dawn, 490 Hail brightest, Bathurst 93 How sad our state, Watts 385 Hail the day, Madan 242 How shall the, Watts 497 Hail thou Source, Rob. 120 How shall we come before, 184 Happy the child who, 502 How sweet the hour of, 438 Happy the child, Watts 495 How sweet the, Newton 181 Happy they wło, Kelly 375 How swift the, Doddridge 389 Hark! a glad voice the, 86 How vast the treasure,

104 Hark! a still small voice, 516 ask'd the Lord, Newton 536 Hark! the distant, Bath. 463 If human kindness, Noel 196 Hark, the glad, Doddridge 70 If the Lord had, Goode 76 Hark! the herald, P. Book 91 Iu all the ways and works, 254 Hark! the song, Montg. 100 Incarnate God! Newton 102 Hark! the voice of love, 203 In deep distress, to God, 316 Have you read the, 535 In Israel's fane, Cawood 503 Heal us, Emmanuel, Cow. 371 In loud and cheerful, 42 Hear, Lord, the, Cowper 487 In mercy, not in, Newton 538 Hear me, O Lord in my, 229 In token that thou shalt, 427 Hear, what God, Conp. 125 In vain our fancy, Newton 444 Heavenly Father may, 425 Isreal's Shepherd ! Bick. 421 He dies, the friend, Watts 537 I sing the Almighty,

534 Help us, O Lord! Cott. 482 | I think when I read,

523 Here we suffer grief, 524 “ It is finished !” Kelly 202 He that hath made, Watts 40 “It is the Lord," Green 397 High in the shining, 512 | I waited meekly, N. V. 143 High on a hill of dazzling 547 Jerusalem ! Heber 315 High on a throne, 477 Jerusalem, my happy, 180 Ho! ev'ry one that thirsts,317 Jesus before Thy, Temple 480 Holy bible book divine, 514 Jesus Christ, my Lord, 530 Holy Spirit on, Mant. 330 Jesus I love Thy, Dodd. 387 Hosanna to the, Heber 90 Jesus, kind,

Wesley 429 How are Thy, Addison 461 Jesus physician of the, 331 How beauteous, Watts 156 Jesus, refuge of, Wesley 332 How bless'd is he, N. V. 365 Jesus rising from the, 214 How blest is he, Bathurst 474 Jesus the shepherd, Kelly 505 How blest the man how, 381 Jesus, Thou man, Heber 88 How blest the man, Watts 336 Jesus, we lift our, Beck 426 How blest the, Barbould 447 Join all the, Watts 215 How did my heart, Watts 284 Joy to the world! Watts 67 How fair thy dwelling, 24 Judge me, O Lord, Lyte 413 How good, how, Lyte 296 Let all, of ev'ry rank, 434 How happy is the, Logan 359 Let us adore, Newton 400 How large the, Watts 546 Let us now with hearts, 513 How long, O Lord, Watts 313 | Light of those, Toplady 395


NO. Like crowded, Cowper 449 My refuge is the God, 130 Lo! He comes,

Oliver 74 My Saviour and, Watts 135 LoinGethsemane's, Goode205 My song shall, Cowper 98 Lo! in the East, Cotterill 124 My soul lies, Watts 186 Lo! round the throne, 410 My soul praise the, 0.V. 253 Long have we, Watts 73 Nor eye hath seen, nor, 307 Look down, 0, Cotterill 430 Not all the blood, Watts 200 Lord a little band and, 520 Not unto us, but to Thy, 175 Lord ! a thousand, Lyte 341 Now, gracious, Newton 117 Lord dismiss us, Burder 60 Now may He, Newton 64 Lord, dismiss us with, 61 Now to the Lord a noble, 89 Lord, help us on Thy, 63 O be joyful in, Bathurst 328 Lord'I claim Thee, Bath. 312 O bless the Lord, Watts 300 Lord I have made, Watts 155 Oblessed souls are, Watts 162 Lord, if Thou, Madan 343 O come, loud, N. V. 308 Lord! in the, Watts 3 O for a closer, Cowper 282 Lord Jesus, is Thy, 422 O for a heart to, Wesley 172 Lord! let my prayer,


O for a martyr's glowing, 97 Lord, look upon a little, 531 O! for the eye of, Steele 437 Lord, may the inward, 118 O from the world's, Cott. 401 Lord! may we, Baxter 366 O God! how, Watts 2 Lord ! my grief, Kelly 131 O God, my heart is, 20 Lord of Heaven, Crosse 472 O God, my heart, Lyte 248 LordoftheSabbath, Dodd. 130 God, my sins, Heber 363 Lord, teach a little child, 522 O God of Hosts, N. V. 540 Lord, teach us, Montg. 34 O God of Jacob! Dodd. 303 Lord! Thou hast set,

