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3. The rules and regulations by which all general meetings shall be forwarded this college is governed shall be such as to each governor at his or her last known to encourage its students to matriculate address, if in Great Britain or Ireland, and take degrees in the University of at the least seven days prior to the tiine London.

of holding such meeting. 4. Boys of any age, beyond that of: 11. All governors, prior to voting for seven years, shall be admitted to this the first time at a general meeting, shall college, and such as have neither matri- sign the following declaration :-"I, the culated at the University of London, nor undersigned, do hereby declare my bearrived at the age of 17 years, shall be lief that the Lord Jesus Christ is the called pupils, whilst those who have only God of Heaven and earth in whom matriculated, or have reached that age, is the Divine Trinity; that His Word is shall be denominated students.

the Divine Truth itself, and contains 5. This college shall be supported by interior senses within the letter ; that it endowments, by voluntary subscriptions, is the appointed medium of man's reby donations, and by the fees paid by generation, which is effected by the Lord students and pupils.

in proportion as man shuns evils as sins 6. The subscribers to this college shall against Him, and lives a life according be either governors or contributors. ' to the Ten Commandments. That after

7. All members of the New Church the death of the natural body, it is laid who shall subscribe to the support of this aside for ever; and that man rises in college, at the least one guinea a year, his spiritual body into an eternal state shall be denominated annual governors; of existence; and that now is the time and all members who shall subscribe at of the Lord's Second Coming, and the least ten pounds at one time, or who establishment of the New Church, sigshall give a donation of books or otlier 'nified by the New Jerusalem' in the things to the value of twenty-five pounds, Apocalypse. And I do hereby further or shall pay a legacy of fifty pounds or declare, that should I at any time fall upwards to the college, shall be denomi- into a denial of these holy truths, I will nated life governors. All other sub- 'resign my office in this college.” scribers or donors shall be denominated 12. The council shall consist of twelve contributors.

adult male governors, of whom three shall 8. The governors shall hold general be the treasurer, secretary, and librarian, meetings annually, or oftener, for the To this council the power of filling up appointment of officers, and the enacting vacancies in its own body, and the of all necessary laws and regulations general management of the institution, At all general meetings the governors shall be contided in the intervals of who reside beyond the London postal general meetings. district, and all ladies, being governors, 13. The treasurer shall receive and may vote by proxy; but no annual gov- pay all moneys under the direction of ernor shall vote until his first subscription the council, and transact such other shall have been paid at the least six business as belongs to his office. calendar months.

14. The secretary shall call general 9. At the annual general meetings, meetings, and meetings of the council. the governors shall elect a council by He shall conduct the correspondence, ballot, but all other voting at the general and report, at least annually, in the meetings shall be by show of hands. " Conference Magazine," or otherwise, The chairman of the meetings shall not the state of the institution. And he vote except in case of an equal division, shall transact such other business as when he shall have the casting vote. belongs to his office."

10. The annual general meeting of '15. The librarian shall take care of the governors shall be held on the last all books belonging to the college, and Tuesday in the month of April, at eight keep a catalogue of the same. He shall o'clock in the evening, unless otherwise also keep a list of desiderata, and transspecially summoned by the secretary; act such other business as belongs to and special general meetings shall be his office. convened by the secretary, under the 16. No alteration or addition to these direction of the council, upon requisition laws shall be made which is not in signed by five or more governors, stating harmony with the object of this college; the object of such meeting. Notice of 'and such alteration or addition shall be

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made only at a general meeting, and Rous; 7, Mrs. I. J. Alvey and Mr. James after notice has been given to thé Lewis. In addition to these, a refreshment council of such intended alteration or stall was efficiently managed by Mrs. Pita addition, at the least six weeks prior to man. Six of the stalls contained a large the time of holding such meeting; the supply of the articles usually sold on such secretary giving due notice of the same occasions, but the seventh (No. 12) was in the circular by which the meeting is devoted exclusively to books, cartes, and convened.

pictures. Through the munificence of

Rev. H. Wrightson, and other friends, BIRMINGHAM.–To the Editor.-Sir, it was filled with a choice collection of Permit me to correct an error which found New Church literature (many volumes its way into your November Number. being superbly bound), and its 'receipts In reference to the Birmingham Summer were a material addition to the profits of lane Society, it is stated that “the the undertaking. The bazaar was proresignation of the Rev. E. Madeley had jected by Mr. I. J.' Alvey, one of the been accepted by a meeting of trustees deacons of the society. I loias and members.” As this statenient is The commencing ceremony was well calculated to convey a wrong impression attended. Mr. E. Austin, leader of the of facts to the church at large, I wish to society, presided, and after 'ia brief briefly state the case, without any com- address, introduced the venerable Rev. ment on the painful circumstances which D. G. Goyder, who gave an interesting induced Mr. Madeley to adopt the course sketch, from personal acquaintance, of he did.

