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A Set of Fifty Pictorial Illustrations of the Lessons, Accompanied by a General Outline of the Gospel History. For recapitu

lation of the History; whereby the children are agreeably stimulated to

seek instruction. On cards, in a neat portable case, 4s. Pictures are essential to the efficient and lively carrying out of any histo

rical education; and this series will be found well-calculated to enliven and refreshen the class, the attention of which may flag under too-long

continued oral instruction, For the General Examination of the Grades by the

Superintendent. A Large Gospel Chart, On which every particular in the Evangelical Histories of the Life and

Ministry of our Lord is so boldly laid down, as to be visible from any part of an ordinary-sized room, and suitable for large classes of pupils in schools of popular instruction. Size, 5 feet 6 inches by 4 feet.

Price, on rollers, unvarnished, 168., ditto varnished, 23s. New Series of Works for Scriptural Education.

BY CHARLES BAKER. A Chart of Bible Chronology, From the Creation to the Revelation of St. John, according to the Chro

nology of the Scriptures. Price, rollers, varnished, 6s. The Book of Bible Events. Price 1s. Fifty-six Tablet Lessons.

Crown Sheets, Price 78. 6d.; in Frame, 108: 6d. In bold type for Classes.
These Chronological Lessons on Bible History are from “The Book of

Bible Events.
Question Book to the Tablet Lessons. Price 6d.

To be used with the Tablet Lessons, for Catechising the Classes.
A Tabular View of the Old Testament,
Comprising the Order, Date, Event, and Place of Occurrence; and forming

a Guide to its Chronology, story, and Geography. Coloured in Periods, on Rollers, varnished. Size, 5 feet 6 in. by 4 feet 6 in. The type bold,

for Schools. Price 15s. Designed to fix in the mind, the Succession of Events, as well as the Events

themselves, and the Places at which they occurred. The Same Tabular View, reduced, for Students and

Families. Size, 3 ft. 4 in. by 2 ft. 4 in. On mahogany rollers, varnished, 6s. 6d. Exercises on the Tabular View. Price 9d. One lesson a week of two hours with an advanced class, and two with a junior class, in a day school, and two hours in a Sunday school, will take them through the Bible History in a year.



A Tabular Chart of the Gospels and the Acts,
Comprising the Order of Events in the History of our Saviour and his

Apostles. Size, 6 feet by 4 feet 6 in.; 15s. on canvas and roller.
An Interrogative Manual to the Chart of the Gospels

and the Acts. It may be used with the New Testament alone, serving as a guide to the

Order of the Events therein. A series of numbers connects the Manual with the Tabular Chart, and a distinct series connects the Chart with

Mimpriss's Maps and Lessons.
The Book of Bible Characters.

Second Edition. Price 1s. 6d.
Containing Lessons and Questions on about Five Hundred Characters men-

tioned in the Old and New Testaments. Chronologically arranged. The Book of Bible Geography. Price 28. 6d. Alphabetically arranged, comprising the countries, cities, &c., of the Scrip

tures; and the events of interest connected with them. Preparing—A Series of Scripture Maps,

Exhibiting, at ONE VIEW, the Geography of the Bible.

Cabinets of Objects, Minerals, Shells, &c. ;
Geometrical Solids and Planes, Spelling Tablets, Dissected Maps, Easels,

Improved Black Boards, and other Apparatus.
Varty's New Geographical Models, on neat Stands ;-

1. To illustrate and simplify Terms used in Geography. 12 in. square. 2. To illustrate the Alps. Mont Blanc and Valley of Chamouni. 12 in.

by 9. 3. The City of Jerusalem. 14 in. by 12. 4. District of Sinai. 14 in. by 12.

5. Sea of Tiberias, and district. 14 in. by 12. Varty's Registered Serial Tablet Frames, For Lesson Sheets, Prints, Maps, Plans, Drawings, &c. of various sizes.

They are of Tin, neatly japanned, and especially recommended for schools

as more durable and economical than Wood. Price from 3s. upwards. Varty's new and improved Educational Frames, Maple and Gold, with Glass, for preserving and exhibiting pictorial works,

containing a series of Prints, but showing only one subject at a time,

from 78. to 18s. The Gospel History, in a Series of Lessons Narrative, Practical, and Geographical—on our Lord's Life and Ministry.

