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kindly accepted as a proof, that I had not forgotten you in your afflictions, but was still disposed, if I had health and spirits, to express my tender sympathy for you, and to be the minister of consolation to you.

Since we have heard of the alarming state in which New London has been placed, we have feared that you and others at Norwich, may not only hear the dreadful sound of war so near you, but may be involved in some of its conflicts, or calamities. Should your hearts be in danger of being overwhelmed, may you be enabled, with a strong faith, to resort to the rock that is higher than you, and find that Jehovah is a shelter for you, and a strong tower from the enemy: and trusting in the covert of his wings, may you find that he will keep you in perfect peace, because you trust in him, and your mind and heart are stayed upon him. Hitherto, we in this city and the adjacent country, have felt the war only, or chiefly in the way of commercial losses and privations, the stagnation of almost all kinds of business, and the consequent difficulties to which many of the labouring and poorer classes especially, are reduced. But if it continues much longer, we have reason to apprehend that our city will have some experience of what others have already deeply felt, that the battle of the warrior is with confused' noise, and garments rolled in blood. Oh that the Lord would give to our rulers, and to our nation, an heart deeply humbled in true repentance under his mighty hand, and disposed to turn from our abounding transgressions, that iniquity may not yet be our ruin ; and that he may be entreated by the prayers of the righteous, throughout our land, and for the Redeemer's sake, to pardon our manifold national sins, to turn away all his anger from us, to deliver

us from the dreadful scourge of war, and to restore to us the blessings of a desirable and lasting peace !

Our church here, received during the past year, an addition of about eighty members ; among these was your and our friend Mr. O. last fall, as well as Mrs. 0. in the spring preceding. They are both truly worthy and excellent persons, and are now, I trust, with united hearts, travelling to a better country, even an heavenly.

Be so good as to make my apology to Mrs. T. for my not writing a direct answer to her excellent letter. It was read by a number of friends here, with the liveliest interest, and the tenderest sympathụ. The state of my health and spirits which have so long delayed this, have prevented my answering hers in any other way, than in this communication to you. Though not personally acquainted with Mrs. T. her letter has taught us to esteem and love her. And as she bas been sensibly afflicted in your afflictions, inay our gracious Lord, make her a sharer with you in his sanctifying grace, and in his consolations, which are not small !

The expression of your dear M's love, and good wishes as well as your own, is very acceptable to us. We hope she will know, by happy experience, the meaning of those important words of the best of friends, “I love them that love me, and those that seek me early, sball find me.”

Mrs. K. reminds me that she has not written to you, as she believes, although I thought she had, since the death of her sister T. who died on the 22d of September last, after a lingering and painful illness. All who have had opportunity, bave desired us to express to you their affectionate regards, and tender sympathy. You would very much oblige us by writing as soon, as

practicable, very particularly relative to Mr. H's last scene, &c. and concerning your children.

To the mercy and grace of God, in Christ Jesus our Lord, you and they are affectionately commended, by your cordial friends,





Amidst the ringing of bells, and the roaring of cannon, and all the parade, and bustle, and noise, with which this anniversary of a day so important, and 80 glorious to America, is celebrated here, as it is doubtless, in like manner, in a thousand other places, I am now sealed in the tranquil recess of my study; and have taken up my pen, for the purpose of scrawling a few lines to you. I congratulate you on the return of this auspicious day, in circumstances adapted to diffuse the liveliest gratitude and joy, throughout the great people and vast territory of these United States. To every genuine reflecting patriot, the usual satisfactions of this day must be greatly, heightened, by the recol. lection of the dark and portentous clouds, which were lately seen resting and spreading farther and wider upon our prospects; and by the consideration of the bright and pleasing scene, wbich “ the good hand of our God upon us,” has again opened to our view. The Lord hath indeed again done great things for us, whereof all among us, who truly love our country, must be glad. Among the thousands, and tens of thousands, who will this day express their joy on account of these things, in pealing, and firing, and eating and drinking, and toasting and carousing, how many will be found disposed to offer the thanksgivings of a grateful heart, to the God of our mercies, to rejoice in Him as the source of their personal and social happiness, and in the prayer of faith, to commend themselves and their country, and the church, to his care and keeping, expecting safety and prosperity for the time to come, only under bis smiles, and through his blessing? Many such, I trust, there are dispersed through this great community. May the Lord increase their number, how many soever they may be, an hundred fold ! For these are every where the truly excellent of the earth ; and they are the chief glory and strongest bulwark of every land.

* * * * * * * A second Presbyterian church, as I believe I have already intimated to you, has been lately formed in this city, partly out of the old Scotch congregation, and partly by persons who have not heretofore been closely connected with any church in this city. These people have called, and lately settled, the Rer. A. F. as their pastor, with a salary of $2000; and they have been very successful in obtaining subscriptions, to the amount of about $35,000, for building an house of worship. This is to be of brick, 90 feet by 70, with a steeple, &c. The foundation is already laid, and the work will be carried on with all practicable despatch. I know not that the appearances of real vital religion, are yet more promising in this new congregation, than they have been for a long time in the old Presbyterian congregation. But as Mr. F. is considered as a pious man, and an evangelical preacher, it is hoped that he may prove a blessing to them, in promoting the knowledge and practice of pure and undefiled religion among them. Mr. F. has lately sailed for the northward, intending to spend the summer abroad; and supposing it probable that he may visit Boston, I have given him a letter of introduction to you; and I expect that you will have an opportunity of hearing him preach, and of being informed of many things respecting us here, that I cannot now write. The hazards of the summer season in this climate, and especially in this city, to a family with northern constitutions, form a serious item in the calculations that should be made on this subject. How often have my fondest wishes and favourite plans, been disappointed? What a privilege is it to be brought at length by the smarting discipline of infinite Wisdom, cheerfully to acquiesce in the will and disposal of God, who alone knows what is best for us, and who doth all things well, not only on the great scale, but for every individual of his peculiar and beloved people and faithful servants ! As all things shall assuredly work for good to them that love God ; if we love our God and Saviour in sincerity, we may then rest assured, that if there be any other situation in the world, that would be on the whole better for us, than that in which we are now placed, he will, in the proper time and way, conduct us into it; and if there be not, then we may console and encourage ourselves with the persuasion, that abiding with him where we now are, he will be with us, furnish us with strength according to our day, and enable us acceptably to serve and glorify

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