New Church labours in South London fifty The committee and trustees accepted years ago. He was followed by the Rev. Mr. Madeley's resignation. They then 0. P. Hiller, after which the Rev. Dr. called a special meeting of the society, Bayley, in a felicitous speech, congratuand submitted to it "a report," mainly lated the meeting upon the delightful justifying the conduct of the committee scene before him, and wished the effort in relation to the minister. The result every success. The National Anthem of that meeting was, that the members, was then sung by the whole assembly, and by their votes, refused to adopt the the bazaar declared to be opened. The report the committee had prepyred for aim of the Committee—that the bazaar their approval, and also refused to ac- should be especially of a New Church chacept the resignation of the minister. racter-was thoroughly realised. Friends The trustees and committee have since from every part of the metropolis as. practically ignored the power of the sembled, as well as zealous brethren members to give effect to their votes, by from the country, and seemed delighted declaring that, by the provisions of their to be able to meet together and renew " Trust Deed," the decision of the old acquaintances. The attractions of trustees and committee can alone settle the gathering were greatly enhanced by the point at issue. ' By your inserting the assistance of several skilful musi. this correction, you will oblige many of cians, under the superintendence of Mrs. our friends here.--I am, Sir, respectfully Lindley, of Cross-street Church...* Es yours, SAMUEL BARNETT. To show how universally the appeal

put forth has been responded to, it may SOUTH LONDON.- As previously ar- be stated that in addition to handsome ranged, the bazaar in aid of this society's presents from every portion of London building fund was held on the 11th, from the Argyle-square Junior Members' 12th, and 13th October, at St. George's Society, and from the Swedenborg Hall, King's Cross. The room, which Society-contributions came from the is central and commodious, had been following country towns :-Accrington, previously repainted, and was admirably Birmingham, Brighton, Bedford, Christo adapted for the purpose. The stalls church, Chatteris, Cheshire, Colchester, (seven) were tastefully decorated, and Dover, Derby, Framlingham, Loughbro', ranged in convenient positions. Each Louth, Luton, Melbourne, Manchester, bore a number and the name of the lady Newcastle, Nottingham, Peterborough, who presided over it:-No. 1, Mrs. Ed. Preston, Snodland, Sheffield, and - York ward Austin ; 2, Mrs. Isaac Gunton; More remote well-wishers, too, did not 3, Mrs. John Meadows; 4, Mrs. Edward forget what was being done, packages Margotson; 5, Mrs. Alfred Braby; 6, Miss being received from Madeira, Florence,

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and China. The undermentioned friends Refreshments ......... £19 2 1 preferred to help the bazaar by dona- Admissions ............. 26 7 8 tions in money, and it will be perceived that a large amount was in this manner

513 7 8 procured :

Less, Materials. £35 4 0 Accrington friends ... ...£1 5 0 " Expenses. 41. 2 8 Antonie Mr., Manchester... 0 100

76 6 8 Bethune Lady, London .... 10 00 Bethune Miss, .." ....

0 Balance ............ £437 1 0 Becconsall Mrs., Preston..., 5 0 0 The treasurer further stated that, incluBecconsall Mr. J., .. ..... 100 ding a donation of £10. from Mr. Broadfield Mr., Manchester.. 0 Reecks, £22, 9s, 4d. had been received Broadfield Mr. G., . " . 1 0 0 towards the building fund subsequent Birmingham friends.......... 1 11 6 to their last meeting, and prior to the Clark Mrs., Christchurch..... 0 5 0 opening of the bazaar, making the Chadwick Mrs. T., Manchester 5 0 0 balance in hand on the 8th October Clifton Mr., Preston........ 0 5 0 £286. 85. 8d. This, added to the profits Clare Mr., ist 46p Locab.... 0,5 O of the bazaar, showed the present amount Casson T., Esq., Manchester. 2 0 0 of the fund to be £723. 9s. 8d. ,, Dibley Mr., London ....... 11 10 Day Mr. A., . :"......... 0 10 0 MANCHESTER-AN EVENING WITH THE Edleston and Priestley Messrs.,

POETS.--On the 7th of November, the Manchester ....

