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timate freedom, &c. Our amiable and dear friend, Mrs. W. who is still with us, when she saw the multitude of black people collected, and their black brother rise up for the purpose of preaching to them, the gospel of Christ, our common Lord and Saviour, one of the glories of which is, that it is preached to the poor, could not suppress the tears of sensibility and joy ; and was much affected and gratified, by the whole of the services, and by all the circumstances of the occasion, so solemn and so interesting, and to her, so new, and uncommon. He is to address the black people again at my house tomorrow. Does not this look like “ Ethiopia, stretching out her hands to God;" and welcoming the divine Messiah, the desire of all nations? “ Let'the whole earth be speedily filled with his glory. Amen! and Amen!"

A church meeting, is to take place in our new circular building, on Meeting Street, this day week, viz, Monday the 141b inst. When, I suppose, the day for opening that church, for public worship, will be appointed, of which you will receive due notice ; that if convenient, Mrs. F. and yourself, may be present on that occasion.

Capt. Lawrence, intimates that Mr. P. may be expected here, by Bythewood, next trip.'. We have still, house and heart-room for him, and will be glad to see him, on many accounts; and I have many things to say to him, that I cannot well write, either from lazi. ness, or want of time.

Your very sincere, and affectionate friend,

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N.B. For this last sheet, you are indebted to Mr. L's delay, and to a severe cold, which has kept me at home to day.

TO MRS. $. W.


The kind, affectionate, and excellent letter of our very worthy, and amiable, and dear friend, written chiefly at sea, and from day to day, during the passage from this port to New York, was received by us from the Post office, on Monday the 16th inst. And as it conveyed some of the pious sentiments and refined feelings of your heart, and brought us the pleasing information of your safe arrival at New York, it was most wel. come and acceptable to us. The pleasure which it gave us, we could not think of enjoying as exclusively our own, but have, on the principle of doing to others, as we would have them do to us, liberally shared with several of your good friends here, by allowing them the perusal of it; and they have evidently shared with us, a peculiar satisfaction, in hearing that your passage was so short, as that of only one week, and that it was on the whole so agreeable. It is hoped that they and we, unite in sincere gratitude and praise, to the merciful preserver of men, and the munificent Benefactor of his people, for the favour of his kind Providence, in conducting you safely and comfortably, to the land in the city of New York : where, considering how short is the distance between that place and Farmington, and how apparently safe and pleasant would be the means of conveyance, compared with the length of the way, the tossings and the risques through which you had already

passed, you must have felt yourself almost within sight of home.

“While she surveys the much lov'd spot,
She slights the space which lies between.
Her past fatigues are now forgot,
Because her journey's end is seen.
Thus, when the christian pilgrim views,
By faith his mansion in the skies,
The sight his fainting breath renews,
And wings his speed to reach the prize.”

NEWTON, 34 Book, 58th Hyma.

Since you left that so much lov'd spot," what changes have you seen, through what scenes have you passed, what trials have you felt, what mercies have you experienced ? Surely you will ever, with an adoring mind, remember the way in which the Lord thy God hath led thee in the wilderness, through which thou hast travelled, during these memorable months of thy life, in which he has been humbling thee, and proving thee, that he might discover what was in thine heart, which required correction or improvement ; see Deut. viii. and that he might give you such views of his holiness, wisdom, and grace, as were eminently adapted to try and to increase your faith and hope, your submission and patience, your love and gratitude, your peace and joy. Was not this, then, “the right way in which you should be led," the best way which could be chosen and pursued, for the benevolent purpose of “doing you good at your latter end?” Oh happy, thrice happy they, whose God is the Lord, even their God in cove. nant, their sun and shield, their guide and guard, their saviour and portion ; giving an all sufficiency of present gráce, and crowning that grace with future, immortal, inconceivable glory! And how high their privilege and satisfaction, when they feel themselves authorized and enabled to rejoice, that the Lord their God and Saviour reigns; and that “their times are in bis hands;" persuaded, that “ he doth all things well,” that all his paths towards them, are mercy and truth," and that “all things shall work together for their good.” Thus have you been privileged and blessed! And how sweet have been the humiliations, and the transports of your soul, in the view, the hope, the assurance of your being thus highly favoured of the Lord! If my soul be yet a stranger to these views and hopes, to these exercises and consolations, yet would I rather, ten thousand times rather, be experimentally acquainted with them, than be the possessor of all the kingdoms of the world, with all the glory of them. For sore I am, that none but they, whom the Lord thus condescends to honor and to bless, and whom his grace prepares and disposes to rejoice in him, as the God of their salvation, and as the Father of mercies to them, can be happy in this world, or in the world to come. But I must remember that I am not now writing a ser. mon, but a letter. To return then, to the much lov'd spot :” to your long desired home, after so tedious an exile from it, and such vicissitudes of trouble and of comfort, as you have experienced, during the trying months of your absence, you were at length, as we fondly bope, graciously restored, within a few days from the last date of your interesting communications, sent on to us, immediately after your arrival in New York. The various emotions with which your own heart, and the hearts of your friends, must have been agitated, on the occa. sion of your meeting again; the sweet satisfactions of the interview, and the painful sorrows, all revived and


brought back in full force to the wounded, bleeding heart, by the recollection, and the feeling of the mighty void, which the awful hand of death had made in the society, and the comforts of the family, and the circle of friends, lately so full and so pleasing in enjoyment, and in prospect; the high respect, affection, and consolation, cherished for the memory of the departed husband, father, pastor and friend ; the gratitude rising to the God of the widow, and the Father of the fatherless, for all the kindness which his providence has shewn to the bereaved; the anxious cares and apprehensions entertained for their future comfort and wel. fare ; and the soothing humble confidence, inspired by the promises of the covenant, that the Lord will provide for, and never leave nor forsake those who trust in him : these, and such like emotions, experienced on an occasion so affecting and interesting, we can in some degree imagine ; but you, we know, must have realised them in a degree, which even your own ready, and fertile pen, cannot half describe. May every pleasing and painfulsensation, every pious and worthy feeling, excited and renewed, by your return to the scenes, once so delightful, now so greatly changed ; and all the circumstances which have attended your meeting with your dear family and friends, be divinely sanctified to you and to them; so that your Heavenly Father may be glorified in, and by you all, through Jesus, your Redeeper, and your strength ; and so that your own best, your spiritual, and immortal interests, may be eminently promoted !

We expect that as soon after your return home, as you can find sufficient leisure, you will give us some account of these matters ; and tell us more about those worthy

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