Illustrated with about 1300 Notes, original and select. By R. MIMPRISS. Second edition, in cloth, with a coloured Map, 3s. 6d. without Map, 28. 6d.



The Holy Gospels, in the Original Greek;
Adapted for the use of Schools, by a distinctive notation of style. With a

brief Introduction to each Gospel, Historical and Critical. By the Rev.
J. E. RIDDLE, M.A., Author of a Latin-English Dictionary. Foolscap

8vo. Price 3s. 6d. An Easy Introduction to the Animal Kingdom, On the System of Cuvier; with numerous Illustrations. Foolscap

8vo, cloth. The Geography of the Holy Land, With an Account of its Ancient People and Kingdoms,-the Tribes-and

Journeyings of our Lord—with the modern condition of Palestine.
With numerous references to Scripture, a copious Index, and Three
Maps. By the Rev. JOSEPH C. WIGRAM, A.M. Fourth Edition, demy

12mo, cloth, 2s. A Sketch of Ancient Geography, With Biographical and Mythological Notes, compiled from the best autho

rities, and adapted for Schools and Families. By A. WALKER. Demy

18mo., roan, 4s. The Practice of English Composition Explained ; An improved Method of acquiring correct habits of Thought and Expres

sion. Foolscap 8vo., neatly bound in cloth and lettered, 4s. Geometrical Construction of Maps and Globes, Explained and exhibited in 14 large Diagrams, with accompanying letter

press, by the late celebrated Hydrographer, A. ARROWSMITH. Atlas 4to.,

price 10s. The Historian's Common-Place Book, and Companion

to the Study of History.
A series of Tables, with a Key, interleaved with blank paper.

Author of “Lessons in Ancient History.” Price 7s. 6d.
The Historian's Copy Book,
With ruled lines to aid in the formation of Tables, corresponding with the

plan laid down in the preceding work. Price 1s. 6d. Lessons in Ancient History, in Question and Answer.

18mo., cloth, 2s. Preceptive Illustrations of the Bible. A series of Forty new Coloured Prints, to aid Scriptural Instruction.

Price 40s. in wrapper. In one volume, cloth, 46s. Single Prints, ls. 6d.

The Set in Varty's new Frame, 54s. “This work is far superior to anything of the kind ever attempted in Bible

illustrations." “ A valuable help to home education." “These prints are adapted to impress on young minds a consecutive series of lessons,

and to convey, also, correct ideas of costume, customs, scenery, architecture, &c." Lessons on Scripture Prints, to assist Parents and

Teachers in their use,
Particularly of the Preceptive Illustrations of the Bible.

By the 6



Scriptural Poems, Original, on the same subjects.

Miss StodArt, 18. 6d. Chronological Pictures of English History. Drawn by John GILBERT. Price of each Part, 78. 6d., with Five Plates,

and a Chronological Table. Each plate contains illustrations of the principal events of one Reign, with Portraits and Autographs of the Monarch and Celebrated Personages. The architecture, costume, customs, arts, &c., of the period, are also exhibited, and by their picturesque association, become most interesting. Size, Imperial folio.

“ One of the best helps to the study of English history we have seen."

“ Artistic talent of no ordinary kind is engaged.”- Athenæum. Varty's Graphic Illustrations of Animals ; Showing their Services to Man during Life, and Uses after Death. Twenty

one Plates, beautifully coloured, exhibiting nearly 60 Animals in more than 200 Illustrations. In four parts, 31s. 6d. which may be had separately, or complete in one volume folio, extra cloth, gilt edges, 358. Single Prints, beautifully coloured, ls. 6d. each. The whole in Varty's improved Frame, 42s.

"It ought to be in every family and school in the kingdom."

" It is an encyclopædia in itself."- Literary Advertiser. The Animal Kingdom, at One View, Arranged in Divisions, Orders, &c., according to the method of Cuvier, and

showing on a correct scale the relative sizes of Animals to Man, and their comparative sizes to each other. On four sheets, imperial, with the animals beautifully coloured, 16s.; with the landscape coloured, 21s.

