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them. We went forward, through a most delightful country, and with the most charming land and water prospects on every side, to Newport.

On Thursday, the 4th August, we turned our course again for Boston, 72 miles distant from Newport; and towards the evening of the following day, passed through that ancient and renowned town, to the charming habitation of our very worthy, and kind, and pleas. ant friends; where their troly benevolent and affectionate attentions, constrained us to feel ourselves very much indeed at home.

August 12th, Mrs. K. is much better this morning, while I have myself, since yesterday morning, been considerably indisposed with a cold and cough, attended with some fever ; but the symptoms to day seem to indicate, that the indisposition may prove to be slight and transient. Dr. and Mrs. M. are well; he, as usual, is deeply engaged in a variety and multiplicity of business, and takes an active part among a number of faithful brethren, who are of the congregational clergy of this state; by whose united counsels, several highly important measures have been adopted, and are now carrying into execution, with a zeal worthy of the friends of Zion, and with the most promising prospect of success, for the support and promotion of evangelical truth, and of the church, which the Redeemer has bought with his blood. Among the measures alluded to, are the forming of a General Association of the numerous ministers throughout the state, who love and preach the doctrines of grace, generally denominated Calvinistic; the circulation of that valuable periodical work, the Panoplist, the publication of which commenced with 1250 copies, and has now risen to more than 4000, the collecting of a new church, and the erection of a spacious house of worship in Boston, and the founding of a Theological school at Andover, for the purpose of securing to pious young men, candidates for the gospel ministry, the best means for pursuing their studies in divinity, and acquiring the qualifications, by which they may be prepared, to support the character, and discharge the duties of pastors and teachers, with the greatest honor to themselves, and benefit to the churches. The success which has already attended the endeavours to obtain adequate funds, for this excellent institution, has been astonisbingly great, and seems to afford a most encouraging evidence, that the work is of the Lord, and that it will be prospered by his blessing. As a sample of the auspicious beginning of this great and good work, under His smiles, who has the hearts of all men in his hands, I cannot forbear mentioning the names of a few of its benefactors, and the amount of the truly generous and noble benefactions by which they have, with the highest credit to their own christian characters and principles, expressed their approbation of it, and their pious, ardent zeal for its establishment and usefulness : viz. Mr. Norris, of Salem, $10,000; Mr. Brown, of Newbury port, $10,000 ; Mr. Bartlett, also of Newburyport, in cash, $20,000, and funds which give an interest, making them adequate to the further sum of $15,000; Mr. Abbot, of Andover, $20,000 ; Madam Philips and son erect a building, valued at the sum of 16,000; the late Lieutenant Governor Philips $5,000, the interest for charitable distribution, in religious books, &c. All the above, lately given, in addition to funds previously on hand, to the amount of $20,000, provided for the support of theological students, &c. And from one of the above gentlemen, who

is advanced in years and has no children; the patrons of the institution expect to receive, in due time, in addition to the sum of $20,000 already given, the further value of 20 or $30,000, to be left by will; say amount total $140,000 or 150,000. How highly privileged are the persons, to whom the Lord has graciously given the means, with the heart, for performing such munificent and beneficial acts of christian charity! And how animating the prospect opened by the word of God, to all who love Zion, and seek her good, according to the means in their power, when it is declared that they shall themselves prosper ; and that they who thus sow bountifully, shall also reap bountifully. I had forgot to tell you, that three professors, to fill three departments in this contemplated Theological School, are already appointed : viz. Rev. Dr. Woods, Dr. Pearson, late of Cambridge University, and Dr. Griffin, of Newark, New Jersey, if his own consent and that of his church can be obtained.

It has given me peculiar pleasure on our journey to find, that in many of the churches in which tre have been, and in many more from which we have heard, there are pleasing and growing revivals of religion, confirming the precious truth, that when the enemy of the church comes in like a flood, to overwhelm the church, the spirit of the Lord shall lift up a standard against him, and adapted to animate the praises and the prayers, and ex. ertions of all who prefer the cause of Jerusalem, involving in it all the great, immortal interests of mankind, above their chief joy. It is my prayer and hope, that our own church, to which I feel myself united, in a most interesting relation, and by many of the most endearing ties, will still be favoured by the glorious Head of the

church universal, with a rich supply of those blessings of his grace, which be is at this day showering down so abundantly on other branches of it. May he preserve my fellow labourer in the enjoyment of health and strength, and abuodantly prosper bis labours of love among our dear people, during my absence; may our Lord's peace and blessing be with him and his family, , and the whole church; and may his prayers, and those of the church, in which we desire still to be kindly remembered, be heard and answered, in such blessings of the providence and grace of God, as may be best for us. Amidst all the delightful scenes with which we are bere surrounded, and the very pleasing attentions of the many, many worthy and amiable christian friends, whose society we have been and are daily enjoying, our hearts still anticipate, with peculiar pleasure, the desired period when, if the Lord will, we shall again be restored to the circle of our affectionately beloved and very dear friends in Charleston, among whom we particularly number yourself and your good family.

In love and best wishes to you all, Mrs. K. cordially joins with your friend,



GHARLESTON, SEPTEMBER 25, to 28, 1811.



our favour of July 20th, ult. did not come to hand until near the close of August. Mr. J. L. the bearer of it, was favoured with a very fine

of about four days. We were glad to see him at home again, safe and well ; and glad to receive by him, your friendly epistolary communications, always welcome, and highly valued ; and mingled on this occasion with the pleasure of seeing a dear friend, who bad so lately seen our dear friends, in such good health, and had enjoyed the hospitality of their house, and the overflowing benevolence and friendship of their hearts, with such a cordial relish and high satisfaction. Right glad indeed, should we have been, to have partaken of the rich feast, which was mutually enjoyed by yourselves, Mr. H. Mr. L. &c. And not less glad would we be to have you both here again, partaking of the plain fare of our friendship, reciprocated by the flow of your souls. But whether such a desirable season of personal, pleasing, interesting intercourse, is ever to be renewed, in C-ton or in C-own, depends entirely on the sovereign will and wise appointment of our Lord, in whose hands our times are, and whose are all our ways, and who doth all things well, whether he grants or


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