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9. A TABULAR KEY, Showing the 100 Numbers, continuously, by which a General Outline of the Gospel History can be committed to memory by the most tender minds. Price, in sheets, 3d. and 6d.; mounted, 2s.

10. THE GOSPEL HISTORY, SECOND EDITION, In a Series of Lessons, Narrative, Practical, and Geographical, on our Lord's Life and Ministry, illustrated by Charts-having 1300 Notes, original and select, for Schools and Families, fcp. 8vo. pp. 216. Price 3s.6d. in cloth, with Pocket and Map; without Map, price 2s, 6d.


TINUOUS HISTORY,-(A CLASS-BOOK FOR SCHOOLs,) According to Greswell s arrangement; being the complete Life of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, in the words of the Authorized Version of Scripture, without alteration or omission; exhibiting full and complete references to every portion of each Gospel, constituting á Harmony, with constant proof of prophetical fulfilment in Jesus as foretold of him, by copious references to the Old and New Testament. SECOND EDITION. Price 2s.

The same, with copious Index and Signification of Words from Cruden and other eminent Commentators, and Seven Maps, price 3s.6d.

These two vols. Nos. 10, 11, will be found useful to Sabbath School Teachers.


WITH A GENERAL OUTLINE OF THE GOSPEL HISTORY, Consisting of Fifty Engravings from Pictures by the Old Masters, for Junior Classes in Sabbath Schools, &c. TO BC USED AS PICTURE DEFINING LESSONS. On Cards, in a neat portable case, price 4s.

The same, chronologically arranged, in one large sheet, price 3s.


SAVIOUR'S LIFE AND MINISTRY, Intended chiefly to elicit the Harmony of the Four Gospels ; suited

to the capacities of Young People. By R. MIMPRISS. Accompanied by a Series of Fifty Engravings, from Designs by the Old Masters. On Cards, in a neat portable case, price 10s. 6d.


The Attentiop of the Friends and Promoters of Scriptural Education is respectfully solicited to the following very flattering Literary Notices of THE GOSPEL CHART. "I believe your arrangements are perfectly in assert, that without it no school-room is so comaccordance with the principles of my Harmony. pletely furnished as it ought to be. The Key to the “ It is unavoidable in a scheme like that of your Chart is superior to most works of the kind,

and is Chart, that it appears at first sight crowded and enriched by copious extracts from Greswell's Discomplex by the multitude of its details; followed sertations on his Harmonia Evangelica.' "--Donup, however, by the aid of the Key, it becomes sim- caster Gazette, August 2, 1833. ple and distinct; and I have no doubt, when once “This Chart is really not only very beantiful, but studied and understood, will be thought to have very useful. This Chart brings each journey before realized your proposed object, as well as any thing the eye, and nothing can more effectually fix things of the kind that could have been attempted."- in the mind. And when to great beauty of execuExtracts of a Letter received by R. Mimpriss, from tion, one feels that he can safely add the praise of the Rev. Edward Greswell, B.D., &c. &c.

high accuracy, as far as learning, like Mr. Greswell's, “ This Chart forms a new era in Scriptural edu- can insure it, nothing more need be said on the cation. It is by works like this that the teacher is merit of the work."-British Mag. Feb. 7, 1834. very powerfully aided, and something more than " It forms a most valuable auxiliary in the leethe ear and memory of the pupil will be exercised. ture-room, and a useful assistant in the study of Here we can follow the track of the Saviour; we divinity."-Rev. Thomas Hartwell Horne's Intrecan traverse with the eye the path which he so duction, p. 356, vol. ii. patiently traversed for us; and when we arrive at "It would be unjust not to spare one line for the scene of some act of Divine benevolence, we see mentioning the splendidly elaborated Chart of Mr. before us, with as much truth and reality as the Mimpriss, a work of vast, and we hope of well re mind of man is able to conceive it, the representa- paid, toil."-Theological Review for April, 1834. tion of the very act, on the very spot, which was “ We should like to see this Chart ornamenting hallowed by a Saviour's footsteps. The divine, the the walls of some of our large Sunday Schools student, the Christian, with its assistance, will gain indeed of all places of instruction. They would a clear conception of every act and every move- thus reap all valuable benefit it is minently ment of our Lord and Master, so far as human calculated to impart."-Sunday School Teacher's teaching can be of service. With such an aid to Magazine, July, 1834. the work of instruction, the teacher may deliver • This work, splendid, elaborate, and beautiful lectures to his more advanced pupils, and frame in a high degree, has been already, widely circulated; easy lessons for his juveniles. The period, the and we cannot but wish that this brief notice may situation, the pictured event, are all before their render it more extensively known."-Baptist Mage eyes. The historical portion is read, explained, sine for October, 1834. improved, and easily understood; and we will boldly · The Pictorial Chart referred to is one of the most remarkable works of the kind that the age has produced. It is admirably adapted to the use of the study and the school, and we most