12 | O God, our help, Watts 112 Lord! Thou hast, Newton 380 O God, unseen,

yet ever, 417 Lord, 'tis a pleasant, 542 O God, who gav'st, Heber 99 Lord we confess, Watts 218 O how I love Thy, Cowp. 72 Lord, when our, Bathurst 481 O King of Kings! Thy, 140 Lord, when we, Carlyle 165 O King of Salem, Prince, 342 Lord, while Thy, 471 O Lord, another, K. White 43 Lord, who's the, N. V. 25 O Lord, forgive a sinful, 510 Love divine, all, Wesley 338 O Lord, my best, Cowper 286 Lovest thou not? alas ! 393 O Lord our fathers, N.V. 469 Make haste, O God, 320 O Lord! our Lord, Watts 276 Mark'd as the, Noel 466 O Lord, unto my voice, 356 May the grace of, Newton 56 O may my heart, Bradley 362 Mighty God, while angels,533 O may the pow'r', Newton 473 Much in sorrow, K. White 406 O my soul, what, Kelly 178 My God, how, Conper 374 O plead my cause, Lyte 233 My God, my Father, Kelly295 O praise ye the, 'N. V. 121 MyGod! thespring, Watts325 O render thanks, N. V. 357 My God, the steps of, 138 O Saviour be Thy, N. V. 252 MyMaker and my King, 483 O Saviour is Thy, Heber 78 My never-ceasing songs, 158 | 0 Saviour, may, Bath. 392



O Saviour, who didst, 222 Safely through, Nenton
O self existent One in, 273 Salvation ! O the, Watts 105
O Spirit of the, Montg. 250 Salvation to God, who, 84
O Sun of Righteousness, 402 Saviour divine! Wesley 206
O that I knew the secret, 321 Saviour, source of every, 185
O that the Lord, Watts 304 See, Lord, before Thy, 498
0 Thou! by long, Guion 539 See what unbounded, 188
O Thou from, Humphries 197 Servants of God, His, 280
OThou that hear'st, Watts 167 Shepherd of Souls, and, 226
O Thou, to whose, Mor. 291 Shew pity, Lord; Watts 182
O Thou who, C. Wesley 347 Short is the, Bathurst 109
O Thou who in the form, 132 Since Jesus, Berridge 432
O'tis a lovely thing for, 489 Sing to the Lord, Watts 22
0! weep not o'er, Heber 101 Sinners obey the, Wesley 283
O! what stupendous, 327 | Sinners turn, Fawcett 403
0! why should Israel's, 458 Soldiers of Christ, Wesley 168
O Zion! when we, Kelly 147 So let our lips and, Hurn 69
Object of my first desire, 231 Sometimes a,

Cowper 398
O'er the realms, Cotterilí 129 Songs of immortal praise, 209
Oft as the bell, Newton 442 Sons of men behold, Watts123
Of Thy love some gracious, 66 Soon shall the, Mason 39
Once all must, Doddridge 439 Sovereign of all! whose, 230
On what has now, Newton 59 Spirit of Mercy, Truth, 259
Our God is love, Cotterill 144 Spirit of Truth! Heber 255
Our Judge will, Dodd. 451 Stand up and bless, Montg 36
Our Lord is ris'n, Wesley 241 Sweet is the task, Sp.of Ps.47
Our Lord shall, Watts 460 Sweet is the work, Watts 10
Ours is a rich and, Kelly 418 Teach me the measure of, 106
Parent of good! whose, 423 Thanks for Thy house, 54
Peace be to this, Newton 219 | The angel comes, Milman 145
Plung'd in a gulf, Watts 386 The billows swell, Cowper 388
Pour down Thy, Montg. 452 The day of wrath, Scott 149
Pour down Thy, Newton 81 The deaf may hear, Keeble 323
Praise God, O my, Bath 285 The doubt Thy, Judkin 379
Praise the Lord ! ye, 103 The earth that long, Dodd.94
Praise ye the Lord, N. V. 329 Thee, we adore, Cotterill 405
Prayer is the soul's, Montg358 Thee we adore, Watts 113
Prepare a thankful, Nent. 318 The eye of the, Hull 35
Prepare me, gracious God,314 The grass and, Newton 394
Raise your triumphant, 263 The God of Abram, Oliver 377
Rejoice Believer, Newton 213 The God of glory looks, 153
Rejoice the Lord, Wesley 244 The happy morn, Kelly 212
Remark, my soul the, 115 | The heathen, Montg. 467
Remember, man, Hart 479 The heavens declare, Watts75
Return, my, Doddridge 412 The holy gospel we, 136
Righteous judge, Goode 352 The hour of my, Logan 436
Rock of Ages! Toplady 310 | The Lord is king! Watts 127

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