O Manchester society had the pleasure of a Ewans Mr., London...... 0 visit from our friend Mrs. Newbery, of Furniss Mr., Manchester... 0 5 0 London, who was invited to give * An Higgins Mr., London ...... 0 10 0 Evening with the Poets,” in the SchoolHook C. T., Esq., Snodland.. 2 0 O room at Peter-street. As a member of Hook S., Esq., .....

the church she was welcome, but apart Holgate Mr., O from this consideration, and although Holgate Mr. J., W6 .... 0 5 0 comparatively a stranger to the friends Hughes Mr., "' .... 1 0 0 here, she has created a large amount of Mather Mr. W., 5 min. () 5

warm sympathy, as well as admiration, Margetson Mr. W., Dewsbury O by her versatile talents, and the excellent Neilson Mr., Newcastle .... 5 O character of her readings. The "EvenNuttall Mr. D., Preston .... 0 10.0

0 ing" at Peter-street was, therefore, emi. Prowse W., Esq., London .. 2 0 nently successful, both in numbers and Parkinson Mr. J., Preston .. 1 interest. So varied, extensive, and Parkinson Mr. R., Manchester 1 artistic are her attainments, that the Pritchard H., Esq., London i. 5 5 () most fastidious may enjoy a pleasant Renwick Mr., London (friends) 12 12 evening, and the lover of poetry a great Rogers Mrs., Louth ........ 0 5 treat, in listening to the truthful imperRichardson Mrs. J., Manchester ( 5 sonations of our greatest authors, as Rawsthorne Mr., Haslingden. 1 pictured by Mrs. Newbery. Such is the Stones Mr. G., Preston....... 0 10 impression made by this accomplished Smith Mr. F., Manchester .. 0 5 0 lady, in the Lancashire district, that we Teed G., Esq., London ....

have already the gratification of learning Veitinghoff Dr., ". ... 2 2 0 her intention to pay another visit before Sums under 5s.............. 0 9 6 long, when it is hoped every success will Friends, per Mrs. Margetson.. 0 17 6 attend her, and that her worthy efforts " per Mr. A. Faraday.. 1 0 0 to please and instruct will find their

per Mr. Howell .... ( 7 6 fitting appreciation..... A friend, per Mrs, Margetson. 0 16 6

- BRIGHTLINGSEA.The annual social

: £85 0 6 meeting of the society was held on At a quarterly meeting of the society, October 20th. After tea, the chairman, held on the 17th October, the following Mr. S. Jepson, offered a few remarks on balance sheet of receipts and expenses the utility of brethren meeting together was submitted :

for social intercourse and mutual edificaReceipts of stalls ........ £382 17 5 tion. The friends were gratified by the Donations in cash........ 85 0 6 presence of Mr. Goldsack, leader of the

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society at Wivenhoe, who expressed a especially as the talented lady and the hope that all present would set a proper other names are so widely known in the value on the doctrines of that pure and Church. On Friday evening, the Derby undefiled religion which they held, espe- Junior Members' Society, assisted by cially their teaching that good works are several friends, gave an amateur dramatic necessary to salvation. Several other and musical soirée, at the Mechanics' friends addressed the meeting,

Lecture Hall, before a large, select, and

highly-respectable audience. The whole JERSEY.--The report of the fifth an- was under the management of Mr. George niversary meeting of the Missionary Holme, jun., and it very agreeably illusAssociation has been received. We trated how innocent and rational amuselearn from it that a course of lectures ment may occasionally, be introduced was delivered in the early part of the among the young people belonging to a year by the Rev. Dr. Bayley, which religious denomination, under the care have done much to remove prejudice. of those most interested in their truest The lecture on Dr. Colenso and his welfare.

Los invit) difficulties deserves particular notice, many whose minds had been stirred up BRITISH AND FOREIGN BIBLE SOCIETY, with inquietude having gladly availed Mr. Richard Rowed writes from Ilsingthemselves of the information not to be ton, Devonshire :—“I cordially concur found elsewhere. This lecture was the in the proposed to make the New Jerumeans of calling attention to the course salem Church a subscriber to the funds which followed on the more immediate of the British and Foreign Bible Society, truths of the Church. The lectures were and I hope the names of the treasurers, comprehensive, attractive, and efficient, for the subscription from the various as reported in the papers and periodicals societies, will be published in the New at the time. The committee regret that Jerusalem Magazine, that isolated refamily affliction has prevented their ceivers may have an opportunity to receiving the services of the Rev. R. subscribe with the society nearest their Storry, with whom they deeply sympa- respective locality.” thise. Of £5. 8s. received, a small balance remains. As “the harvest is OLDHAM NEW CHURCH SOCIETY'S great and the labourers are few,” the BUILDING FUND. — Amount paid and committee recommend renewed exertion. promised up to September 18th, 1865, The Rev. W. Rothery is to be invited £80. 16s. 17d. Contributions since : to pay a missionary visit at the earliest Mr. Samuel I)yson..........£1 10 opportunity. Thos. BAXTER, Sec. “ Joseph Parkington ....., 1 0 0

Messrs. Ratcliffe and Mills .. 1 0 0 DERBY.-On Thursday, October 23rd, Mr. J. T. Ollivant...... Mrs. Roe, the Mayoress of Derby, ac- " Whittington i. ceded to a request of one of the literary “ Shatwell .. and scientific societies of the town, and " Robert Stringer .. r. 0 5 0 read an essay on the “ Education of A Friend ...