sincerely wish the author adequate encouragement."-Wesleyan Methodist Magazine, November, 1834.


CARPENTER, Rev. Dr., Isle of Man, July 27, 1842. the appointed Gospels of our Sunday service; for

"I have used yonr Charts of the New Testa- while all alike are pleased with the Pictorial ment History,' in teaching my Sunday School Delineation,' pupil and instructor are alike inclass, and, in my opinion, they are calculated to structed by comparing the spiritual things of each give, both to teachers and pupils, a more con- inspired narrative.' nected and lasting view of the History, than they LANE, Rev. Charlton, M.A., St. Mark's, Kennington, could obtain by any other mode of instruction I Jan. 2, 1835.-" I consider your Historical Map of am acquainted with.”

our Blessed Saviour's ministry as promising to CLOSE, Rev. F., A.M., Cheltenham, December ? be eminently useful to every student, literate or

1833. _“I beg to add my testimony in favour of illiterate, who may wish to methodize his knowthe above happily-conceived and well-executed ledge of the Gospel History, as impressions made plan of scriptural instruction."

through the eye have almost always that ad. DALE, Rev. Thomas, M.A., Rector of St. Bride's,

vantage.” Fleet Street, Nov. 1834.-" I entirely concur in the NUNNS, Res. Thoinas, M.A., Birmingham, August sentiments of my respected friends, Messrs. Fena 31, 1836.--"For the last two months, I have been and Sheppard, as to the utility and excellence of in the habit of connecting the study of Mr. Mim. Mr. Mimpriss's Chart.”

priss's Chart of the Gospels with my reading of FENN, Rev. Joseph, Blackheath, Nov. 12, 1831.-"I the New Testament, and find it extremely useful

have much pleasure in recommending Mr. Mim- in giving a clear view of the succession of the
priss's Map, Harmony, and Skeleton Charts, which events of our Saviour's history, and deem it a
I think are likely to be very useful indeed to the great acquisition to a biblical library."
young, as affording much information, and ex- PAGE, Rev. Thomas, A.M, St. Paul's, December 2,
citing great interest, and strongly recommend 1833.-" I entirely concur in the foregoing testi-

monies to the value of Mr. Mimpriss's beautifully GENESTE, Rev. M., West Cowes, Isle of Wight, executed Chart of the Evangelical Histories, and

February 22, 1833.-"It gives me pleasure to ex- shall be glad to see another of the Acts of the
press my entire satisfaction with your beautifully Apostles got ap with equal ability and in the
executed and most instructive Chart, which I have same style.'
watched with much interest froin its first com- STOWELL, Rev. Hugh, M.A., Christ Church, Salford,
mencement; and I trust it will meet with that December 22, 1835.-"I have for some tirne been
patronage from the public which it so well de-

possessed of Mr. Mirnpriss's Pictorial Chart, and serves.

esteem it highly, as instructive to the young, HENSMAN, Rev. John, Clifton, April 30. 1833.-" I and indeed useful for all."

am happy to express my convietion that the work WILLIS, Rev. W. D., Lecturer of Walcot, Bath." I

of Mr. Mimpriss is highly deserving of patronage." very much approve of Mr. Mimpriss's Pictorial Hodgson, Rev. W., Croscombe Rectory, December Chart of the Gospel History, and think it well

3, 1833.-"I am very glad to testify of the interest deserving of the patronage of the public."
which your Chart and Harmonized View of the
Gospel History afford to my own mind: I think Also, from numerous Clergymen, &c., in Edinburgh,
I can trace to them very much of the interest Glasgow, Dublin, Belfast, and in every part of
which is given to my catechetical instructions, in the kingdom.

