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New Church, because they taught that it strange that a child should be so all good is from God, who is love itself urgent in such things, and they went and goodness itself; and she lived a life partly from curiosity; but so delighted in conformity with their teaching. Both were they with what they heard, that she and her husband had been members they felt it a very long week till the of the church in this country, from which next Sunday came, that they might they emigrated some years ago.

drink again at the same fountain. For

a long time they were constant in their Departed into the spiritual world, on attendance, and they became members September 11th, 1865, and in the 83rd of the King-street society about the year of his age, Mr. John Pegg, of year 1822.” For several years Mr. Pegg Derby. Mr. Pegg was one of the few sur- underwent many remarkable spiritual vivors of the King-street Society, when experiences, producing in himself peace, there were two societies in Derby. He and on his family a deep impression. was born at Tutbury, and after having His end was expected by him; and suffered many vicissitudes in youth, came though sudden at last, it found him to Derby in 1803. The means by which ready to depart. One of the patriarchs his attention was first drawn to the of the church in Derby, there are many heavenly doctrines of the New Jerusalem in the other life whom he will be glad are sufficiently interesting to deserve to meet. An old man full of days, and notice, and which are thus feelingly trusting in the Redeemer God, his end described by his son (Mr. W. Pegg, was peace. leader of the Shakespeare-street Society, Nottingham) :-“ About the year 1820, Departed this life, on Tuesday, Nov. his eldest son, then a boy of 11, ear- 14th, aged 55 years, Mr. Charles Deacon, nestly solicited his father to allow him formerly of Hoxton, London, but latterly to go to Mr. Robinson's Sunday-school residing at Frome. He had been an affec(then in Queen-street). With great tionate member of the New Church ever reluctance he allowed him to leave the since he was able to judge. For several school he attended to go there. The years he and others, sustained a small boy was so delighted in the new sphere Sunday-school at Hoxton, but failing into which he was brought, that he would health prevented his labours in this way, not let his father and mother have any and he attended Argyle-square. He was peace until they went to their nice little a humble-minded, worthy man; his dechapel, and to hear the beautiful things light was in the church, and his end that were taught there. They thought was peace.

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L.14014;25: TO READERS AND CORRESPONDENTS. All communications to be sent to the Editor, the Rev. W. BRUCE, 43, Kensington Gardens Square, London, W. To ensure insertion in the forthcoming Number, communications must be received not later than the 15th of the month, except recent intelligence, which will be received till the loun. D



i win some in The meetings of the Committee of the National Missionary Institution, and Students

and Ministers' Aid Fund, are regularly held at the Swedenborg Society's house, Bloomsbury-street, on the fourth Monday in each inonth, at 6-30 p.m. Members

of Conference present in London are invited to attend these meetings.airus HI The first of two articles on - The Final State of David and Paul,” will appear in i

the January number. Received “T. W. B.”

i t y 11 2016 1115! Of four communications received, in answer to the question-Hàs the New Church

a Gospel ? one or two others may perhaps appear in a future number. L a “ Mission Work in London," received too late for insertion this month.

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vbrotteldud ESSAYS. &c. H to TOH Prize Essays. 329. PM O VINCI -99 118 11990 besok 90T11 1291 Relative and Ultimate, Speculative and Address from the General Conference to Certain Truths, 28, 69, 167.

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