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the recommendation of one regularly ordained minister, nor without having been a teacher or leader in some society, a sufficient time to enable them to judge of his usefulness, and in consideration thereof and of his general good character, to recommend him for ordination.”

Mr. Proud made a report of his two journies, as a missionary minister, containing some facts of an interesting nature, and which will probably be given in the next number of the Reponitory. The conference, after recommending certain measures for the extension and regulation of missionary erertions,

Resolved, that the next general conference be held at the New Jerusalem Meeting, Full street, Derby, on the second Tuesday in August next.


Ordination of Ministers. Mr. David Powell, recommended for ordination by the society of the New Jerusalem Church, in Steubenville, Jefferson county, Ohio, (see journal of convention, ant. page 130,) was, on Tuesday the 20th of May, A. D. 1817–61, in the Temple in the city of Philadelphia, “ordained a priest and teaching minister in the Lord's Church of the New Jerusalem, with power to conduct public worship, to celebrate the sacrament of the Lord's supper, marriages, baptisms, and funerals, and generally to perform all holy rites and divine ordinances of the Church, excepting that of ordaining other priests and ministers."

Mr. Richard H. Goe, of the neighbourhood of Wheeling, in Virginia, having been recommended for ordination by Mr. David Powell and a number of other members of the New Church, and having attended the convention lately assembled in this city, and expressed his intention of employing his time and talents in travelling through various parts of the western country, for the purpose of spreading the doctrines of the New Church, and esta. blishing new societies, as the way may be opened by the Divine providence, was also, at the same time and place, ordained 'a priest and teaching minister of the Lord's Church of the New Jerusalem, with the same powers and under the same exception. The ordination service was in both instances performed by the Rev. Mr. Carll.

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REGARDING this publication rather as a Repository for the collection of intelligence relative to the dissemination of the truths of the New Jerusalem, than as a work intended for original compositions, we shall devote a great portion of this number to a subject which occupies much of the attention of our zealous friends in Great Britain :-we mean, The Missionary Ministry, which was instituted at Manchester, in the year 1815. By the following publication, it will be seen what exertions are inaking abroad for the propagation of the doctrines ; and those of our brethren in this country, who are natives of England, will no doubt be gratified to see the names of persons and places familiar to their re. collection, noticed in connection with the Church.

Of the Committee appointed to manage the Affairs of the New

Church Ministry.

(Published at Manchester, April, 1817.) At a General Conference of the Ministers and other members of the New Church, held at Manchester in the month of August, 1815=59, the establishment of a Missionary Ministry was considered as a most desirable object, calculated, through the Divine Providence, to disseminate the blessings of the new dispensation both extensively and effectually. It was therefore resolved unanimously,



(1.) “ That it is expedient, that a fund be raised to defray the expenses of such Missionary Ministry, which shall consist of approved persons properly qualified to travel through Great Britain, for the purpose of visiting the different societies already in existence, of forming new societies, and of proclaiming to the inhabitants of this kingdom at large the heavenly doctrines of the New Jerusalem.

(2.) “ That for this end it be earnestly recommended to every individual member of the New Church, to contribute One Penny or more per week, according to his or her ability, to be paid at stated times into the hands of a Treasurer appointed by the General Conference.

(3.) “ That the Rev. Joseph Proud be requested to undertake the duties of a Missionary, as soon as it can be made convenient to himself, and to the Society of which he is the Pastor.

(4.) “ That Mr. William Lockett, of No. 197, Deansgate, Manchester, be appointed Treasurer of the above-mentioned fund for the ensuing year."

