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down from heaven, and openeth the little book, which had been long shut up under the darkness of popery, and the smoak which came out of the bottomless pit: so here Christ Jesus raised up his faithful ministers and preachers to publish and proclaim the doctrine of the gospel, which had long lain hidden under outragious persecu. tions of the two monstrous and most hide. ous beasts. To this also agreeth that which is written in the eighteenth chapter of this book, where St. John seeth an angel come down from heaven, having great power, so that the earth was lightened with his glory. By which angel is meant all the preachers of this age. And the angel is said to have great power: for what is more powerful than the ministry of the word? And more. over it is said, that the earth was lightened with his glory, that is, with the brightnefs of the preaching of the gospel, where by the darkness of popery was dispersed and driven away, and Babylon falleth-up. on it, as there you may read, and as here we shall see the like effect by and by

Moreover, it is here said, that this an. gel flyeth in the midst of heaven:' that is, very swiftly carryeth this everlasting gospel through all the church. For when God's appointed time was come, wherein he would go about the overthrow of popery,

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he caused his everlasting gospel to be fet. abroad, and to spread over many kinga doms and nations, as we see this day. Now because those kingdoms where God would have the knowledge of his gospel divulged were many and great, therefore here is ex, pedition required: and this angel doth carry it not standing but flying. And all this we see perfectly fulfilled with our eyes, when God raised up Luther, Zuinglius, Melancthon, Peter Viret, Calvin, Bucer,... Bullinger, Peter Martyr, and all their worthy successors unto this day, which have spread the everlasting gospel very far, and carried it very swiftly over England, Scotland, Germany, Denmark, Polonia, Suevia, Russia, and many parts of France and Flanders. Another reason why this angel is said to fly in the midst of heaven, is, because no power of man shall ever be able to stay the course of this everlasting gospel which this angel carrieth abroad, no more than men are able to stop the course of the sun in the heavens, or a cloud in the ky. For this angel flyeth in the midst of heaven, far above the reach of the beast, and all kings and potentates that stand for kingdom of the beast, Therefore let them do all that they can, they, shall never be able to stop the course of the gospel: for it is called the arm of God, and his very arn

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holdeth it forth to the world; and who is able to bend it in, or to turn it backward?

There are three reasons why the gospel is called everlasting. .

First, Because it is his own nature everlasting, as it is written, « The word of the

Lord endureth for ever,' i Pet. i. 25. , . Secondly, Because it putteth us in possesfion of everlasting things; as it is written,

• Thy word, O Lord, endureth for ever in .. heaven,' Psalm cxix.

I hirdly, And principally, because as it was long before antichrist was hatched, lo it shall continue when he and his kingdom is dead and rotten. '

Saying with a loud voice, Fear God, ..and give glory unto him,' &c. Rev. xiii.7. . Here is set down the doctrine which this angel preacheth with a loud voice, that is, with great zeal. The fumi whereof is this, « Fear God, and give glory unto him, and • worship him that made heaven and earth,' &c. The fenfe is, that the true and ever. living God should only be feared and worflipped, and all glory should be given unto him alone through Christ, and none to an tichrist, none to cardinals and legats, none to angels, none to saints, none to inages, roods, crosses and crucifixes. Here then is set down an abridgment of the doctrine of this everlasting gospel; namely, that men



Biould only fear God, and worship him, and give all glory to him alone; and not to any creature. And the reason is yielded, because the hour of his judgment is coine, that is, the time of the manifestation of the gospel, or laws of the most high God: for so the word judgment is often taken in the scriptures. Here are we to observe one special thing, to wit, that the gospel which this angel flieth withal, containeth the brief sum of all the doctrine which Luther, Calvin, Peter Martyr, and the rest have taught out of God's word, and agreeth in all points with it. For what other thing did they all preach, teach, and write, but that men should turn from idols to the living God? from fearing, glorify. ing and worshipping creatures, to fear, worship, and glorify God alone which hath made all things? What other thing do all the preachers of this age publish and proclaim in all their fermons, but this, Tear

God, and give glory only to hiin?, Is not this the epitome and short sum of all the doctrine of the preachers of England, Scot. land, Germany, France, Denmark, and all the rest? and therefore I conclude, that this angel must needs be understood of the preachers of this last age, which now these fourscore years have founded the trumpet of the gospel against all the inventions of Numb. II.


popery. And, blessed be God, we fee these things fall out in our days, and are eye-witnesses of the fulfilling of them."

And there followed another angel, saysing, It is fallen, it is fallen, Babylon that

great city: for she gave to all nations to • drink the wine of the wrath of her forni. cation,' Rev. xiv, 8. .

Here is set down the blessed effect of the preaching of this everlasting gospel, which is the downfall of Babylon. For as when the clear sun ariseth upon the earth, the thick mifts and clouds are dispersed: even so when the bright beams of the gospel do fnine forth unto the world, Babylon, that dark kingdom vanisheth away incontinently. And as it is written in the eighteenth chapter: so soon as the earth was lightened' with the glory of this everlasting gospel, Babylon immediately falleth. Therefore now before I go any further, my purpose, through the assistance of God, is to prove these five main points out of this verse, and that which followeth unto the twentieth chapter, to wit,

l'irst, That Babylon here signifierh Rome. Secondly, That Rome fhall fall, and how.

Thirdly, That Rome fhall fall finally, and come to utter desolation in this life.

Fourthly, By whom, and when it fall be overilirewn.

Andngdom vanin World, Bosh gospel do

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