0 5.0 Girls,” to a large and deeply interested Small sums collected in Oidham 2 4 3 audience. One of the M.P.'s for the The committee desire to acknowledge borough took the chair, and was sup- the above with thanks to the contributors, ported by the Mayor, Mr. Alderman and earnestly entreat those who have the Madeley, Rev. J. Hyde, and many other means, and who have not yet done so, to gentlemen. The essay was received with come forward and assist them. continued applause. The essayist has

GEORGE NEWTON, Treasurer. consented to allow the essay, which is

DAN HODGSON, Secretary, most admirable and instructive, and charmingly written, to be published NOTTINGHAM BUILDING FUND.--The which will enable it to accomplish a committee gratefully acknowledge the wider use than otherwise. When it is following sums, received since last issue before the public our readers will see it of the Repository :--. ist der announced. As indicating how a member Bedford-st. Society, Liverpool. £2 4 6 of the New Church may find congenial Friends at Salford .......... 0 10 0 and beneficial avenues for usefulness, the " Rhodes...... ...0 3 6 above fact may be found interesting, Mr. Urry, Nottingham.,.... 3 0

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The cash in the hands of the treasurer we cordially wish it may receive a very now amounts to £140.; and the sale of extensive circulation.

E. R. the old chapel, after paying mortgage, will, it is expected, adi £120. to the 'fand. The committee beg to remind

Marriage. the Church generally of the great neces On the 19th of October, at the New sity' there exists for a suitable place of Jerusalem Temple, Heywood, by the ivorship in their important and increasing Rev. R. Storry, Mr. William Parker town, and earnestly entreat the assist- Woodhead to Miss Ann Rothwell, both ance of societies and friends who have of Bury. not yet contributed; this, speedily done, would enable the committee to decide

Obituary. respecting plans, &c., which should be prepared before the end of the year.

Departed this life, on the 27th of May, Treasurer's address--Mr. John Atkin

in in the 52nd year of her age, Elizabeth Clarke, Esplanade, Nottingham.

Gaudin, widow of the late Thomas B. P.

Clarke. She was brought up from child.??? - bli satilir . · hood in the New Church doctrines, and 9 MIDDLETON.-On the evening of Tues- continued a Zealous

continued a zealous and affectionate mem"day, 'the 14th November, Mrs. Rothery

ber of the Jersey society to the end of read, in one of the school-rooms belonging

her life. She has gone to realise those to the New Church, Middleton, an able

heavenly states of love and wisdom for essay against the custom of putting on

which she had prepared herself whilst mourning garments for the dead. The

here. "essayist demonstrated, in her usual style

of clearness and force, 'that this time Departed this life, July 31st, aged 37 honoured custom is anti-Christian and years, Benjamin Mawson, a steady, conheathenish; that it is often an unreality sistent member of this society (Embsay, and hypocrisy; and that it not unfre- Yorkshire). While health allowed, he quently immerses the poorer classes in took a very active part in the Sundaypecuniary difficulties from which for school and choir. He was much esIong months, sometimes years, they are teemed and respected by all who knew unable to extricate tliemselves. On these him for his unassuming manners and and other' grounds which were adduced upright actions. While fully resigned and elucidated, it was urged that all to the will of the Lord, he yet thought Christians who are enlightened to see it his duty to leave no means untried to that death is one of Goa's merciful ap- recover his failing health. For this pointments,--that “ the dead are raised,” purpose, accompanied by his brother and and if good, are more truly living and brother-in-law, he determined to proceed 'blessed than they could have been during to London, to consult an eminent phytheir preparatory life-should not only sician. They had proceeded as far as resign' this bad custom, but do their Loughborough, when a change was obutmost to induce their brethren to free served in him, and before the train could themselves for ever from its tyranny. be brought to a stand his spirit was The room was filled with an intelligent freed from the trammels of his frail and attentive audience; 'many comers earthly body. were unable to obtain admission. It is intended to form an anti-mourning asso- George Mawson, brother to the above, ciation, consisting of all who will join was removed to a higher sphere on Sepit, irrespectively of sect or creed. The tember 22nd, aged 32 years. He, like Middleton Association will communicate his brother, was a useful member of with other parts of the country, and the Church. invite people to combine their efforts to put down what is essentially a heathen, On the 8th August, at her residence, and practically a pernicious custom. We Jane-street, Emma, the beloved wife of understand there is a likelihood of the George Slater, Brisbane, Australia, a few essay being published by Mr. Pitman, in days after her infant daughter. She was the form of a pamphlet, for which, be- a gentle, unaffected woman, and was cause of its Christian sentiments and much respected by all who knew her. She spirit-the seed of life which it contains- had a great love for the doctrines of the

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