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field, Mass.; Miss Dora B. Robinson, 44 Court St., Brooklyn, N. Y.; Mrs. L. D. Lewelling, Mitchellville, la.; Miss Emily Huntington, 125 St. Marks' Place, New York City; Mrs. Sarah B. Cooper, 1902 Vallejo St., San Francisco, Cal.; Mrs. M. J. Telford, Denver, Col.; Mrs. W. N. Sage, 81 Plymouth Ave., Rochester, N. Y.; Mrs. M. E. Rockwell Cobb, Milwaukee, Wis.; Miss Ella A. Giles, Madison, Wis.; Mrs. S. J. Smith, Indianapolis, Ind.; Mrs. B. J. Miles, Eldora, la.; Mrs, H. Wardner, Anna, 111.; Mrs. M. E. Cooley, Ann Arbor, Mich.; Miss A. K. Irving, Charleston, S. C; Fred. N. Owen, 52 West 51st St., New York City; John H. Mills, Oxford, N C; Rev. C. L. Brace, 19 East 4th St., New York City; Rev. H. H. Hart, St. Paul, Minn.; Hon. John C. Ferris, Nashville, Tenn.; Rev. R. W. Credlin, Portsmouth, Va.

Local Committee*—Rev. Dr. W. G. Eliot; Prof. M. S. Snow; Hon. Henry Hitchcock; Hon. Isaac H. Sturgeon; Capt. Silas Bent; Hon. George Partridge; Edwin Harrison; Samuel M. Kennard; Hon. Peter S. Foy; Hon. James E. Yeatman; Hon. Wm. C. Ewing; Hon. J. O. Broadhead; Hon. E. O. Stanard; Charles Gibson; Rabbi S. H. Sonneschein; Hon. Albert Todd; Andrew Leslie; Sylvester H. Laflin; G. E. Leighton; Prof. C. M. Woodward; G. V. Schenck, M. D.; J. M. Leete, M. D.; Chas. A. Todd, M. D.; Charles E. Briggs, M. D.; Hon. Henry Overstolz; Joseph Franklin; Richard M. Scruggs; Samuel Cuppies; Wallace Delafield, Isaac M. Mason; Rev. Dr. W. W. Boyd; Rev. Dr. S. J. Niccolls; Rev. Dr. C. L. Goodell; Rt. Rev. C. F. Robertson; Rev. Dr. J. G. Wilson; Rt. Rev. P. J. Ryan; Very Rev. Edward A. Higgins; Wm. G. Hammond, LL. D.; Hon. G. A. Madill; Rev. Dr . Truman A. Post; A. Frank.

The Conference then took a recess till afternoon.


Friday Afternoon, September 28, 1883.

A few minutes were given to miscellaneous discussion, participated in by Hon. John C. Scarboro, of North Carolina (page 424); by Dr. M. F. Coomes, of Kentucky (page 424); by Mr. Thomas, of Kentucky, by Mr. O. Huse, of

*note — A few changes in the membership of Committees have been made since the adjournment of the Conference, which are embodied in the above list. Prof. M. S. Snow, 2800 Olive St., St. Louis, is Secretary of the Local Committee, to whom all communications respecting local arrangements should be addressed.

Illinois (page 424); by Rev. Dr. J. G. Wilson, of Missouri (page 425); by Dr. Chas. S. Hoyt, of New York (page 425); by Mr. W. J. Baxter, of Michigan (page 425); by Mr. M. M. Campbell, of Indiana; by Mr. W. G. Fairbank, of Vermont (page 425).

The discussion on the education of the deaf and dumb was then continued from the morning session, and was participated in by Prof. J. A. Gillespie, Superintendent of the Nebraska Institution for the Education of the Deaf and Dumb (page 420); by Miss Mary McCowen, of the same institution (page 427); by Dr. M. F. of Kentucky (page 427); by Prof. J. L. Noyes, Superintendent of the Minnesota Institution for the Education of the Deaf and Dumb and Blind (page 427); by Dr. W. J. Scott, of Ohio; by the President of the Conference, by Prof. A. O. Wright, Secretary of the Wisconsin State Board of Charities and Reform, and by Dr. C. R. Putnam, of Massachusetts.

The report of the Committee on Preventive Medical Charities was then presented by the Chairman of the Committtee, Dr. J. W. Walk, of Pennsylvania (page 428).

A paper on " First Aid to Injured," prepared by Mr. John B. Pine, of New York, Secretary of the Society for Instruction in First Aid to the Injured, was read in his absence by Judge C. E. Kincaid, Sr. (page 428). This paper was discussed by Dr. W. F. Thorns, of New York, President of the American Humane Society.

