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been to him a labour of love, and when A t the close of the distribution of prizes a man did what he liked because he to those scholars who had been successliked doing it, he did not think there ful at the examination, Mr. Scotson, the was much cause for praise. He thanked present superintendent, on behalf of the them for their very handsome and pleas- teachers and scholars, begged the accepting gift, which would be to him an ance, by Mr. E. J. Broadfield, of a silver incentive to further work, and he assured inkstand, as an expression of their perthem that his best services were always sonal love for himself, and as some slight at their disposal. (Applause.)

acknowledgment of services rendered. On a silver plate was inscribed, “Pre. The inkstand bore the following inscripsented to Henry Antonie, by the congre- tion :—“Presented to Mr. E. J. Broadgation of the Manchester New Church. field, B. A., by the teachers and scholars December, 1864.” Various amusements of the New Church Sunday afternoon were provided, and at a late hour all classes, Peter-street, Manchester, as a separated with seasonable greetings, and slight token of their love and esteem for a wish for “A happy New-year.”

him as their conductor and friend." The

teachers of the Sunday-school, who had MANCHESTER. — Sunday Afternoon been kindly invited to be present, suppleClasses - Presentation. — The annual mented this by pressing upon Mr. E. J. party of the children attending these Broadfield his acceptance of a gold pen classes, and their parents, was held in and pencil-case, as a slight mark of their the schoolroom, Peter-street, on Christ- affection for him. mas Eve. These classes were commenced Mr. E. J. Broadfield, who was taken some four or five years ago, by Mr. E.J. quite by surprise, in the course of a feelBroadfield. There was, and is, connected ing speech, thanked all present for these with the church, an efficient Sunday- manifestations of love for himself. He school, but the attendance there consists felt that he did not deserve all the kind mainly of the children of strangers living things that had been said of him, and in the neighbourhood; but for various was sure that had it not been for the reasons the children of the members of hearty and kind coöperation of the dear the society did not attend. Mr. E. J. friends surrounding him, the classes Broadfield seeing this, thought that if a would not be what they then were; and Sunday afternoon class or classes were he left them, feeling assured that with established for the children of the mem- the present staff of officers that success bers, much good might result to them would be maintained. and to the society. He mentioned it to two or three friends ;-an announcement LIVERPOOL, BEDFORD-STREET.-Another was made from the pulpit that such a effort has been made by the members of class would be commenced, and a general this society to reduce the debt upon their invitation given to the members to send church. It will be remembered that their children. This met with a warm their first move in this direction was response, and since their establisbment made in 1862, when they determined to the classes have grown in favour, and hold a Christmas tree, in aid of the their great use to the society is now building fund. The claims of the Lanacknowledged by all. Children, who cashire distressed operatives, however, would otherwise have grown up strangers pressing very heavily upon the whole have been brought into association community, it was thought only right with each other; and having able to do something for their suffering and affectionate teachers, now feel a de- brethren in their corporate capacity, and light in the classes and an interest in the the proceeds, amounting to £50., were society that would not otherwise have handed over to the local secretary. In been matured. To the guidance—under 1863, they made an appeal to the church Divine Providence--of Mr. E. J. Broad- at large, and succeeded in getting up a field, this result has been mainly attri- very handsome bazaar on a small scale, butable; and as his acceptance of the which, together with money subscripoffice of minister to the society at Accring. tions, realised a sum of upwards of £130. ton would sever outwardly his connection Last year they decided on making a with the classes, the teachers and children private effort among themselves in a felt they could not allow such an oppor- similar manner, and on December 28th, tunity as this to pass without expressing held a bazaarand Christmas tree. Several to him their feelings towards him. personal friends of the members kindly

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assisted them on this occasion also, both church, but especially to labour for their with money and articles, all of whom individual regeneration by the applicaare hereby again thanked for their valu- tion of those doctrines to the daily life, able aid. £44. were realised, which it through the grace and mercy of our is expected will be made up to £50. A most adorable Lord and Saviour Jesus legacy of £250., left to the society last Christ. year, has also fallen in; and thus, in less than eighteen months, the heavy CARLISLE.-On Sunday, the 19th ult., debt of £900. has been reduced by this society had a visit from the Rev. nearly one-half. The society has great Mr. Ray, of Newcastle, who preached cause for thankfulness on this score, and two sermons in the Temperance Hall, its members are encouraged to persevere Caldewgate, to attentive audiences. After in their work of ridding the building of the evening service Mr. Ray administered its pecuniary burdens, and of propa- the Lord's Supper. The subject which gating the doctrines of the New Jeru- was discoursed upon in the evening was— salem, that the church in its external “Was Noah's flood of water or of wickedform, even, may become a praise and a ness?” The preacher proved, as he adblessing in the land, to the glory of our vanced in his subject, that the flood was Saviour God.

