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flesh. In the next verse follossing, the prophet assures them, that notwithstanding the disobedience of their fathers, and the death of their prophets, vet, the word and the statutes of the Lord, were immutable, and abideth forerer. So that the whole of his address was calculated to awaken their attention, convince them of their transgressions, and excite them to turn again to the Lord, from whom they had so deeply revolted.

From the Jews, let us turn to ourselves; for these questions may with propriety be proposed to us. We have had our natural fathers who begat us; and our prophets, or teachers, who tenderly instructed us; and where are they do they live for ever? Many of us must reply, no; they hare bowed to the sceptre of death, and now rest in their graves, while the memory of their kindness is embalmed in our bosoms.

To America, especially on this day, the first question may be asked with the most solemn propriety



For AVERICA has had her political Fathers, who were raised up by the Almighty to produce her existence as a free and independent people. I may name FIFTY-Five of them, who formed our first Congress; and as the result of their mutual deliberations, framed and signed that noble Instrument, the DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE, which gave birth to our freedom.. It is this invaluable document which secures our civil and religious privi


leges; has already yielded its thousand blessings; and, has now continued inviolate FIFTY YEARS, to the astonishment of Nations, and the glory of the Great Sovereign of Heaven and earth, who has crowned us with prosperity! And where now are those revered Fathers ? do they live for ever? No, they are gone!-all dead but one. And this day we deplore the death of an Adams and a JEFFERSON, who, after having lived to a great age, were permitted to hail the morning light of our National Jubilee, and then closed their eyes in death before the setting sun! And this day, on recommendation of the Honourable the Mayor and Common Council of our City, we will attempt to realize this most extraordinary instance of mortality, and cultivate those solemn feelings which so much become us on the occasion.

As it is our solicitude now to cherish the memory of our departed political Fathers, perhaps we may not better answer the design, than by indul. ging a few reflections on the analogy between them and our natural Fathers, who were the means of bringing us into our present state of existence; for thereby our recollection will be revived on some of their heroic and honourable transactions, which, we believe, will be held in the highest estimation to the latest posterity.

I. The God of all flesh hath determined times for the existence of successive generations of human beings; one generation passeth away, and another cometh. It is equally so with individuals; for, there is a time to be born, and a time to die. Our natural fathers were brought into life at such time and place as corresponded with the purposes of the Almighty concerning them, and the parts they were to perform in society. Some of us are in possession of their history; the time of their birth, their marriage, occupations, and the characters which they sustained in society; and all such documents, aided by our personal recollection of their tenderness and kindness, frequently afford us the most agreeable satisfaction. These observations will happily apply to the Fathers of America. God, in his providence raised them up, at the very time when our liberties were in danger, and the black cloud of hostile war threatened our country with subjection. It was God who gave them correct views of our danger; endued them with political and · virtuous talents; and inspired them with a love of liberty; a firm determination to vindicate our rights, and establish our freedom, though at the expense of their fortunes and their lives. When the Union of Congress was formed, God gave them legislative wisdom, directed their councils, and under multiplied discouragements, unexpected supplies were produced at home and abroad, in the very face of their enemies. In the issue, the Most High God so crowned their efforts with success, that the Independence of America was triumphantly declared, and confirmed! The prophet Isaiah, 66, 8, inquires, Who hath heard such a thing? who hath seen such things ? Shall the earth be made to bring forth in one day? or shall a nation be born at once? While these questions shall be fully answered, and 'the prophecy fulfilled in the final restoration of the Jews, we may venture to affirm, that this appeared

on the 4th of July, 1776, the day on which America was born free and independent; and therefore all her sons may triumphantly exclaim in the language of Paul, I was frec born!-Between the natural birth of man, and America receiving her independence, we shall perceive a very striking similitude. As the birth of man is predetermined, according to the pleasure of the Supreme Creator : so, the God of all Nations upon earth determined the time to give a new and happy state of existence to this country. Every child born is by painful operation delivered from the person of its mother : and in like manner we have been separated from Britain. As natural birth is attended with labour, we cannot forget the conflict which produced America's freedom. As the child born is introduced into a new world, a state of existence unknown to it before : so we rejoice, that America now enjoys those blessings of civil and religious liberty, which were not known under her monarchial government, but now out-vies all other nations upon earth! And, as the child born still depends upon that Divine hand which gave its existence to preserve it in health and growth to maturity: equally so is America dependant upon the Almighty for the preservation of her liberties, the increase of her agriculture, the extent of her trade and commerce, and the advancement of her learning and virtue, which shall constitute her national greatness. And likewise, as the child born and educated, by the laws of God and reason, would act a criminal part, in not holding his parent in the highest veneration and love: so we cannot but on this day, express our gratitude, and venerate the Fathers of our country, and embalm their names in our bosoms.

II. Every child is found to bear more or less resemblance to its parent; and if we cast an attentive eye upon the written Declaration of our Independence, I presume we shall there perceive the features of truth, justice, liberty, and honour, which so strongly characterized our venerated Fathers who framed and signed the instrument. Without indulging a disposition to fancy, we may say, in that in. valuable document, we can perceive something like a well formed body, capable of being put into action, for the most important purposes. Civil and political wisdom, are like two well set eyes in the head; its general laws combined, are similar to strong arms and hands, which are the active instruments for internal government, and external defence; and its admirable adaption to the general interests of the respective States in union, are not dissimilar to the feet, which bear the well formed body, and show the power of its influence over the whole continent of America. In the centre, resides the heart of liberty, which diffuses its virtues, like the vital fluid, passing through every vein and artery, actuating the whole organized system of the republic. This, is the POLITICAL Body. But, let us ask,—What is the body of man without a Soul ? for this constitutes the powers of rationality. And, what is a political body without RELIGIOUS LIBERTY? for this alone can constitute its adaption to rational beings, in order to promote their virtue and their obedience to their Almighty Creator. We confess, that our natural fathers were the instruments in producing our

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