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Dr. Peter Bryce, Superintendent of Insane

Hospital, Tuscaloosa. Mrs. E. C. Bryce, Tuscaloosa. Dr. J. T. Searcy, \Tuscaloosa. —3


George E. Dodge, President of Board of State Institution for Education of Deaf and Dumb, Little Rock. —1


Mrs. J. S. Sperry, Ladies1 Benevolent

Union Hospital, Pueblo.
Mrs. M. J. Telford, Denver, W. C. T. U.


Rev. Charles H. Bond, Superintendent Industrial School ^or Girls, Middletown.


Gen. John Eaton, Commissioner of Education and delegate Associated Charities, Washington.

Hon. W. Haight, Department of Justice, Washington.

W. S. Stockbridge, Superintendent Industrial Home School, Washington.

Mrs. Sara A. Spencer, delegate Associated Chanties, Washington.

Leonard G. Spencer, Associated Charities, Washington. —5


Hon. Frank J. Hinsom, Official Delegate, Altoona.

J. G. Knapp, Official Delegate, Statistical Agent, U. S. Agricultural Department for Florida, Limona.

Dr. H. V. Lucas, Official Delegate, Tallahassee .

R. E. Sherrard, Official Delegate, Leesburg.

W. J. Vankirk, Official Delegate, Pensacola. —5


T. O. Powell, Superintendent State Lunatic Asylum, Milledgeville. —1


Dr. J. C. Corbus, President of State Board

of Charities, Mendota. Mrs. M. J. Corbus, Mendota. Fred. H. Wines, Secretary of State Board

of Charities, Springfield.

Mrs. Fred. H. Wines, Springfield.

John W. Whipp, Assistant Secretary of State Board of Charities, Springfield.

Solon Kendall, President of Board of State Reform School, Geneseo.

O. Huse, Trustee Reform School, Evanston.

James S. Martin, President of Board of Commissioners, Southern State Penitentiary, Salem.

Isaac Clements, Secretary of Board of Commissioners of State Penitentiary, Carbondale.

John C. Salter, Warden of Southern State Penitentiary, Chester.

Dr. R. S. Dewey, Superintendent Eastern Hospital for Insane, Kankakee.

Dr. H. Wardner, Superintendent Southern Hospital for Insane, Anna.

Mrs. II. Wardner, Trustee Industrial School for Girls, Anna.

J. O. Henning, Charity Organization Society, Chicago.

Mrs. John L. Beveridge. President Industrial School for Girls, Evanston.

Isaac L. Morrison, Jacksonville.

Miss Morrison, Jacksonville.

J. L. White, M. D., Physician Soldiers Orphan's Home, Blcomington.

Dr. H. Z. Gill, Physician Southern Penitentiary, Chester.

Mrs. Gill, Chester.

Mrs. Lucy A. Starne, Ladies Benevolent Society. Springfield.

Mrs. McBirney, Ladies1 Benevolent Society, Springfield.

James S. Martin, Chicago. —23


Very- Rev. August L. Bessonies, Official Delegate, Indianapolis.

Rev. Oscar C. McCulloch, Secretary Charity Organization Society, Indianapolis.

Rev. L. F. Cain, Chaplain State Prison, Jeffersonville.

W. C. DePauw, Official Delegate, New Albany. .

John H. Holliday, Official Delegate, Indianapolis.

Wm. W. Orr, Official Delegate, Muncie.

James Ferrier, Jeffersonville.

M. M. Campbell, Blooming ton. —8


L. D. Lewelling, Official Delegate, Superintendent State Reform School for Girls,. Mitchellville.

Mrs. L. D. Lewelling, Matron Girls1 Reform School, Mitchellville.

B. J. Miles, Official Delegate, Superintendent Boys1 Reform School, Eldora.

Mrs. B. J. Miles. Matron Boys1 Reform School, Eldora.

Mrs. Benton J. Hall, Official Delegate, Trustee State Reform Schools, Burlington. 6

Jennie McCowen, M. D., Official Delegate, Physician of Cook Homo for Friendless Women, Davenport.