wickedness and not water. This is the

second visit we have had from Mr. Ray. RAMSBOTTOM.-A course of four lec. On his first visit to us he drew our attentures has been delivered here by the Rev. tion to the devotional work by the late J. B. Kennerley, of Salford. The first Mr. Mason, which resulted in the purof the course was delivered on Tuesday, chase of twelve copies, which are also November 29th: subject—"The Church: doing their good work. Mr. Mc. Lagan What is the Rock upon which it is has also paid us several very instructive founded? Who is Peter? What are the visits, and we are deeply indebted to Mr. Keys?” The second, on Monday, Dec. R. Catcheside for the untiring attention 5th: subject — The Trinity: How can he has given our society. The members Three Persons be One God ?" The third, and friends have also to thank the Mison Tuesday, December 13th : subject- sionary Society and the Manchester Tract “Baptism: What is the Use of Baptism?” Society for their timely assistance. A And the last of the course, on Monday, good field is open in Carlisle, but since December 19th: subject—“Prayer: Does Mr. Ray's visit the society has changed it move God, or change Man ?” These its place of meeting. The Temperance lectures were delivered in an affectionate Hall is a good room, but out of the way, and earnest manner to large audiences. and the society now meet for worship in We are sorry that there was no one pre- Slack's-court, Milburn-street, where visisent who could take verbatim reports tors will find a neat but small room dediof these lectures for the press.

cated to the service of the Lord Jesus as

the only true God. SHIELDS.—On Tuesday evening, January 3rd, the members and friends of ISLINGTON.-On the 22nd November, this society assembled in the Oddfellows' Mr. W. Bateman delivered, in the schoolHall, Rudyerd-street, North Shields, to room of the society, an instructive lecture hold their annual soirée ; and we are upon the “ Taeping Rebellion,” which glad to be able to state that this was the attracted a large number of New Church most interesting social gathering ever friends. The lecture was very fully illus- . enjoyed by this society. About fifty sat trated by diagrams, maps, &c., and excited down to tea, among whom were several considerable interest. of the friends from the Newcastle society. The chair was taken by the leader LONDON, ARGYLE-SQUARE.It has long of the society at half-past six. The pro- been the wish of many members of the gramme for the evening, after tea, con- New Church in London to establish a sisted of an anthem and an address good day school in connection with the alternately, with a short interval for church; but from lack of funds, and the general conversation. The friends sepa- difficulty of obtaining a suitable site, the rated with a stronger determination than wish has remained ungratified. All those ever not only to spread the heavenly who feel the importance of impressing doctrines and thus increase the external the heavenly doctrines of the New Jeru

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salem on the minds of the rising genera- As this unhappily was not the case, but tion, will learn with much satisfaction as, on the contrary, the Romish Church that the committee of the Argyle-square sprung from the corruptions of the ChrisSociety have at length secured a suitable tian faith, those very qualities that would building for the purpose, which with have made her a conservator of the truth, moderate alteration, will accommodate have made her the conservator of error, between four and five hundred children. while the evil of the human heart, which One kind friend has already subscribed error does not condemn, but is ever £150., and two others have each pro- ready to justify, has made her not unmised £100. towards this holy, benevolent scrupulous of the means to be used in object; so that we have reason to hope securing her ends. The claim of infalthat the Argyle-square Society will shortly libility, which gives her at all times the have the necessary funds to enable them authority to declare, and in doubtful or to open a thorough good school, for the disputed points, to decide, what the benefit of the poor and populous neigh- truth is, places her in an unfavourable bourhood surrounding their church. position under the changed circumstances