In consequence of these Resolutions, the two adjoining societies of Manchester and Salford associated together, for the purpose of giving effect to the measures which had been thus recommended by the General Conference. And in the month of October of the same year, they issued a Circular, to which were annexed Resolutions of a similar nature with the above, but detailing more particularly the plan, which they were about to adopt themselves, of collecting weekly, monthly, and quarterly subscriptions. These Resolutions and Circular were as follow :

Missionary Ministry, for propagating the Heavenly Doctrines

of the New Jerusalem through the United Kingdom. “ It having been recommended by a late General Conference of the Ministers and other members of the New Church, to the different societies in the kingdom, to establish a Missionary Ministry, for the purpose of spreading through the country at large the knowledge of the heavenly doctrines of the New Jerusalem, and to raise a Fund, by small weekly contributions, for the support of the same; the Society belonging to the Church in Peter street, Manchester, and that belonging to the Temple in Bolton street, Salford, met together this day, in the first-mentioned place, to

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take into serious consideration the said recommendation of the General Conference (Mr. Robert HINDMARSH in the Chair ;) when it was

66 Resolved Unanimously, 61. That it is the opinion of this Meeting, that the establishment of such a Missionary Ministry, to consist of persons properly qualified to preach and propagate the heavenly doctrines of the New Jerusalem, is an object that merits the support of every member of the New Church.

66 2. That contributions of One Penny per week, or more, be solicited, not only from the members of each Society, according to their several abilities, and without detriment to their other subscriptions in support of their respective places of worship,) but also from such other persons as may be thought friendly to the object in view, and desirous of aiding the proposed fund, either by weekly or other occasional donations.

3. “ That for this purpose each of the 'societies now present take the earliest opportunity of appointing from among themselves twelve persons to be Collectors of the said contributions; that such twelve persons, when appointed, arrange their respective societies into twelve portions or classes, according to local or other circumstances; and that they regularly collect the weekly, monthly, or quarterly contributions, and pay the same at the end of each quarter into the hands of a Treasurer to be appointed by themselves, who shall then pay the whole quarterly amount over into the hands of Mr. William Lockett, Deansgate, Manchester, the Treasurer appointed by the General Conference.

66 4. That a General Committee, consisting of seven persons, not Ministers, (any three of whom shall be competent to act) be now appointed, who shall have the management and application of the fund to be raised as above, until the next General Conference, which will be held in London, on the 16th of July, 1816= 60.

6 5. That the said General Committee consist of the following

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persons, viz.

Mr. Francis Davis,

Mr. William LIVESEY,

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and MR. John PRINCE,

“6. That these Resolutions be printed, and sent to the different societies in the United Kingdom, accompanied with a recommendation to adopt similar Resolutions, if approved of by them.

“ROBERT HINDMARSH, Chairman. Manchester, Oct. 18, 1815= 59.

CIRCULAR. 6 The members of the New Church in Manchester and Salford, conceiving it their duty to promote, according to their power, the measure proposed and recommended by the last General Conference, viz. the establishment of a Missonary Ministry, for the purpose of proclaiming to the inhabitants of this kingdom the everlasting gospel of the sole and exclusive divinity of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, and the necessity of living in obedience to His commandments, have this day united together, to give effect to the said recommendation, which has not failed to excite among them an interest dear to their hearts. On giving the subject a deliberate and full consideration, it has appeared to them, that, were the different societies in this kingdom generally to unite in the same cause, and to promote among themselves small weekly, monthly, or quarterly donations, a fund might soon be raised, sufficient to enable at first one Minister to go forth, as a Missionary or Ambassador in the name of his Divine Master, and in process of time, as the fund increased, two, three, or more Ministers, who might all be most usefully employed in different parts of the same new vineyard.

“ It is with a view to this end, and to the future prosperity of the New Church at large, that the two societies of Manchester and Salford have met together as above stated, and entered into such Resolutions as they conceived most proper to be adopted on the occasion. These Resolutions they are also desirous of communicating to their brethren of the New Church, wherever situated : and though they wish not to dictate to others any particular course of proceeding, they yet humbly hope they may express their conviction, that the measures, which are likely to prove effectual in one place, will be found equally beneficial in another.

“ So far therefore as the annexed Resolutions may appear calculated to promote the real interest and welfare of the New Jerusalem, they are earnestly recommended to the different soci

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