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"God made man upright, but he has sought out many inventions."




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"Man know thyself," is a precept of unlimited ina portance. Without self-knowledge, no permanent foundation can exist, upon which to build a knowledge of the great diversity of things with which we are surrounded. Many of the religious delusions and impostures, which have existed, have obtained their influence and celebrity, through a wide spread ignorance of human nature, and can exist no longer than men shall remain shrouded in this mantle of darkness!

What, but ignorance of human nature, has led to the admission, by many religionists, of the doctrine of total hereditary depravity? A doctrine, which, in order to its refutation, needs but one enlightened glance of the mind's eye, at the principles of which man is composed. This doctrine, although incompatible with every principle of self-knowledge, has become extensively popular-is in fact a precious ingredient in many popular creeds is the chief corner stone of Calvinistic and Arminian sectarism. Men with difficulty look within themselves; and being repeatedly told that their depravity is total and hereditary, take the truth of it for granted, on the mere ipse dixit of those who teach it, without that examination, which is necessary to a detection of its fallacies.

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