of the times. Unknown to her, as inNORTHAMPTON. – Our very esteemed deed to Christendom generally, old things friend the Rey. D. G. Goyder, of Lon- have passed away and all things are bedon, has paid us another visit, under the come new. A new dispensation of truth auspices of the National Missionary So- has commenced. Its influence is making ciety. On Thursday evening, January itself felt; its light is being diffused. 5th, he lectured from "Ye shall keep Its action is not confined to one church, My statutes;” (Levit. xix. 19.) on Friday nor to the priesthood of any, but extends evening—“Thou shalt not let thy cattle to the minds of men universally, and is gender with a diverse kind ;” on Monday producing a change as gradually but as evening—" Thou shalt not sow thy field irresistibly as the slow geological changes with mingled seed ;” on Tuesday even in the condition of the earth, moveing—“Neither shall a garment mingled ments which raised some of the mounof linen and woollen come upon thee.” tain chains to their present elevation. By the request of the friends, Dr. Goyder This new influence will change for the delivered a lecture on Wednesday even- better whatever yields to it, but will ing, on—"The Progress of the Human break in pieces that which persistently Mind during the last half century, with resists it. In churches which lay no special reference to Phrenology.” On claim to infallibility, but consider it not Sunday, the 7th instant, the rev. gentle- inconsistent with the conservatism of man preached two discourses, and admi- the truth to concede the right of private nistered the Holy Supper to twenty-three judgment, allow their views to become communicants. The audiences increased modified, or grant toleration for differon each occasion; the delight and interest ence of opinion. They do not shut their of the hearers became greater from even- eyes to the signs of the times, but, ing to evening; and the series was termi- however unwillingly, are wise enough to nated by a unanimous vote of thanks to offer no unavailing resistance to them. Mr. Goyder for his very acceptable and In this respect the Church of Rome valued lecture. On behalf of our so- differs from all others. It has not indeed ciety, we tender our best thanks to the always resisted absolutely, but it has National Missionary Institution for grant- always resisted, and is determined to ing us the services of so valuable a servant resist to the utmost, everything that of the Lord's New Church.

savours of aught that would question its

pretensions to perfectibility. Anything THE POPE's ENCYCLICAL LETTER.-If of human progress that threatens to set the Roman Catholic Church had a tho- aside any of her dogmas or limit her roughly good cause, no body of men powers, is held to be a backward movecould manifest greater firmness in main ment, or one that is instigated by the taining it, nor more untiring zeal in power of evil. Nothing could be a clearer advancing its interests. If the pure evidence of this than the Encyclical doctrines of primitive Christianity had Letter which his Holiness has just issued come down to the time of the Papacy, to the faithful. Our readers generally none could have been more conservative have read, perhaps not without amazeof the truth than the church of Rome. ment, this authoritative document of

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the holy father. Happily, in this Pro- ism is included in the category to which testant country, men can look at it this applies; but it condemns the use of without alarm ; nor can it at this day reason in the study of Scripture as inproduce, even in Catholic countries, the consistent with the dogmatic defining of submission or terror which such a docu- truth by the church. It is an error, ment would once have inspired.

therefore, that— Men who have emAs members of the New Church, who braced any religion may find and obtain know the true cause of the forward move eternal salvation ;” and another thatment at which the Church of Rome her- “At least the eternal salvation may be self feels alarmed, and whose progress hoped for of all who have never been in she vainly endeavours to arrest, we look the true church.” Not only is it false at this Letter simply as a portrait of that men may be saved in any religion Rome, drawn by Rome herself, and as but that of the Catholic Church, but it is such we shall consider it. In the Cata- an error to suppose that there can be even logue of Errors appended to the Ency- any hope for them. Sir George Bowyer, clical Letter, extending from Atheism to a member of the Catholic Church, has modern Literalism, there is of course objected to the inference drawn from this, much that every one who believes in the and the condemnation pronounced upon Scriptures will at once agree with. It is it by Protestant critics ;-he maintains not, however, a question with us that that the last article only denies the error much of the existing infidelity and natu- that the salvation may be hoped for of ralism has been produced by the errors all who have never been in the Catholic and tyranny of the church which raises Church, as if it only denied the doctrine her voice against it, and that the licen- of universal salvation, and retorts upon tiousness of freedom is to be distinguished the Church of England that she equally from freedom itself. But even admitting denies salvation to all who are beyond that in denouncing Pantheism, and every her pale. The first is a mistake; the other form of positive infidelity, the second is not quite just. The Pope is Church of Rome may be condemning not denying the doctrine of Universalism; what is false and dangerous, she cannot and although the form of the Church of be justified in her assumption of the right England may express herself in much the of forcibly repressing them; for it is one same way as the church of Rome, the of the errors condemned—“That the spirit and intention of the two churches church has not the power of availing her- are certainly very different. However, self of force, or any direct or indirect two blacks do not make a white; and it temporal power.” We know what use is but a poor vindication of one's prinhas been made of this power in former ciples or conduct to be able to prove that times; and we have no cause to regret there is another as bad as ourselves. It that it can never again be revived. To is certain, however, that not only on this what purpose it bas been used we know point, but on most others, the Church of from history, and on whom it would still Rome not only means what she says, but be exercised we learn from the Letter has behind her words the will, though before us. It is an error—“That the she may not have the power, of dealing church has not the power of defining with heretics in a way which no section dogmatically that the religion of the of the Protestant Church claims or even Catholic Church is the only true religion.” desires to follow. This of course sets reason and even Scrip- But the claim of the Pope to declare what ture aside, and makes the church the only is truth and error is not confined to matters authority on which men are to chose of opinion, nor confined to religion. The between truth and error. They are not Papal authority extends to civil governto be at liberty to believe what their ment, and to all departments of human understanding and conscience approve, knowledge; to morals, to science, to edubut what the church declares. This in- cation. All must be subject to his decrees, deed is asserted in this list of errors. It or must not transgress them. On the subis an error that—"Every man is free to ject of science, the allocution sets out by embrace and profess the religion he shall asserting it to be an error that, "The believe to be true, guided by the light of decrees of the apostolic see and of the reason.” This does not condemn those Roman congregation fetter the free prowho follow the light of reason without gress of science;" but it proceeds to the teaching of Scripture, for Protestant- say that it is also an error that,"Philo

