Crites in the Church

Xulon Press, 2008 - 148 páginas
Crites are tricksters (deceivers), stimulated by hypocrisy. Being a Crite is like a snake, very subtle. They cross many boundaries. Crites transcends families, denominations and cross partisan party lines. They gravitate to new heights, to being a "bigger than thy, to new lows; crabbing each other out, particularly in the netting game, taking advantage, luring, or enticing people through spiritual and other clever schemes. In the history of the Church, hypocrisy has always caused many of the major problems among the saints because of the wiles of the Evil One. The Saints of God must put on the Lord Jesus Christ, through faith in the Word of God, to bind up and to destroy the satanic powers of the Crites In The Church. Apostle H. Frank Hemby, Sr., is the founder and general Bishop of The First Biblican Church of Deliverance Inc., and the president of C T B O C D Inc. (Carrying The Banner of Christian Distinction) which is a Jehovah-Nissi Outreach Ministry, "Raising the Banner of the Lord" according to Exodus 17:15 and John 12:32. Apostle Hemby is an Army and Navy veteran and the recipient of the Bronze Star Medal; Valorous Unit Award. He has earned Citation Awards and Diplomas for outstanding achievement during his distinguished Insurance business career as a Life Underwriter Training Counsel Fellow (LUTCF). Apostle Hemby's greatest moments came through the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, leading him to study, to pray and to meditate on the Word of God as he sits at the feet of Jesus Christ. From this position flows renewed vision and purpose. From vision and purpose, hope was truly birthed.

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