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Mr. Mimpriss has also much pleasure in adding the following :Rev. John Alexander, Rev. Dr. James Bennett, (in a catechetical form) the result; with which I Rev. Dr. Jabez Bunting, Rev. T. Binney, Rev. John have been highly gratified hitherto; and indeed as to Blackburn, Rev. John Burnet, Rev. Dr. W. B. my own improvement I find it operates beneficially. Collyer, Josiah Conder, Esq., Rev. Thomas S. Crisp, Rev. Dr. Fletcher, Rev. John Harris, D.D., Rev.

(Signed) J. M. BRIGG, E. Henderson, Rev. J. A. James, Rev. Wm. Jay,

One of the Superintendents of Oxford Place Rev. Dr. Thomas prison, Rev. W. H. Murch,

Chapel Methodist Sunday School. Rev. James Pareons, Rev. J. Sherman, Rev. Jacob

Southampton, March 4, 1842. Stanley, Rev. Arthur Tidunan, Rev. P. c. Turner.

DEAR SIR, -It is now about three months since Wesleyan Mission House, London.

the Sunday School Society connected with the DEAR SIR, -We are perfectly satisfied that they

Chapel above Bar, in this town, introduced into all are calculated to be highly useful; and have placed

their schools your new and admirable system. the School Charts and Keys on our Catalogue for

Unwilling to express any opinion on this new sapplying the Schools on our Foreign Missions :

mode of communicating instruction until it had and if the announcement of this fact will be of any

been fairly tried, we feel that, having made that service to you, you are at liberty to make use of it.

trial, it is our duty to state, that we most cordially In a short time we shall order a number for the

recommend its general adoption to Sabbath School

instruction. immediate supply of some of our Schools. Wishing you much success in your undertaking for the

Our teachers feel an increasing interest; the elucidation of Scripture History and the Instruc

children are as much pleased as on the first Sabbath tion of the Young, -I am, yours, very truly,

on which the maps were introduced to them; and

we may be permitted to mention, the great induceELIJAH HOOLE. ment we have now to study the Scriptures, and

elucidate them, by a reference to your ingeniously Leeds, March 6, 1843.

constructed maps, is by no means a feature of minor “I write to request you to send me 25 copies more importance. of your Gospel flistory with the map enclosed. I

Most sincerely, therefore, do we, on behalf of our. am happy to tell you that my class of teachers is

selves and fellow-teachers, wish you every success in a very satisfactory state. All my teachers almost in promoting an extensive use of your various pubwithout exception avail themselves of the oppor. lications, all of which, that we have had the privitunity on the Sabbath afternoon, when I go through lege of seeing, are most useful to Sunday School the Scripture lesson in the method laid down in your teachers, and if adopted in Sabbath School instruclecture, viz.-History Meaning of Words - Geo

tion, will be the means, under the Divine influence, graphy-Prophetic Testimony-Historical and Gospel Parallels-Doctrine and Practical Use. The rising generation

of conferring a great and lasting benefit on the lesson thus acquired by the teachers is taught on the following Sabbath afternoon in all the classes,

JAMES DURKIN, CHARLES DURKIN, Secretaries. and I elicit by questions, at the close of the school,

R. LANKESTER, Chairman.





(Dedicated by Permission to His Grace the Archbishop of York,) Comprising the Order, Date, Event, and Place of Occurrence, and forming a Guide to the Chronology, History, and Geography of the Old Testament. Coloured, mounted on rollers, and varnished. Size, 5 ft. 6 in. by 4 ft. 6 in. The Type bold, for Schools. Price 158.

THE SAME WORK, IN SMALLER TYPE, For Students and Families. On a sheet of super-royal, 2 ft. 4 in. by 3 ft. 4 in. Coloured,

mounted, and varnished, price 6s.6d.



Price 9d.

