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Concerning the

Happinefs of Good Men,


Punifliment of the Wicked,


Next World,

Under the following Heads:

I. Concerning the true Rea-
fon and Foundation of our
Faith and Hope of fmmor-
tal Life.

II. Concerning the Natural

and Moral Arguments of a

Future State.

III. What farther Evidence
the Law of Mofes gives us
of the Immortality of the
Soul, and a Future State.

IV. Concerning the Gofpe
Evidence of Immortal Life.

V. That Salvation, which i
wrought for us by Chrift

gives us the moft fure am

certain Hopes of a bleflec


Vf. The Conclufion. A Com-
parifon between the Gain o
the World, and the Loli
of the Soul.


Printed for T.walthoe, J. J.andP.KnAi>TON, A.bettesworti

and C. Hitch, R. Robinson, J. Pemberton, B. Motte

J. WALTHOE,_/a». T. Longman,]. Clarke,andD.


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Sc&. 2. Concerning the Unrverfal Confent in 'the Be-

lief of a Future State, and the Natural Defires of

Immortality. p. 128.

Sect. 3. The Mofaical Evidence of a Future State,

from the Divine Providence, p. 141.

Sect. 4. The Immortality of the Soul prow'd from God's

Covenant with Abraham, •'• p. 150.

Sect. 5. 'The Proofs of the Immortality of the Soul, from

theLawofMoks, 'p. 189.

C H A P. IV.

Concerning the Gofpel-Evidence of Immortal Life,

p. 203.

Sect. i. The Gofpel-Notion of Life and Immortality,


Sect. 2. 'The Gofpel-Promifes of Life and Immorta-

lity, ^ p. 209.

Se&. 3. Tbe Promifes of Immortal Life confirm'd by

the Refurreftionof Chriftfrom the Dead, p. 228.


That Salvation which is wrought for us by Chrift, gives

us the mojl fure and certain Hopes of a blejjed Im-

mortality, , p. 242.

Scct. i. "That tae muft be faved by a Saviour; and

what kind of Saviour Sinners want, Ibid.

Sect. 2. I'he Eternal Godhead of our Saviour is the

only certain Foundation of all our Hopes of Salvati-

on, and Immortal Life. p. 257.

Se&. 3. I'he VifiUe Reconciliation of human Nature

in the Incarnation of the Son of God, p. 278.

Se&. 4. 7#<? Death of Chrtft a true Expiatory Sacri-

fice to redeem Mankind from Death, p. 286.

Sect. 5. The Cotiquejl of Death by the Death and Re-

furreftion of Chrift, p. 318.

Sect. 6. The Covenant of Pardon and Immortal Life,

fealed 'with the Blood of Chrift, p. 354.

The Conclufion. A Comparifon between the Gain

of the World, and the Lofs of the Soul, . p. 377.

2 A D1S-




Immortality of the Soul,



The Introduction.

HE Serious Confideration of Death and Judgment is abIolutely necefiury , to the Wife and Religious Government of our Lives. That we muft die, difparages all prefent Enjoyments; and if we fuffer fuch Thoughts to fink into our Souls, they naturally moderate our Affections, and fet bounds to our ufe of rhem. That we fhall be judged, and rewarded and punimed,

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