W. B. Caldwell, M. D., Member of Board of Trustees, Cook Benevolent Institution, Davenport. —7


Miss Jennie C. Campbell, Topeka. —1


Gov. J. Proctor Knott, Louisville.
Gov. L. P. Blackburn, Louisville.
Gov. Charles Anderson, Kuttawa.
Hon. JohnS. Williams, U. S. Senate, Mt.

Mrs. John S. Williams, Mt. Sterling.
Prof. Joseph D. Pickett. State Superin-
tendent Public Instruction, Frankfort.
P. Caldwell, Superintendent. House of

Refuse, Louisville. James G. Carter, President Methodist Orphans1 Home of Kentucky. Dr. R. C. Chenault, Lexington. Dr. G. T. Erwin, Lexington. B. B. Huntoon, gup't institute for Blind,

Louisville. M. F. Coomes, M. D., Official Delegate,

Louisville. Dr. R. H. Gale, Superintendent Central

Kentucky Lunatic Asylum. J. B. Thorp, Superintendent, and John L. Wheat, Director, Masonic Widows' and Orphans' Home of Keutucky. Rev. H. H. Kavaigh, Jr., Chaplain State

Penitentiary, Frankfort. Mrs. Agnes Lawrence, Pleasure ville. Dr. J. Lawrence, President Baptist Orphans1 Home. John Q. A. Stewart, M. D.. Superintendent of the- Institution for Training Feeble-minded Children, Frankfort. Gen. T. H. Taylor, Chief of Police, Louisville. Rt. Rev. T. U. Dudley, D. D., Louisville. Mrs. Emily Tripp, Louisviile. Mrs. A. M. Knighter, Louisville. Clarence Walker, Louisville. Andrew Cowan, Louisville. Mrs. Andrew Cowan, Louisville. Rev. C. E. Calk, Louisville. Judge W. F. Bullock, Louisville. Hon. James S. Pirtle, Louisville. Miss Eliza J. Robertson, Louisville. Miss M. A. Hollingswortb, Louisville. Geo. Barber, Louisville. Robert Cochran, Louisville. J. B. Kinkead, Louisville. Mrs. J. B. Kinkead, Louisville. G. W. Anderson, Louisville. Mrs. G. W. Anderson, Louisville. Thos. P. Jacobs, Louisville. Edward Wilder, Louisville. John Helmus, Louisville. Mrs. Sarah Hinton. Louisville. W. N. Haldeman, Louisville. Judge H.J. Styles, Leuisvilie. Hon. James Harrison, Leuisvilie. Gavin, Cochran, Louisville. Miss Julia A. Maury, Louisville. Rev. J. S. Detweiler, Louisville. W. A. Merriweather, Louisville.

Dr. J. S. Goodman, Louisville.

Hon. Charles P. Jacob, Louisville.

L. Joseph, Louisville.

Zephaniah Meek, Louisville.

Rev. T. T. Eaton, D. D., Louisville.

Nathan Bloom, Louiaville.

Rev. C. P. Humphrey, Louisville.

D. Spaulding, Louisville.

Mrs. M. E. Scott, Louisville.

John B. Smith, Louisville.

Mrs. J. M. Weaver, Louisville.

Rev. J. M. Weaver, Louisville.

Dr. E. A. Grant,Louisville.

Thomas Royall, Louisville.

Dr.T. S. Bell, Louisville.

Dr. Thos. P. Grant, Lonisville.

Dr. W. H. Wathen,Louisville.

Dr. Thomas F. Berry, Louisville.

Julius Hinton, Louisville.

L. V. Hope, Louisville.

L: Nord, Louisville.

A. T. Boulware, Louisville.

R. C. Davis, Louisville.

J. J. Davis, Louisville.

Rev. Dr. Perkins, Louisville.

Julius Barkhouse, Louisville.

Louis Barkhouse, Louisville.

