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have reason to be humbled and to lament, that instances of this nature occur so rarely. But if He, who heareth prayer, and eminently delights to glorify himself in accomplishing his work of grace, while he honors his people, as the instruments by which he carries it on, if He gives us the heart to pray and labour for the revival of it, we may then encourage the hope, that our eyes may be permitted to see a more glorious display of his salvation ; when Ibese few scattering drops shall be in. creased to a plentiful shower; and when his spirit shall be poured down from on high in an abundant supply of his convincing, renewing, and saving influences. In the desirable effects of such an effusion of the spirit of grace, manifested in the revival of christians, and the awakening and conversion of sinners, we have at once the most cheering assurance, and the most pleasing glimpse, of the glory of the approaching millenial day ; to which your delighted imagination has been borne forward, on wings far more rapid, than those of time, and quickened, probably, by the impulse of sacred pleasure, which you have felt, from the solemn pleasing scenes, wbich you have lately witnessed in Farmington. Blessed will be the eyes, which shall see, with holy delight, the long desired day, when the church shall be established, and be a praise in all the earth! But still more blessed will be the spirits of the redeemed, who shall then be in possession of the heavenly kingdom, purchased and prepared for them, where, in an unspeakably superior light, they shall behold the glory of their Lord, in all the triumphs of his cross below, and in all the fruits of the travail of his soul, on high! Shall we meet there, and soon? O transporting prospect! But may my hope prove fallacious and delusive ! Lord, search me and try me, and lead me in the way everlasting, and give me the hope which is in Christ, who is in every believer, the hope of glory! The Lord bless you, and yours,


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CHARLESTON, AUGUST, 1807. Since I have heard of the renewed and great affliction, with which it bas pleased the Lord to visit you, my worthy friend, together with your family, connexions and friends, by the death of your amiable and excellent daughter, Mrs. C. I have sincerely and tenderly felt for you, and for those who suffer with you, under this painfully bereaving stroke of your heavenly Father's hand. The feelings and the friendship which dispose me to weep with you, and with them, in your present sorrows, have induced me to attempt, in this way, at once to express my sympathy, and to shew my good will to contribute something, if it may be only as a mite, to your consolation.

But what is to be expected from my poor instrumentality, in a case, in which the best of human friends, would in themselves prove miserable comforters ? All, indeed, that I could think of saying, and much more than I can now suggest, must, I am persuaded, have already and frequently occurred to your own reflections, while meditating on the perfections, the works, the ways, and the word of God, with the aid of his good spirit, enabling you to understand in part, at least, what he has done in this instance ; although you will never fully know it, nor be able to comprehend all the wisdoin and love included in this mystery of Provi. dence, till you are brought to see and contemplate it in the light of heaven and eternity. Nor can I now hope to be the minister of instruction, or of comfort to you, except by recalling to your remembrance and attention, those things which you already know ; and by uniting my prayers with your own, and those of other friends, that you may be favoured with a still larger measure of the illuminating, sanctifying, supporting grace of the Divine Comforter ; and that the same holy hand which “ has taken away the desire of your eyes with a stroke," may kindly bind up the heart that has been broken by it, and is in danger of bleeding long under it.

I am well aware that a parent, a mother alone, can fully estimate the loss which you have sustained, by the removal of a daughter, such as yours was ; while yet in the bloom of youth, and just entered upon the marriage state, and in circumstances, which, in every view, seemed to favour the fond hope, that this dear object of the tenderest affections, and source of so many satisfactions, might have been still enjoyed, through a sé. ries of happy years, with a still growing attachment and delight. From my short acquaintance with her, however, and from what I have learned, in the house of mourning myself, I think I know how to enter, in some measure, into your sorrows.

The last time of my being in company with your daughter, was; I believe, at my own house, where, a little before her return to Beaufort, she spent two or three hours of a forenoon. Mrs. K. and myself, were at that time also favoured with the company of Mrs. W.

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who spent the winter with us, and of whose amiable character and exemplary piety, and great affliction from the death of her husband, a most worthy and useful minister of the gospel, you bave no doubt heard, through my communications to Dr. F. To all of us, those short hours were truly pleasant, and I hope, in some degree, mutually improving. Mrs. W. who is herself an ornament of her sex, and of her christian profession, expressed herself highly pleased indeed with your

lore. ly daughter; and we were all united in the sentiment, that there was rarely to be found, so pleasing an assemblage of the charms of youth and beauty, of a fine and well cultivated understanding, of sweetness of temper, and friendly, social dispositions, and of easy, engaging manners, all crowned by the sanctifying grace of God, which gives the highest improvement to all that is val. uable in human nature, and the brightest lustre to the brightest and most amiable character. Pardon me, the freedom of these observations. They flow from the sentiments of affection and truth, in my heart, while they may suggest ideas, or recollections, at once “ mournful and pleasant to your soul."

How little was it then realized, perhaps, by any of us, that all that was immortal in all this excellence, was so soon to be transferred to that blessed world, where the spirits of the redeemed are made perfect, and the work of grace is finished in glory! How affecting the thought, that this is now a solemn reality! And when your memory and imagination, sometimes more officious than friendly, shall again and again present her lovely image to your view, shall place before you, the pleasing features of her animated and expressive co nance, and shall bring back those many interesting sea

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sons of conversation, when “ she opened her mouth with wisdom, and in her tongue was the law of kindness," and shall retrace that worthy course of conduct, in which every action was but a renewed expression of love and duty : the sweet illusion will for a moment be enjoyed, as if à real interview were again allowed. But ah! that sweet illusion vanishes before the reflections of the succeeding moment ! . And then the thought, Oh! the painful thought, that here you shall see her face no more, will again fill your heart with sorrow : with sorrow breaking in upon it like a flood, threatening to swallow up every rising pleasure of the memory or the fancy, and every comfort with which reason and grace had begun to supply the mighty void in the heart, which has been made desolate within

But when these waves and billows are thus going over you ; if you would not allow yourself to sink under their overwhelming pressure, I need not tell you, for you well know, that your views must be directed, and your application be made, in faith and hope, and with prayer to your Lord and Saviour, who alone is able to relieve and help and deliver you ; and who will be found as ready, as he is able, to rebuke the threatening storm, to still the raging sea, and by his word of power and mercy, to speak the tempestuous scene, the tumultuous emotions of your soul cast down, and disquieted witbin you, into a great and desirable calın.

At all times, indeed, but more especially in such seasons of distress, how great, how precious must you feel the privilege of being authorized and enabled, to call

upon your soul to return to its rest in your Lord, your Redeemer, and your God, into whose hands



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