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for they were all

waiting for him.
and he was nigh
unto the sea,

C. y.
29 AndLevi made

him a great feast

C. II. 10 And it came 15 And it came to pass, as Jesus topass,thatas Jesus sat at meat in the sat at meat in his in his own house: house, behold,ma- house, many

and there was ny publicans and publicans and great company of sinners came, and sinners


and of others sat down sat also to- that sat down

with him gether with Jesus
and his disciples. and his disciples ; with them.

for there were ma:
ny, and they fol.

lowed him.
11 And when the 16 And when the 30 But their

Phari. scribes and Phari- scribes and Phari. sees saw it, sees saw him eat sees

murmuredagainst withpublicans and they said sinners, they said unto his disciples, unto his disciples, hisdisciples,saying Why

How is it that he Why

do ye

eatethyour Master eateth & drinketh eat and drink

with publicans with publicans with publicans and sinners ? and sinners? and sinners 2 12Butwhen Jesus 17 When Jesus 31 And Jesus heard that, he said heard it, he saith answering, said unto them, They unto them, They unto them, They that be whole thatarewhole have that are whole need not a

no need of the need not a physician, but they physician, but they physician:but they that are sick. that are sick : that are sick.

13 But go ye and

learn what that meaneth, I will have mercy, and not sacrifice :

I not come to call came not to call came not to call

for I am

32 I


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JOHN. CHAP. IX. : CHAP. II. CHAP. V. the righteous, but the righteous, but the righteous, but sinners to repent- sinners, to repent. sinners to repentance. 1°), bance.

18 And the disciples of John and of the Pharisees

used to fast : 14 | Then came and they come 33 | And they tohimthedisciples : of John, saying, and say unto him, said unto him, why do we. Why do the dis- Why do the dis

ciples of John ciples of John fast and

and of and likewise

the disciples of the Pharisees fast the Pharisees fast, the Pharisees, oft,


and make prayers, but thy disciples but thy disciples but thine fast not? fast not?

eat and drink? 15 And Jesus said 19 And Jesus said 34 And he said unto them, Can unto them, Can unto them, Can the chil

the chil- ye make the children of the bride. dren of the bride- dren of the bridechamber mourn, chamber fast, chamber fast, aslong asthebride- while the bride- while the bridegroom is with groom is

is with

as long as they
have the bride-
groom with them,

they cannot fast.
but the days 20 But the days 35 But the days
will come, when will come, when will come, when
the bridegroom the bridegroom the bridegroom
shall be taken shallbe takenaway shall betakenaway
from them, and from them, and from them, and
then shalltheyfast, then shall theyfast then shallthey fast
in those days.

in those days.

36 | And he spake also a para

ble unto them, 16 No man put21 No man also

No man putteth a piece of seweth a piece of teth a piece of new cloth unto new cloth on a new garment upan old garment :

garment: on an old:if otherfor that which is else the new piece wise, then both put in to fill it up, that filled it up, the new maketh a

with groom

an old

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put new wine

tles ;


LUKE. JOHN. CHAP. IX. CHAP. II. CHAP. V. taketh from the taketh away from rent, garment, the old,

and the piece that was taken out of the new,agreeth

not with the old. and the rent is and the rent is made worse.

made worse. 17 Neither domen

22 And no man 37 And no man

putteth new wine putteth new wine intooldbottles:else intooldbottles;else intooldbottles;else

the new wine doth the new wine will the bottles break, burst the bottles, burst the bottles, and the wine run- and the wine is and be neth out, and the spilled, and the spilled, and the bottles bottles

bottles perish:

will be marred: shall perish. but they put

but the

38 But new wine

new wine must be new wine must be into new bot- put into new bot- put into new bottles,

tles. and both are

and both are preserved.


39 No man also having drunk old wine, straightway desireth new : for he saith, The old

is better. 18 [ While he spake these things unto them,

C. V.

22 And behold, 41 And behold
there came a cer- there cometh one there came a man
tain ruler,

of the rulers and he was a ruler
of the synagogue,

of the

synagogue :
Jairus by name; named Jairus,
&when he saw him

he fell at

he fell down at his feet,

Jesus' feet, and worshipped

23 And besought and besought him, saying, himgreatly,saying him

that he would comeintohishouse

42 For he had


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LUKE. JOHN CHAP. IX. CHAP. V. CHAP. VIII. My daughter Mylittle daughter one only daughter

about twelve years

of age,


twelve years,

twelve years,

is even now lieth at the point and she lay
dead :
of death :

a dying
but come I pray thee, come
and lay thy hand and lay thy hands
upon her,

on her, that she

and may be healed; and she shall live. she shall live. 19And Jesusarose 24 And Jesus

But as he
and followed him, went with him: went
and so did his
and much people

the people
followed him, and
thronged him.

thronged him.
20 And behold, 25 And a certain
| ,

43 | And woman which


a woman was diseased with had

having an is sue of blood an issue of blood an issue of blood


26 And had suf-

which had
fered many things.
and had spent all spent all her living
that she had,

upon physicians,
&was nothing bet-
tered but rather
grew worse,

neither could be

healed of any,
27 When she
hadheardof Jesus,

came in the press 44 Came behind him, and behind, and behind him, and touched the hem touched

touchedtheborder of his garment : his garments

of his garment : 21 For she said 28 For she said, within herself, If I may but touch If I may touch but his garment,

his clothes, I shall be whole. I shall be whole.

. And from that 29 And straight- and immediatehour the woman way, the fountain ly her issue was made whole of her blood was of blood


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When all denied,
31 And his dis- Peterandthey that
ciples said unto were with him,
him, thou seest the said, Master, the
multitude throng- multitude throng
ing thee, thee, & press thee,
and sayest thou, and sayest thou,
Who touched me? Who touched me?

46 And Jesus said,
Somebody hath
touched me: for I
perceive that vir-

32 And he look-
ed round about to
see her that had
done this thing.

33 But the wo- 47 And when the

she was not hid,

she came
fearing&trembling trembling,
knowing what
was done in her,

and fell and, falling!
down before him, down before him,
and told him she declared unto ?

him before all the people for what

cause she had all the truth. touched him, and :

how she was heal ed immediately.

saw that

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