H. W. Eaton, Louisville.

Mrs. J. D. Allen, Lou.sville.

Dr. C. B. Blackburn, Louisdille.

Dr. Brandels, Lonisville.

Dr. W. B. Caldwell, Louisville.

C. K. Cavon, Louisvilie.
Adolph Moses, Louisville.
Mrs. Hollingsworth, Louisville.
Dr. James Knapp, Louisville.
Dr. W. W. Sentenny, Louisville.
Judge C. E. Kincead, Louisville.
Mr. South, Louisville.
T. C. Tucker, Louisville.
Thomas P. Jacobs, Louisville.

D. P. Faulds, Louisville.
Hon. T. L. Jefferson, Louisville.
Julius Hinzen, Sr., Louisville.
Prof. C. Dudley, Danville.
Mrs. C. Dudley, Danville.
Dr. F. F. Riley, Frankfort. —95


George W. Cable, Prisons and Asylums' Aid Society, New Orleans.

Prof. William Preston Johnson, New Orleans. _o


Dr. Jo:in Morris, Official Delegate, Prisoners' Aid Society, Baltimore. —1


F. B. Sanborn, Inspector of Charities, Concord.

Charles R. Putnam, M. D., Vice-President of Associated Charities, Boston.

Miss A. A. Chevaillier, Official Delegate and Representative of the Association for the Protection of the Insane, Boston.

R. C. Flower, M. D., Official Delegate, Boston.

E. C. Carrigan, Boston.

J. D. W. French, Associated Charities, Boston.

Henry Randall Waite, Ph. D., Special Agent U. S. Census, Boston. —7


Rt. Rev. G. D. Gillespie, Chairman of

the State Board of Corrections and

Charities, Grand Rapids. Levi L. Barbour, Member of the State

Board of Corrections and Chariteis. Witter J. Baxter, Secretary of the State

Board of Corrections and Charities,

Lansing. W: G. Demming, Secretary Childrens'

Home, Kalama/.ao. Richard R.Elliot, Secretary Association

of Charities, Detroit. John N. Foster, Superintendent State

Public School for Dependent Children,

Coldwater. Mrs. Foster, Coldwater. 3Iiss E. A. Hall, Superintendent State Industrial School for Girls, Adrian. —8


D. C. Bell. Official Delegate, Member of State Board of Corrections and Charities, Minneapolis.

Gen. C. II. Berry, Official Delegate, Member of Sta'-e Board of Corrections and Charities. Winona.

W. M. Campbell, Official Delegate, Member of the State Board of Corrections and Charities, Litchfield.

Mrs. W. M. Campbell, Litchfield.

Rev. Hastings H. Hart, Official Delegate, Secretary of State Board of Corrections and Charities, St. Paul. 'Dr. C. N. Hewitt, Official Delegate, Secretary State Board of Health, Red Wing.

D. W. Ingersoll, Official Delegate, Presided State Reform School, St. Paul.

Hon. E. S. Jones, Official Delegate, Minneapolis.

Prof. J. L. Noyes, Official Delegate, Superintendent of Institution for Deaf, Dumb and Blind, Farribault.

Hon. Nelson Williams, Official Delegate. Superintendent of Poor, Minneapolis.

Hon. A. H. Young, Official Delegate, Judge of District Court, Minneapolis.



Dr. T. J. Mitchell, Superintendent of Lu natic Asylum, Jackson. —1


Rt. Rev. C. F.'Robertson, St. Louis.

Hon. John W. Henry, Judge of Supreme

Court, Jefferson City. Hon. Thomas V. Bryant, Kansas City. Rev. T. P. Haley, D. D., Official Delegate,

Kansas City. Rev. J. G. Wilson, D. D., Official'Delegate,

St. Louis. Rabbi S. H. Sonneschein, St. Louis. —6


J. A. Gillespie, Official Delegate, Superintendent of Deaf and Dumb Institute, Omaha.

Mrs. Helen Z. Gillespie, Matron Deaf and Dumb Institute, Omaha.