In the Press,





THE BOOK OF BIBLE CHARACTERS, Containing Lessons and Questions on about Five Hundred Characters mentioned in the

Old and New Testainents, chronologically arranged.

THE BOOK OF BIBLE GEOGRAPHY, alphabetically arranged, comprising the Countries, Cities, Towns, Villages, &c. mentioned

in the Old and New Testaments, and the Events of Interest connected with them,

Preparing for Publication,

London: T. VARTY, Educational Depôt, 31, Strand.









INSTRUCTION. First Grade.-100 Tablet Lessons. Royal 4to. 68., or

in frame, 98. These Easy Lessons are printed in large bold type, and Chronologically ar

ranged in Harmonised Narrative from the Four Gospels; with the Places stated at which the events occurred; with Two Courses of Examination

Questions. Second Grade.-100 Tablet Lessons. Royal folio, 12s.,

or in frame, 188. The same subjects as in the First Grade amplified, in the same type. Third Grade.-100 Tablet Lessons. Whole sheet royal,

£1. 18., or in frame, 30s. The same subjects, further amplified, as in the First and Second Grades, in the same type. These Lessons are confidently recommended as the nearest to the autho

rised version of the Scriptures, which their necessary condensation admits. By the use of Varty's Registered Serial Tablet frames," the expense

of mounting is saved. Fourth Grade.--A Harmony of the Four Gospels, And Continuous History, according to Greswell's Arrangement; being the

complete Life of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, in the words of the Authorised Version of the Scriptures, without alteration or omission; exhibiting full and complete references to every portion of each Gospel, constituting a Harmony, with constant proof of prophetic fulfilment in Jesus, as foretold of Him. Divided into 100 sections to agree with the Gospel Chart. Second Edition. Price 2s. 6d., with a Map.



Fifth Grade. A Harmony of the Gospels.

The same as for the Fourth Grade, having 15,000 References to the Old and New Testaments.

The Lessons for the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Grades may be had in smaller type, as Class Reading Books, in Two Parts. 24mo. price, First Grade,

2 d. SECOND do. 4d. THIRD do. 4d. each. These books are recommended for reference to the “preceding bistory,"

in addition to the Tablet Lessons; but on no account as a substitute

for them. *.* Classes of 12 or 14 can conveniently use the “ Tablet Lessons," while

by the old system of reading in books a teacher finds six or eight the greatest number he can profitably attend to; hence the saving of labour must be obvious; and experience will abundanily prove their vast superiority, in service, over Lesson Books.

BOOKS NECESSARY FOR THE TEACHERS. First Grade. The Tablet Reading Lessons include all that is needful in Catechetical

exercises. The meanings of words' are given for Adults, and not for Children in Sabbath Schools; while both may be taught reading by

these lessons, by words, instead of by letters. (See Preface.) Second Grade Manual, Having the History in the same words as in the Book and Sheet lessons,

with the meaning of words-Catechetical Exercises on ditto, and on the History-Concise Geographical Notices-Geographical Exercises-A Summary of Preceding History-Practical Lessons and Illustrations of the same—and a Gospel Chart for Class teaching. Royal 16mo., bound

in cloth, with pocket, price 3s. Third Grade Manual. The same as the Second Grade, amplified; and a Gospel Chart for Class

teaching. Royal 16mo., bound in cloth, with pocket, price 3s. Fourth Grade Manual, With the History and copious Notes arranged in parallel columns-Appro

priate Geographical Notices--Historical and Gospel parallels, selected and printed in full, so as to save the labour of reference to the New Testament, with Practical Lessons and Illustrations: the Illustrations being those parts of the History from which the practical lessons are deduced. Having seven Maps exhibiting distinct periods of our Lord's history,—and a Gospel Chart for Class teaching. 8vo. Published in

Parts. Fifth Grade Manual, Having the Gospels arranged in juxta-position, with a column for the

Continuous History, in the words of the Authorised Version; and inter

leaved with notes from the most approved Commentators. This volume presents the completest edition of a Gospel Harmony ever

offered to the Scripture Student and Bible-Class Teacher. 8vo., with Maps, published in Parts,

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