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sophy must be studied without regard to vision which show tbat the New Jerusasupernatural revelation.” That is to lem is still closely related to a terrestrial say, that it is not to be studied without state. The kings of the earth do bring reference to the interpretations of Scrip- their glory and honour into it.' Through ture which the church may dictate. It the ever-open gates, it is receiving conis well that the authority which this stant accessions. In the words (xxi. 24, allocution of the Pope's asserts, is now the nations of them which are saved limited in its exercise. Happy is it that shall walk in the light of it,' the phrase it will become more and more so. The we have marked with italics should, understanding and the truth cannot now according to all the best critics, be be bound by the power of any church; omitted. The nations' (and this word and every attempt to do so will only ever denotes those who are without the expose the weakness and defeat the pur pale of the church, as the Gentiles in pose of those who attempt it.

distinction from the Jews) shall walk

in its light.' And more strikingly still, “THE NEW JERUSALEM.”—In the Feb- we are expressly told (xxii. 2.) of the ruary number of the Repository was tree of life which grows in the midst of inserted a paragraph from the Freeman, the street of the city, not only that its the sentiments of which, respecting the fruit is for the refreshment of the saved, nature of the “ The New Jerusalem,” but that its leaves are for the healing of were strikingly similar to those of the the nations. The language plainly reNew Church. I have since met with an quires us to apply the vision, in part at article on “The New Jerusalem,” from least, to the present state, as it shows the pen of the Rev. S. G. Green, B.A., that even round about the New Jerusain the Baptist Magazine for January, lem there are nations that require to be in which the same views are more fully healed, and therefore of the sinful and developed. From this article I make the the miserable. following extracts :

"We conclude, then, that in the de“In [the Apocalypse] xvii. 1, we read, lineation of the heavenly Jerusalem, we “There came one of the seven angels who have THE IDEAL OF THE CHRISTIAN had the seven vials, and talked with me, CHURCH. To this city of the living saying, Come hither; I will show thee God,' as the Epistle to the Hebrews the judgment of the great harlot that assures us, the faithful have already sitteth upon many waters.' In xxi. 9, come.' The spiritual Sion is here we read—There came unto me one of among us now; and as, notwithstanding the seven angels which had the seven grievous failure and sin, Jehovah devials full of the seven last plagues, and lighted of old in the chosen city, so now, talked with me, saying, Come hither; notwithstanding all earthly imperfection I will show thee the bride, the Lamb's and defilement, do the Lord God and wife.' It is plain from the identity of the Lamb condescend to dwell in the phrase that a direct contrast is intended. community of saints. On the one side is the harlot, on the other " : . The gates of pearl,' and the bride ; on the one side Babylon, on the street of gold,' the wall great and the other Jerusalem. Again, to behold high,' and 'the foundations garnished the former, the prophet is carried away with all manner of precious stones,' the in the spirit into the wilderness;' (xvii. 3.) “river of water of life clear as crystal,' to contemplate the latter, he is carried and the tree of life which bears twelve away in the spirit to a great and high manner of fruits,' belong not to a fair mountain.' (xxi. 10.) These parallels dream, sentimental and almost sensuous, betoken close analogy. Babylon is un- of a paradise far beyond the resurrection, doubtedly the emblem, not of a city or but to the realities of our present condia place, but of some great form of spiri- tion as part of the great invisible church tual evil, exemplified in the union of of God. Babylon, no doubt, is here on false belief with unprincipled secular earth, with its malice and meretricious power, and essentially antagonistic to the craft. As surely is the New Jerusalem church of Christ. Is it not, then, at here, with its indwelling God and Saviour. least probable that the Jerusalem of the The names of the old foes in Old Testacontrasted delineation was intended, in ment story do but set forth to us the general, as the type of that church. deeper spiritual antagonisms of the New.

“Further, there are particulars in the False worship, moral darkness, inevitable

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