Dr. H. P. Matthewson, Official Delegate, Superintendent of the Hospital for Insane, Lincoln.

Miss Mary McCowen, Official Delegate, late of the Nebraska Institute for Deaf Mutes, Omaha.

Mrs. Angie F. Newman, Official Delegate, State Superintendent of Jail and Prison Work, W. C. T. U., Lincoln. —5


J. C. Ray, Superintendent State Industrial School, Manchester. —1

NEW JERSEY. James N. Neilson, New Brunswick. —1


Hon. Wm. P. Letchworth. President of the State Board of Charities, Glen Iris, Portage ville.

Dr. Charles S. Hoyt, Secretary State Board of Charities, Albanv.

Mrs. Charles S. Hoyt.

Hon. Charles S. Fairchild, President State Charities Aid Association, New York City.

William Blake, Superintendent of Outdoor Poor, New York City.

Z. R. Brockway, Superintendent State Reformatory, Elmira.

James H. Fay, Manager New York House of Refuge.

Israel C. Jones, Superintendent New York House of Refuge, Randall's Island.

Levi S. Fulton, Superintendent Western House of Refuge, Rochester.

J. W. Skinnerj Childrens1 Aid Society, New York City.

James Matthews, Western Agent of the Childrens' Aid Society of New York City.

C. A. Richardson, Secretary of the Ontario Orphan Asylum, Canandaigua.

Dr. Wm. F. Thorns, President American Humane Society, New York City.

Dr. Israel C. Jones, Superintendent Home for Incurables, Fordham. —14


Hon. Z. B. Vance, Official Delegate, United States Senator, Charlotte.

John C. Scarborough, Official Delegate, State Superintendent of Instruction, Raleigh.

John H. Mills, Official Delegate, Superintendent Orphan Asylum, Oxford. —3


Gen. R. Brinkerhoff, Member of Board of

State Charities, Mansfield. Wm. Howard Neff, Member of Board of

State Charities, Cincinnati. Isabel Howard Neff. Cincinnati. Rev. A. G. Byers, Secretary of Board of

State Charities, Columbus. Rev. Lathrop Cooley, Chaplain of Bethel

Home, Cleveland. Mrs. L. Cooley, Matron of Bethel Home,


[blocks in formation]

Rev. J. H. De Bruin, Chaplain State Penitentiary, Columbus.

Charles Douglass, Superintendent State Reform School for Boys, Lancaster.

Mrs. Charles Douglass, Matron of Ohio 'Reform School for Boys. Lancaster.

H. C. Filler, Superintendent Franklin Cpunty Infirmary, Columbus.

Mrs. H. C. Filler, Columbus.

Hon, M. D. Follett, Official Delegate, Marietta.

R. A. Holden, President House of Refug?. Cincinnati.

J. Webb, Jr., Director House of Refuge, Cincinnati.

James Dalton, Director House of Refuge. Cincinnati.

Henry Oliver, Superintendent House of Refuge, Cincinnati.

Henry M. Jones, Superintendent of Cincinnati Hospital.

Capt. W. D. Patterson, Superintendent of House'of Correction, Cleveland.

Amasa Pratt, Superintendent of Deaf and Dumb Institute, Columbus.

W. J. Scott, M. D., Charitv Organization, Cleveland. >

A. C. Shattuck, Secretary of Cincinnati Associated Charities. —21


Philip C. Garrett, Official Delegate, Chairman of Commission on Lunacy and Member of Board of State Charities, Philadelphia.

Dr.' Diller Luther, Secretary State Board Charities, Reading.

Hon. Richard Vaux, President Board of Inspectors of Eastern State Penitentiary and Delegate from Societv for Alleviating the Miseries of Public Prisons, Philadelphia.

Rev. J. L. Milligan, Official Delegate, Chaplain Western State Penitentiary and President Allegheny County Prison Society, Allegheny.

