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It is the pride and boast of the world that this is an age of self-made men. However humble may be the

position of a man, it is within his power to reach the pinnacle of fame and fortune.

This book is full of the names of men who, without friends or money to help them, have risen by the force of their own genius to the highest positions, and their example stands out boldly to encourage and cheer others who are struggling onward on this Highway to success. The reading of such examples can not fail to stimulate us to earnest endeavors to be, like them, successful.

In Part II prominence is given to social and family life. Pure, wholesome, and plain suggestions abound, applicable alike to the man who would build a home where brain and heart


and rest; to the wife, mother, or sister, whose aims are kindred, and to the young people who are growing up among those refining influences so fully described in this book. To all these a rich mine of practical thought

Home life is exalted and made more cheerful by a careful reading of this beautiful volume.

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Part III touches upon that highway which all must tread, the highway to eternal life. Would you walk in it understandingly? Then follow the admonitions which are meant for all who desire happiness in the life to come. They are pure and sound. While no theology is taught, the lessons given are eminently Christian and holy. They leave no step of the way in doubt. Every faithful mother can gain here some new truth which shall help her to mould and direct the lives of those committed to her trust.

Such, in brief, are the aims of the “Imperial Highway.” Its treasure-house of rich and varied experiences has been gathered lavishly, and given to the public with a generous hand. Its sole aim is to do good, to scatter broadcast seeds of truth that shall spring up and bear fruit. To benefit all classes and

And how faithfully and conscientiously its mission has been performed, we will let the verdict rest with our readers.

all ages.

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