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was right about it, and from him, more than any other man, I received my impressions and instructions in regard to the treatment of the insane which is now being rapidly adopted in various states, and which has been adopted almost wholly in my own State.

The Chairman: My idea is that Dr. Wilbur was one of those strong men who come to the front in whatever work elicits their interest and sympathy. He was one of the foremost men of the times in his conception of the proper treatment of the insane. I don't think he ever had a selfish motive. He was thoroughly conscientious and devoted to the work in which he was engaged.

The resolutions were then adopted unanimously, by a rising, vote, and the Secretary was requested to send a copy to his family.

Rev. H. H. Hart, of Minnesota, reported the death of E. W. Chase, Superintendent of Poor in the city of St. Paul. He said he had done much to organize a system of public charities in Minnesota.

The Chairman said that those who met him last year at Madison knew his worth, and had some idea of the loss Minnesota had sustained in his death.

The discussion upon the papers presented at the morning session was then resumed, and was participated in by Mr. Levi S: Fulton, Superintendent of the Western • New York House of Refuge (page 358); by Dr. John Morris, of Maryland (page 359); by Mr. James H. Fay, one of the managers of the New York City House of Refuge (page 359); by Rev. L. Cooley, of Ohio (page 362); by Frederick Collins, one of the managers of the Philadelphia House of Refuge (page 363); by James V. Watson, one of the managers of the Philadelphia House of Refuge (p. 365); by Hon. Chas. S. Fairchild.of New York, President of the State Charities Aid Association; by Rev. James Matthews, of New York (page 375); by Mr. Henry Oliver, Superintendent of the Cincinnati House of Refuge (page 375); by Mr. Philip C. Garrett, of the Pennsylvania State Board of Charities (page 375); by the President of the Conference (page 376); by Dr. J. W. Walk, of Pennsylvania (page 376); by Mr. Z. R. Brockway, Superintendent of the New York Reformatory Prison; by Mrs. M. E. Cobb, Superintendent of the Wisconsin Industrial School for Girls, and by the Hon. W. P. Letch worth, President of the New York State Board of Charities.

The Business Committee reported a programme for Friday, which was adopted.

On motion of Hon. M. D. Follett, of Ohio, the thanks of the Conference were returned to Mr. Caldwell and the Trustees of the Louisville House of Refuge, for their entertainment of the Conference.

The Conference then took a recess till morning.


Friday Morning, September 2S, 1883.

The Conference was opened with prayer by Bishop G. D. Gillespie, of Michigan (page 377).

Dr. John Morris, of Maryland, of the Prisoners' Aid Society, made a brief additional report from Maryland (page 377).

Dr. Peter Bryce, of Alabama, reported briefly for that state (page 378).

Mr. W. G. Fairbank, presented a report from Vermont (page 379).

Gov. Chas. Anderson made a report for Kentucky (page 385), which was discussed by Mr. J. H. Mills, of North Carolina (page 387), by Rev. Dr. J. G. Wilson, of Missouri (page 387), by Mr. South, of Kentucky (page 387), and by Mr. Peter Caldwell, of Kentucky.

The report of the State Institutions of Wisconsin, was filed without reading by Mr. Lewis A. Proctor, a member of the State Board of Supervision of Wisconsin Charitable, Reformatory and Penal Institutions (page 388).

Dr. H. Wardner, Superintendent of the Illinois Southern Hospital for the Insane, read a paper on the Cure of the Chronic Insane (page 393).

This was discussed by Dr. P. E. Griffin, Superintendent of the South Carolina Lunatic Asylum (page 404), by Dr. Peter Bryce, Superintendent of the Alabama Insane Hospital (page 404); by Prof. A. O. Wright, Secretary of the Wisconsin State Board of Charities and Eeform (page 405); by Dr. R. S. Dewey, Superintendent of the Illinois Eastern Hospital for the Insane (page 405), and by Rev. H. H. Hart, Secretary of the Minnesota State Board of Corrections and Charities (page 405).

The report of the Standing Committee on the Education of the Deaf and Dumb, was then presented by Dr. Isaac L. Peet, Superintendent of the New York City Institution for the Education of the Deaf and Dumb (page 406).