Dr. Charles E. Cadwalader, Director of Society for Organizing Charity, and Delegate from Society for Alleviating the Miseries of Public Prisons, Philadelphia.

Dr. James W. Walk, General Secretary of Society for Organizing Charity, Philadelphia.

James V. Watson, Official Delegate, Member of Board of Managers of House of Refuge, Philadelphia.

Frederick Collins, Official Delegate, Member of Board ©f Managers of House of Refuge, Philadelphia.

Hon. Addison Lysle, Director of Allegheny County Workhouse, Allegheny.

J. R. Sypher, Director of Society for Organizing Charity, Philadelphia.

Miss M. Myers, Matron Home of Friendless, Erie.

Mablon H. Paist, Prison Society, Philadelphia,

Mrs. Paist, Philadelphia. —13


Lewis B. Smith, Member of Board of State

Charities, Nayatt. • Stephen R. Weeden, Member of Board of

State Charities, Providence.

Mrs. J. K. Barney, Official Delegate, Superintendent of Prison and Police Work for W. C. T. XL, Providence. —3


Maj. D. F. Bradley, Official Delegate, Chairman of Board of Directors of State Penitentiary, Pickens C. H.

Gen. John B. Erwin, Official Delegate, Regent of Lunatic Asylum, Lancaster C. H.

Dr. P. E. Griffin, Official Delegate, Superintendent Lunatic Asylum, Columbia.

Col. T. J. Lipscomb, Official Delegate and Superintendent State Penitentiary, Columbia.

Col. T. J. Moore, Official Delegate, Chairman of Board of Commissioners of Institution for Deaf, Dumb and Blind, Spar* tanburg.

Capt. N. F. Walker, Official Delegate, Superintendent of Institution for Deaf, Dumb and Blind, Cedar Springs. —6


Rev. J. W. Bachman, Official Delegate, Treasurer Associated Charities, Chattanooga. ^_

Hon. John C. Ferris, Probate Judge, Official Delegate, Nashville.

Hon. J. F. J. Lewis, Official Delegate, Knoxville.

F. S. Harris, Warden State Penitentiary, Nashville.

Mrs. Thomas H. McCallie, Official Delegate, Chattanooga.

Hon. R. C. McCree, Official Delegate, Chattanooga.

Mrs. Angus Campbell, Secretary W. C. A., Memphis.

Frank Hollowell, M. D., Superintendent Medical College Hospital, Nashville.

C. S. McKinney, Ripley.

Mrs. D. P. Rathbon©, Shelbyville. —10


W. G. Fairbank, Official Delegate and Superintendent Vermont Reform School, V ergennes.

Mrs. M. E. Fairbank, Matron Reform School, Vergennes. —2


Rev. R.W. Credlin, Superintendent Orphan

Asylum. Portsmouth. Miss C. F. Ainslie, Richmond. —2


Hon. Andrew E. Elmore, President State

Board of Charities and Reform, Fort

Howard. Mrs. E. B. Fairbanks, State Board of Char-,

ities and Reform, Milwaukee. Hon. H. H. Giles, State Board of Charities

and Reform, Madison. Ella A. Giles, Madison. Prof. A. O. Wright, Secretary State Board

of Charities and Reform, Madison. Lewis A. Proctor, State Board of Super

vison Wisconsin Charitable, Penal, and

Reformatory Institutions, Milwaukee.

Mrs. Mary E. Cobb, Superintendent Wisconsin Industrial School for Girls, Milwaukee.

Mrs. Sarah F. C. Little, Superintendent Blind Institute, Janesville.

Major W. J. Dawes, U. S. A., Official Delegate, Milwaukee.

Mrs. D. H. Johnson, Official Delegate, Milwaukee.

Mrs. D. A. Olin, Official Delegate, Racine. Mrs. J. Pendleton, Official Delegate, Racine. Mrs. W. J. Dawes, Official Delegate, Mil

Corinne M. Rockwell, Milwaukee. —14

Total 279

States represented 32

(Including District of Columbia.)

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