A paper upon Congregate and Segregate Buildings for the Insane was presented by Dr. R. S. Dewey, Superintendent of the Illinois Eastern Hospital for the Insane (page 441).

This paper was discussed by Gen. R. Brinkerhoff of the Ohio State Board of Charities.

Hon. M. D. Follet, of Ohio, presented a report from the special committee on memorializing Congress to appoint delegates to the International Prison Congress to be held at Rome in October, 1884, recommending that a memorial be adopted to Congress tor the appointment of Commissioners, and also that the Governors and Legislatures of States be requested to send delegates.

Upon motion of Gen. R. Brinkerhoff, of Ohio, the report was adopted.

Mr. J. H. Mills, of North Carolina, spoke in reference to the prison system of his State (page 456), and Hon. J. C. Scarboro, of North Carolina, said a few words (page 457).

On motion of Dr. Walk, of Pennsylvania, the President and Secretaries of the Conference were added to the committee on memorializing Congress and the State governments in regard to representatives at the International Prison Congress, and the committee was continued with power to act in the recess of the Conference.

'The report of the State of South Carolina was presented by Col. T. J. Moore, one of the State delegates, (page 457), including reports of several State institutions by the Superintendents, who were present, and were referred to the Publication Committee without reading.

A report by Mrs. Angie F. Newman, upon Jail and Prison Work of the Women's Christian Temperance Union in Nebraska, was referred to the Publication Committee without reading (page 460).

A report of the New Hampshire State Industrial School was presented by Mr. J. C. Ray, the Superintendent, and was referred to the Publication Committee without reading (page 463).

The Conference then took a recess till evening.



On Friday, September 28, at 3 P. M., a number of ladies and gentlemen, specially interested in child-saving work, met in one of the committee rooms adjoining the council chamber. Hon. W. P. Letchworth, chairman of the committee on Preventive Work among Children, presided.

Dr. C. R. Putnam, of Massachusetts, read a paper prepared by his sister, Miss E. C. Putnam, one of the trustees of the State Primary and Reform Schools, on the System of Visiting the Girls and Smaller Boys who are wards of the state of Massachusetts (page 477).

Mrs. M. E. Cobb, superintendent of the Wisconsin Industrial School for Girls, presented a paper on Preventive Work among Children (page 480).

Rev. C. H. Bond, Superintendent of the Connecticut Industrial School for Girls presented a paper on How We Place Out Girls in Connecticut (page 481).

A general discussion was had upon these papers.


Friday Evening, September, 28,1883.

Prof. A. O. Wright, Secretary of the Wisconsin State Board of Charities and Reform, made a statement in regard to remarkable cures of filthiness in chronic insane in Dodge County Asylum, in Wisconsin.

Hon. W. P. Letchworth, of New York, offered the following resolutions, which were adopted:

Resolved, By the National Conference of Charities and Corrections of the United States, that T. B. LI. Baker, Esq., of Hardwicke Court, Gloucester, England, be invited to visit this country, and attend the annual session of the Conference next year, in the city of St. Louis.

Resolved, That this action is not only an expression of our desire, but a recognition of the influence which Mr. Baker has had in moulding, by his writings and his correspondence, the views of the Conference upon the important subjects which have came before us for our consideration.

Upon this resolution Mr. Letch worth said a few words,

and the President of the Conference spoke as follows:

Mr. Wines, of Illinois: Mr. Baker was an intimate friend of my father. I had the pleasure of meeting him in the International Prison Congress at Stockholm. I think I have never seen a man of purer character or of a more elevated type of Christianity. His influence is great, not only in England but upon the Continent. He has written many letters to members of this Conference; and some of the ablest papers read before us at this meeting were inspired by him. He has been connected with all the great movements in the old world looking towards prison reform. He is also a valued member of the British Social Science Association. He is in very bad health, and it is hardly possible that he can survive the winter. I earnestly hope that he can be with us next year at St. Louis, and that we may have the benefit of his great knowledge upon these all-important subjects.

Hon. H. H. Giles, of Wisconsin, moved that the officers of the Conference be instructed to correspond with members, and with the local committee of arrangements, in relation to the time of holding the next conference, which was agreed to.

Mr. Peter Caldwell, Superintendent of the Louisville House of Refuge addressed the Conference (page 465).

Prof. A. O. Wright, Recording Secretary of the Conference, and Chairman of the Publication Committee, read a report of the finances of the Conference as follows:

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