Inspirational Meditation: A Collection of Spiritual Poetry to Ponder

AuthorHouse, 2007 - 488 páginas
We have forgotten so much of what we were taught as we grew up. No, not what we were taught in public and private schools. What we are forgetting everything taught from the Bible. All of those lessons taught to us in church and Sunday school pertaining to the Scriptures seem to have vanished from out minds. We see the decay in the movies and on TV as well as what we read in the newspaper every day. There is really no regard for the welfare for others any longer. We could care less as long as number one is taken care of, ourselves. No morals are left. Violence and sexual acts are so common everywhere that we don't even blink an eye about it. Without morals, it's natural now to even take the Lord's name in vane. People have taken the word freedom literally to do whatever they please. We are at a time in our world today of needing God more than ever in our lives. So often, we think that we know all of the answers when in reality we do not. The problem is our pride that is a sin in itself. We are not able to humble ourselves to think of a force more powerful than man. Praying to God on problems is out of the question for some. So it is time for us to meditate, pondering the values and morals that God had left us in Scripture. All Scripture used is taken from the King James version.

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