This was discussed by Mr. Amasa Pratt, Superintendent of the Ohio Institution for the Education of the Deaf and Dumb (page 422), by Prof. J. L. Noyes, Superintendent of the Minnesota Institution for the Education of the Deaf and Dumb and Blind (pape422).

The Committee on Organization presented the following report, which was adopted:


President — Hon. William P. Letchworth, Buffalo, N. Y.

Vice President Rt. Rev. C. F. Robertson, St. Louis, Mo.

Recording Secretary — Prof. A. O. Wright, Madison, Wis.

Secretaries Charles S. Hoyt, M. D., Albany, N. Y.; P. Caldwell, Louisville, Ky.; Rev. H. H. Hart, St. Paul, Minn.

Honorary Secretary—Rev. J. L. Milligan, Allegheny, Perm.

Corresponding Secretaries—Rev. J. K. Mason, D. D., Fryeburg, Me.; Joseph B. Walker, Concord, N. H.; W. G. Fairbank, Vergennes, Vt.; Joseph A. Allen, Westborough, Mass.; Lewis B. Smith, Nayatt, R. I.; George E. Howe, West Meriden, Conn.; Philip C. Garrett, Philadelphia, Penn.; E. M. Hunt, M. D., Trenton, N. J.; Rev. T. Gardiner Littell, Wilmington, Del.; Rev. A. G. Byers, Columbus, O.; Very Rev. August L. Bessonies, Indianapolis, Ind.; Mrs. J. L. Beveridge, Evanston. 111.; W. J. Baxter, Lansing, Mich.; Hon. H. H. Giles, Madison, V is.; D. C. Bell, Minneapolis, Minn.; L. D. Lewelling, Mitchellville, la.; ex-Gov. J. P. St. John, Olathe, Kan.; Mrs. J. S. Sperry, Pueblo, Col.; Judge John W. Henry, Jefferson City, Mo.; Daniel Gober, M. D., Frankfort, Ky.; Dr. Peter Bryce, Tuscaloosa, Ala.; Dr. T. J. Mitchell, Jackson, Miss.; John C. Ferris, Nashville, Tenn.; ex-Gov. A. H. Colquitt, Atlanta, Ga.; Mrs. C. F. Ainslie, Richmond, Va.; Hon. G. W. Thompson, Wheeling, W. Va.; Hon. William R. Stewart, New York City, N. Y.; Gen. John B. Irwin, Lancaster C. H., S. C; Dr. H. V. Lucas, Tallahassee. Fla.; J. H. Mills, Oxford, N. C; Mrs. Sara A. Spencer, Washington, D. C; C. S. Griffith, Baltimore, Md.; George E. Dodge, Little Rock, Ark.; Hon. James McConnell, New Orleans, La.; Hon. L. Bradford Prince, Santa Fe, N. M.; E. R. High ton, Alameda, Cal.; J. A. Gillespie, Omaha, Neb.; Rev. Dr. G. H. Atkinson, Portland, Ore.; Gen. M. M. Bane, Salt Lake City, Utah; ex-Gov. J. W. Hoyt, Cheyenne, Wyo.; Theodore D. Kanouse, Woonsocket, Dakota.


On Reports from States.— Rev. Fred. H. Wines. Springfield, I1L; Rev. J. L. Milligan, Allegheny, Penn.; Prof. A. O. Wright, Madison, Wis.; Rev. Dr. J. G. Wilson, St. Louis, Mo.

On Charity Organization in Cities.— Hon. Charles S. Fairchild, New York City; Dr. C. R. Putnam, Boston, Mass.; Mrs. E. B. Fairbanks, Milwaukee, Wis.; J. R. Sypher, Philadelphia, Penn.; Rabbi S. H. Sonneschein, St. Louis, Mo.; Prof. Francis Wayland, New Haven, Conn.; Miss M. A. Ross, Chicago, 111.; Richard R. Elliott, Detroit, Mich.; Hon. W. F. Bullock, Louisville, Ky.; T. Guilford Smith, Buffalo, N. Y.

