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filled with the descending ruins. In the midst of these ruins, some of the furniture of Mrs. G's chamber, directed by the invisible hand of her Almighty and most gracious Protector, had fallen around and over her in such a manner, as to defend her in a great measure from the bricks, and the pieces of timber, which would otherwise, probably, have overwhelmed her with instant destruction. She suffered only some flesh bruises, which she scarcely felt at first, but which have since been attended with considerable pain, but from which it is hoped she will be soon happily relieved. Her unborn infant, a fine son, escaped unhurt. Her sister E. was but slightly bruised, though much more alarmed and agitated than herself. Through the broken roof, and the now tremendous void space between that and the cellar, the rain, which followed the tornado, poured down like a torrent, by which Mrs. G. and the family, anxiously engaged in looking for her, and in extricating her from her most distressing and perilous situation, were almost as effectually drenched, as if they had been plunged into a river. Yet from this circunstance, neither she nor any of the family, I believe, has suffered any injury. In a word, the circumstances of this very respectable and amiable family, on this solemn occasion, were peculiarly affecting and interesting. The alarm and the distress, the preservation and the deliverance experienced, were equally remarkable. Amidst the terrors of a scene unspeakably awful, wbat wonders of divine power and mercy were displayed? The hearts of the family generally, and especially of the worthy affectionate parents, have been, as you may well suppose, very tenderly and deeply impressed with the sentiments of reverence, adoration, and gratitude, towards Him who directed and controlled the storm, who in the midst of judgment, remembered and shewed mercy, in a manner so remarkable, and so wonderful ! May, their souls rejoice in his salva, tion, spiritual as well as temporal, and all their lives be praise ! This awful and destructive tornado, passed within less than an hundred yards of our house, at the intersection of Tradd Street, on which we live ; and King Street, to the eastward of us, where it did some damage, in blowing down part of a brick wall of the garden, and blowing off some of the slate or shingles from the roof of the house. We distinctly heard the tremendous roaring of this mighty wind, from its first entrance, and the commencement of its ravages in our city. The sound was like that of many carriages, rattling over a rough pavement, or rather like that of many chimnies on fire, and in full blaze at the same time. We at first supposed it to be thunder, and then apprehended that a dreadful fire had bursted forth in the house of our near neighbour, or in our own house immediately over our heads : and then we saw a multitude of slates, which had been hurled through the air from Mr. R's buildings, mingled with shingles and pieces of broken laths, and rafters, &c. from other houses near to us, falling in an horrid shower, all around our habitation ; while we knew not yet the cause of all this wild uproar, and of these alarming appearances, our astonishment and agitation, you may well suppose, were very great ; never indeed greater, if ever equalled, on any other occasion. The desolation made in our city, was completed in a very few minutes, and we re. mained for some time in a state of painful suspense, before we were informed of the nature, and the ex


tent of the calamity. Oh, how peculiarly merciful and kind was the protecting care of our God,

56 isho was our refuge, and covered us with the shadow of his wings, until this calamity was overpast;' and suffered not “ the evil to fall upon our persons, nor to come nigh, or nearer to our dwelling !” May our lives, and all the personal and domestic comforts of them, be henceforth consecrated with increased gratitude, affection, and zeal, to the service and glory of the God of our salvation and of our mercies !

On the following sabbath, I endeavoured to stir up my own heart, and to engage the hearts of my numerous hearers, to some suitable religious improvement of this awful visitation of divine Providence, in a discourse on the 8th verse of the xlvi. Psalm.

Come and behold the works of the Lord, what' desolations he hath made in the earth !!! The audience was remarkably attentive and solemn, and the minds of many, it is hoped, were usefully impressed. How desirable would it be, if the inhabitants of our city generally, all of whom have seen, and many of whom have deeply felt the judgments of God, which have been abroad among us, would now learn righteousness; would now repent and turn from all their transgressions'; so that iniquity may not yet be their ruin! And may the Lord grant us his grace, to dispose and constrain us to “ return unto Him, who hath smitten and torn us, that he may beal and bind us up" again; and by a glorious revival of his work of grace, and display of his sal. vation among us, give us " to see good, according 10 the days in which we have seen evil !"

Yours, very affectionately,




CHARLESTON, JUNĚ 22, 1819. The interesting communication from the per of Mrs. T. under date of April 27th, informing us of the beavy affliction with which it had pleased the Lord to visit you, our dear friend, by taking from you, with a stroke, your dear and excellent husband, we received in due course by mail. I much regret, that the due acknowledgment of that letter has been so long delayed. This has been occasioned, partly by my absence in the country, and partly by long continued hodily indisposition, produced by a severe cold, which has unfitted me for almost any active exertion, and has made the labour of writing, especially, extremely irksome to me. My health is now, through mercy, a little better; but when in the best state, in which I have enjoyed it for a considerable time past, it is very infirm and delicate ; and thus it is adapted to remind me, that “the time is short,” and to renew from day to day, with a strong impression, the solemn admonition, “ Be thou also ready !"

Such instruction and admonition have been of late, indeed, particularly enforced, as with “ line upon line," by the deaths of some near and highly valued connex. ions and friends ; especially a beloved sister in Penngylvania, and of several of my brethren in the ministry. Considering the comparatively small number of gospel

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ministers in this country, an unusual proportion died in the course of the past summer and fall. And since your visit to the southward, no less than three of that little band of pious and worthy brethren, who then frequently met and spent many pleasing, improving, social hours together here, and at the same time, mingled their anxions benevolent feelings, and prayers, and efforts, for accomplishing an object most important and desirable to individuals, and to the church of Christ our Lord, have ceased from their labours, and gone to the rest which remaineth for the people of God. First Dr. Abeel, of New York, then Dr. Clarkson, of Jobn's Island, in September last ; and now, your dear Mr. H. whose memory will be long affectionately cherished by many here, as well as by many more, nearer the scenes of his principal labours and usefulness.

That season, remarkable for the meeting of several of the worthiest and best ministers of the northern churches, in tbis southern region, and made peculiarly pleasant to us by the company of such good and agreeable friends, how soon did it pass away! And how often has it been since recollected, with the various mingled emotions of pleasure, of regret, and of apprehension; the apprehension that it was not, in all its circumstances, to be ever renewed on earth ; as it was not probable that we should all meet again on this side of the eternal world. That apprehension has been painfully realized, once and again, in the cases of those who were in the succeeding seasons summoned away; and now, in the case of your dear husband, who has followed them, and again met with them, before the throne of their common Lord, in his heavenly kingdom! Happy they, who

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