On Canvas and Rollers, 33s.; or on Canvas Rollers and Varnished, 42s. Varty's Series of Superior New Prints of Domestic and Wild Animals, drawn from Nature by Hancock, Landseer, Cooper,

and other eminent artists, size 12 in. by 9. Price 6d. each. Ass and Foal

Doves and Pigeons Ostrich

Pheasants and Partridges

Boar, Sow, and Litter Fox

Goat and Kid


Swan, Goose, and Duck
Lion and Lioness Tigers
Lobster and Crab

Wolf Domestic Fowls

Others in progress. Outlines of the same, as aids to Drawing. Price 4d. each. Reading Disentangled; or, Classified Lessons in Read

ing and Spelling. Sixth Edition. By the Author of “Peep of Day," &c. On 37 sheets, with numerous

wood-cuts, price 6s.; on mill-board, 12s. Coloured Sets, 9s. and 15s. Conversations for Sabbath Evenings, On the Gospel History of our Saviour's Life and Ministry, (intended to

elicit the llarmony of the Four Gospels) suited to the capacities of children, and accompanied by a series of 50 Engravings, from designs of the Old Masters. On Carus, in a neat Portable Case, price 10s, gilt edges.




j. and C. WALKER, W. Dawson, &c. In these Maps valuable assistance is afforded to Public and Private Teachers in this important and interesting branch of Education. For this purpose they are constructed with bold outlines, to fix permanently in the minds of Learners the physical form of each portion of the Earth exhibited to their view; the names of places are not numerous, thereby securing great clearness to these Maps, and avoiding the common error of confusing the eye and the mind of the pupil; and, last, though not the least in importance, they combine great boldness with portability and cheapness.







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Maps of Modern Geography.

Canvass &

8. d. The World (Mercator's) by Walker

2 ft. 8 by 4 ft. 2 in. 12 0 The World (Globular)

2 ft. 2 by 4 ft. 3 in. 10 0 The British Islands, on one Map...

4 ft. 3 by 3 ft. 5 in. 14 0 Roman Empire...

2 ft. 10 by 2 ft. 2 in. 7 0 s. d.

8. d. Europe 2 ft. 10 by 2 ft. 2 in. 6 0 India, reduced from ArrowAsia


6 0 smith's, 2 ft. 10 by 2 ft. 2 in. 6 0 Africa

6 0 | England


6 0 America

6 0 Scotland

do. Australia and New Zealand, do. 6 0 Ireland


6 0 Varty's Large Outline Maps, Coloured. Corresponding with the Educational Series, and on Canvas and Rollers. 8. d.

s. d. The World (Globular) 2 ft. 3 England ... 2 ft. 10 by 2 ft. 2 in. 5 0 by 4 ft. 3 in. 8 0 Scotland


5 0 Europe ... 2 ft. 10 by 2 ft. 2 in. 5 0 Ireland Asia

5 0 Land of Promise do. Africa do. ... 5 0 Palestine

do. America


0 The advantages offered by these outlines are twofold, since they may be used

as a Preparatory exercise, and as successors to the other Maps.
The comparative Heights of the Hills of England and Wales, with 240
References, By Arrowsmith. 18 by 15 in. coloured, 1s. 6d. on a sheet.
Scripture Maps.

Canvass &

d. Palmer's New Map of Arabia Petræa, Holy Land and part of Egypt. 28 0 Palmer's Palestine, the best Map of the Holy Land extant ....

12 0 Rev. J. C. Wigram's Map of Palestine, on an improved plan

3 6 Mimpriss's Chart of Our Lord's Life and Ministry, 1 sheet

2 6 The Journeyings of Israel ........ ... 2 feet 10 in. by 2 feet 2 in. 6 0 The Land of Canaan prior to its Conquest.....


0 The Land of Promise divided amongst the Twelve Tribes, do.

6 0 Palestine, or Holy Land, in the time of Our Saviour

6 St. Paul's Voyages and Travels Jerusalem, or the City of the Lord


6 0 Initiatory Chart of the Acts of the Apostles, 30 in. by 24

7 0 Mariner's Box Compass with Needle. Size 6 in. 48., with lid 58.

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