On the Organization and Management of Reformatories and Houses of Refuge.—Hon. Andrew E. Elmore, Ft. Howard, Wis.; Rev. W. G. Eliot, D. D., St. Louis, Mo.; Z. R. Broekway, Elmira, N. Y.; Israel C. Jones, Randall's Island,' N. Y.; Levi S. Fulton, Rochester, N. Y.; H. L. Hoguet, New York City; E. M. Carpenter, New York City; Joseph A. Allen, Westborough, Mass.; Wm. H. Neff, Cincinnati, O.; R. C. Davis, Louisvilte, Ky.; C. H. Bond, Middletown, Conn.; Jas. V. Watson, Philadelphia, Penn.; F. M. Howe, Sockanosset, R. I.; W. G. Fairbank, Vergennes, Vt.; Solon Kendall, Geneseo, 111.; Geo. E. Howe, West Meriden, Conn.; C. A. Johnson, Salem, Mass.; Gardiner Tufts, Palmer, Mass.; D. W. Ingersoll, St. Paul, Minn.; James H. Eastman, Jamesburg, N. J.; J. D. Scouller, M D. Pontiac, 111.; Rev. B. W. Chidlaw, Cleves, O.; Hon. Charles Reemelin, Cincinnati, O.

On the Organization and Management of Prisons and Penitentiaries.— Ex-Go v. Charles Anderson, Kuttawa, Ky.; Rev. A. G. Byers, Columbus, O.; Col. T. J. Lipscomb, Columbia, S. C; Chas. F. Coffin, Richmond, Ind.; Miss Clara Barton, Washington, D. C.; Hon. Richard Vaux, Philadelphia, Penn.; Judge A. H. Young, Minneapolis, Minn.; Judge John W. Henry, Jefferson City, Mo.; W. J. Hicks, Raleigh, N. C; ex-Gov. David H. Jerome, Saginaw, Mich.; Gov. Robert Lowry, Jackson, Miss.; Eugene Smith, New York City.

Police System and Administration.— F. L. Jenkins, Brooklyn, N. Y.; Gen. Thomas H. Taylor, Louisville, Ky.; Elmer Washburn, Chicago, 111.; Hon. John W. Andrews, Columbus, O.; Mrs. J. K Barney, Providence, R. I.

On Organization and Management of Poorhouses.— Hon. H. H. Giles, Madison, Wis.; F. B. Sanborn, Concord, Mass.; Hon. Samuel F. Miller, North Franklin, N. Y.; Hon. George E. McGonegal, Rochester, N. Y.; Gen. R. Brinkerhoff, Mansfield, Ohio; W. J. Baxter, Lansing, Mich.; Rev. J. W. Bachman, Chattanooga, Tenn.; Hon. Thomas V. Bryant, Kansas City, Missouri; R. D. McGonnigle, Alleghany City, Penn.

On Provision for the Chronic Insane.— Dr. J. B. Chapin, Willard, N. Y.; Dr. R. C. Chenault, Lexington, Ky.; Dr. J. H. Vivian, Mineral Point, Wis.; Dr. P. E. Griffin, Columbia, S. C; Dr. R. H. Chase, Norristown, Penn.; Dr. W. B. Goldsmith, Dan vers, Mass.; Dr. H. C. Rutter, Columbus, Ohio; Dr. T. R. H. Smith, Fulton, Missouri; Dr. J. A. Reed, Dixmont, Penn.; Dr. Peter Bryce, Tuscaloosa, Ala.; Dr. Stephen Smith, New York City; Dr. George C. Catlett, St. Joseph, Mo.; Dr." W. W. Godding, Washington, D. C.

On Provision for Idiots.— Isaac N. Kerlin, M. D., Elwyn, Penn.; Mrs. C. R. Lowell, New York City; J. K. Ruckenbrod, Salem, Ohio; George G. Tarbell, M. D., Boston, Mass.; W. W. Reed, M. D., Jefferson, Wis.; George H. Knight, M. D., Faribault, Minn.; G. A. Doren, M. D., Syracuse, N. Y.; Hon. H. M. Green, Leavenworth, Kansas; Dr. M. F. Coomes, Louisville, Ky.

On Child-Saving Work.— Hon. C. D. Randall, Cold water, Mich.; Mrs. J. L. Beveridge, Evanston, 111.; Miss Elizabeth C. Putnam, 63 Marlboro St., Boston, Mass.; Mrs. Clara T. Leonard, Spring

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