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Commentary. Handbooks

Hausrath . Hausrath's Neutestament- | NTTh . . Weiss, Eng. tr. of 3rd liche Zeitgeschichte(Eng.

ed. (1888). tr. of 2nd ed. 1895 :

Bovon, Théologie du NT “The Time of the

(1893): deux tomes. Apostles "').

Beyschlag, (1896). HC ..Hand - Commentar zum

Holtzmann, Lehrbuch Neuen Testament (H. J.

der Neutestamentlichen Holtzmann, Schmiedel,

Theologie (1896).
Lipsius, and von Soden).

Stevens (1899), Internat. HD. . . History of Dogma, Eng.

Theol. Library. tr. of Harnack's Dog. PG. . Philology of the Gospels, mengeschichte, (1894

Blass (1898). 1899).

PM . . . Protestantische Monatshefte HJP. . Eng. tr. of Schürer's

(1897- , ed. Websky). Geschichte des jüdischen Reuss. . E. Reuss, Geschichte der Volkes im Zeitalter Jesu

heiligen Schriften NT Christi 2 (1886–1890),

(Eng. tr. of 5th ed. entitled, "A History

1884). of the Jewish People Réville . . A. Réville, Jésus de in the Time of Jesus

Nazareth : études criChrist.”

tiques sur les antécédents ICC . . . The International Critical

de l'histoire évangélique

et la vie de Jésus (1897, IH ... International Handbooks

deux tomes). to the NT (ed. Dr. | RLA . . Prof. E. de W. Burton, Orello Cone), 1900- .

Records and Letters of INT. . Introduction to the New

the Apostolic Age (1895). Testament.

RTK : Real-Encyklopädie für Weiss B. (Eng. tr. of

protestantische Thcologie Einleitung in das Neue

und Kirche (ed. Hauck) Testament, 1886).

1896– . Davidson s. (3rd ed. SBBA. Sitzungsberichte der könig1894).

lich preussischen AkadSalmon G. (8th ed. 1897).

emie der WissenGodet, Introduction au

schaften zu Berlin. Nouveau Testament~1. | SK. . Studien und Kritiken Les Épîtres de S. Paul

(ed. Köstlin and (1893). Eng. tr. 1894.

Kautzsch). II. (div. 1) 1899. SPT. . Prof. W. M. Ramsay, St. JpTh Jahrbücher für protestant.

Paul the Traveller and Theologie.

the Roman Citizen JTS . . . Journal of Theological

(1895). Studies.

Syr-Sin. . The Four Gospels transKAP . . Die Apokryphen U. |

lated from the Syriac Pseudepigraphen d.

of the Sinaitic palimAlten Testaments, ed.

psest (Lewis, 1894). Kautzsch (1898–1899). TQ... Thcologische QuartalKeim (i.-vi.) Eng. tr. of Geschichte

schrift. - Jesu von Nazara. TR .Theologische Rundschau Laurent Ncutestamentliche Studien

(ed. Bousset). (1866), by J. C. M. TU . . . Texte und Untersuchungen Laurent.

zur Geschichte der altLC . . . Literarisches Centralblatt

christlichen Literatur (ed. E. Zarncke).

(ed. Harnack and Geb- Meyer . Meyer's Commentar zum

hardt). NT (latest editions). ThA... Theologische AbhandNTTh . . Neno Testament Theo

lungen C. von Weizlogy

säcker gewidmet (1892). ThL: . Theologische Literatur. | ZKWL. . Zeitschrift für Kirchliche zeitung (ed. Harnack

Wissenschaft und Kirchand Schirer).

liches Leben (ed. LuthThs. . . Theologische Studien

ardt). Herrn Prof. D. Bern-ZNW . . Zeitschrift für die neuhard Weiss dargebracht

testamentliche Wissen(1897).

schaft und die Kunde Urc . . . Das Urchristenthum

des Urchristentums (ed. Pfleiderer, Das Urchris

Preuschen). tenthum (1887). ZSchz . . Theologische Zeitschrift Spitta, Zur Geschichte u.

aus der Schweiz (ed. Litteratur d. Urchristen

Meili). thums (1893-1896). ZTHK . . Zeitschrift für Theologie IVH. . . The New Testament in

und Kirche. Greek, Westcott and ZwTh. Zeitschrift für wissenHort.

schaftliche Theologie (ed. Hilgenfeld).

The other abbreviations employed throughout the volume are either obvious or familiar. In addition to what has been already said, however, upon the types employed in the translation (p. xxi), the reader is requested to observe that where OT quotations occur in the body of an earlier source (e.g. pp. 189, 295), they are always printed in italics, as elsewhere throughout the volume, although they must in these cases be strictly regarded as part and parcel of the darker type which forms their immediate context. Also, in Tables IV.-V. the straight lines represent more or less direct literary filiation, while mere affinities or indirect influences are marked by means of dotted lines.

PROLEGOMENA It may be said of all that is told of Jesus Christ, that it is written as a lesson for us. That is a consideration which in our controversies is often unduly overlooked ; but it is in keeping with the object of the oldest writers, and the practice of the oldest teachers. In matters of religious tradition it is the peculiarity of much that passes for historical, that the spiritual meaning to be found in it is its most important feature. Where something is maintained as an historical fact, it is more often than not a defence of the article of faith bound up with it.-Harnack.

Just as the mind which comes to the New Testament has grown historical, it has become more historical to the mind, i.e. the mind has been able to discover a more historical character in the literature.-A. M. Fairbairn.

Criticism is part of historical exegesis. Criticism is the effort of exegesis to be historical. The effort can never be more than partially successful. But though there may be many failures, the idea of historical exegesis is valuable, because it gives us the right idea of Scripture, which is the reflection of the presence of the living God in human history.-A. B. Davidson.

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