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petticoat, -and she retired with great precipitation. This afternoon being somewhat rainy, they let Tail again, and took several frogs. Just now arrived the parson's wife, and twenty ducks were brought forth before her in order to be tried, but for what crime we know not,

however two of them were condemned; it was also observed, that the carried off a gofling and three fucking pigs. From the little fort at the end of the garden, Arig. the 5th.

Last night i wo young men of this place made a detache. ment of their breeches, in order, as it is thought, to polo fels themselves of the two overtures of the said fort ; but at their approich they heard great firing from the portholes ; they found them already bombarded by the rear: guard of Sirah and Suky, who fearing these young men : were come to beat up their quarters, deserted their neceffary pofts, which were immediately taken possession of, notwithstanding they were much annoyed by reason of several stink-pots, that had been fung there the lame morning.

From the barley-niow near the barn, Augufi the 3d. :

It was yesterday rumoured, that there was beard a mighty squeaking near this place, as of an army of mice, who were thought to lie in ambuscade in the said mow : upon this the farmer assembled together a council of neighbours, wherein it was refolved, ihat the mow should be removed to prevent the farther destruction of the forage. This day the affair was put in execution ; four bun. dred and seventy-nine mice and three large rats were killed, and a vast number wounded, by pitch forks and other instruments of huibandry. A mouse, that was close pursued, took shelter under Dolly's peiticoats, but by the vigilance of George Simmons he was taken, as he was en. deavouring to force bis way through a deep moral, and crushed to death on the spot. There was nothing material happened the next day, only Cicily Hart was observed to make water under the laid mow, as she was going a-milking.


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From the great yard, Auguft the 2d. It is very credibly reported that there is a treaty of mare riage on foot between the old red cook, and the pyed hen, they having of late appeared very much in public together: he yesterday made her a present of three barley, corns, so that we look on this affair as concluded. This is the same cock that fought a duel for her about a month ago.

From the 'Squire's house. Sunday last there was a noble entertainment in; our great hull, where were present the parson and the fara mer: the parson eat like a tarmer, and the farmer like a parfon ; we refer you to the curious in calculations to : decide which eat most.

It is reported, that the minister christened-a male child last week, but it wants confirmation,

From the juices meeting, Augufi the 7th. This day a jick.daw, well known in the parish, was ordered close prisoner to a cage, for crying cuckold to a justice of the quorum; and the same evening certain apples, for bifing in a disrespectful manner as they were roasiing, were committed to Lambswool. The fame day ebe laid justices caused a pig to be wbipt to death, and cat the same, being couvicted of Squeaking on the roth of June,

From the church, Auguft the 8th. Divine fervice is continued in our parish as usual, tho' we have seldom the company of any of the neighbouring gentry ; by whose manner of living it may be conjectured, that the advices from this place are not credited by them, or else regarded as matters of little consequence.

From the church-yard, Aug. the 8th, The minister, having observed his only daughter to feem too much affected with the intercourse of his bull and the cows of the parish, has ordered the ceremony


for the future, to be performed not in his own court, but : in the church-yard ; where, at the first-solemnity of that kind, the grave.stones of John Fry, Peter How, and Mary d'Urtey were spurned down. This has already occafoued

great debates in the veftry, the latter being the decealed wife of the singing-clerk of this place.

Cafualities this week. Several casualties have happened this week, and the bill of mortality is very much increased. There have died of the falling sickness two stumbling borfes, as also one of their riders. Smothered (in onions) leven rabbits. Stified (in a foldier's breeches) two gecie. Of a fore throat, leveral sheep and calves at the butchers. Starved to death, one bastard child nurled at the parish charge. Stillborn, in eggs of turkeys, geefe, ducks, and hens, thirty-fix. Drowned, nine puppies. Of wind in the bowels, five bottles of small becr. I have not yet seen the exact list of the parish-clerk, so that for a more pare ticular account, we refer you to our next.

We have nothing material as to the flocks, only that Dick Adams was set in them last Sunday for swearing.

A true

Atrue and faithfull NARRATIVE of what par."

fed in LONDON, during the general consternation of all ranks and degrees of mankind, on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thurf-. day, and Friday lait.

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N Tuefday the 13th of October, Mr. Whifton beld

his lecture near the Royal Exchange, to an audi.. ence of fourteen worthy citizens, his subscribers and constant hearers. Besides the fe there were five chance audio tors for that night only, who had paid their shillings apiece. I think myfelt obliged to be very particular in this relation, least my veracity [hould be fufpecteit; which makes me appeal to the men who were prefent ; of which number I myself was one.

Their names are,
Henry Watson, haberdasher.
George Hancock, druggiji.
John Lewis, dry-falter
Williarn Jones, corn-chandler. .
Henry Theobald, watch maker
James Peters, draper.
Thomas Floyer, silversmith.
John Wells, brewer.
Samuel Greg, soap-boiler.
William Cooley, filhmonger.
James Harper, hofier.
Robert Tucker, stationer,
George Ford, ironmonger.
Daniel Lynch, apothecary.
William Bennet,
David Somers,
Charles Lock,

Leonard Daval,

Henry Croft, Mr. Wbiston began by acquainting us, that (contrary to his advertisement) he thought himlelf in duty and con


science obliged to change the subject-matter of his intend. ed discourle. — Here he pauled, and leenied for a short Space, as it were, lost in devotion and mental prayer; after which, with great earnestness and vehemence be spake: as follows:

“ Friends and fellow-citizens, all speculative science is

at an end: the period of all things is at hand; on: Friday next this world shall be no more. Put not your « confidence in me, brethren ; for tomorrow morning, “ five ininutes after five, the truth will be evident ; in " that instant the comet shall appear, of which I have “ beretofore warned you. As ye have heard, believe.

Go hence, and prepare your wives, your families, andi “ friends, for the un verlal change.'

At this folemn and dreadful prediction, the whole lo. ciety appeared in the utmost astonishment : but it would: be unjust not to remember, that Mr. Whiston hinself was in lo calm a tenper as to return a thilling a piece to the youths, who had been disappointed of their lecture, which

thought, from a man of his integrity, a convincing proof: of his own faith in the prediction.

As we thought it a duty, in charity to warn all men ;. in two or three bours the news had spread through the city. At first indeed our report met with but little credit, it being by our greatest dealers in stocks thought only a court-artifice to link thein, that forne choice tavourites might purchale at a lower rate; for the South-sea that very evening fell five per cent. the India eleven ; and all the other funds in proportion. But at the court end of the town our atteftations were entirely disbelieved, or turned into ridicule ; yet nevertheless the news pread every where, and was the lubject matter of all converta.. tion.

That very night (as Iwas credibly informe) Mr Whifton was sent for to a great lady, who was very curious in the learned sciences, and addicted to all the peculative doubts of the most able philosophers; but he was not now to be found : and lince at other times he has been known not to decline that honour, I make no doubi be concealed himself to attend the great businels of his foul :: but whether it was the Lady's faith, or inquisitiveness, ihat occalioned her to lend, is a point I shall not presume


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