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Moses inspects the Finished Work. The Tabernacle erected 27 And they made the coats of all that Jehovah commanded Moses, fine linen of woven work for Aaron, so the children of Israel did all the and for his sons, 28 and the imitre work. 43 And Moses saw all the of fine linen, and the goodly head- work, and, behold, they had done tires of fine linen, and the linen it; as Jehovah had commanded, breeches of fine twined linen, 29 and even so had they done it: and the girdle of fine twined linen, and Moses blessed them. blue and purple and scarlet; ethe 40 And Jehovah, sya ke uinto vah commanded Moses.

day of the first month shalt thou 30 And they made the plate of the rear up the tabernacle of the tent of holy crown of pure gold, and wrote meeting. 3 And thou shalt put. upon it a writing, like the engrav- therein the ark of the testimony, ings of a signet, HOLY TO JEHOVAH. and thou shalt screen the ark with 31 And they tied unto it a lace of the veil

. 4 And thou shalt bring in blue, to fasten it upon the imitre the table, and set in order the things above;

as Jehovah commanded that are upon it; and thou shalt Moses.

bring in the candlestick, and 3 light !!! 32 Thus was finished all the work the lamps thereof. 5. And thou 656 of the tabernacle of the tent of shalt set the golden altar for incense za to meeting : and the children of Israel before the ark of the testimony, and to did according to all that Jehovah put the screen of the door to the aus commanded Moses ; so did they, tabernacle. 6 And thou shalt set it 33 And they brought the tabernacle the altar of burnt-offering before the same unto Moses, the Tent, and all its door of the tabernacle of the tent of a furniture, its clasps, its boards, its meeting. 7 And thou shalt set the many bars, and its pillars, and its sockets; laver between the tent of meeting 34 and the covering of rams' skins and the altar, and shalt put water bm dyed red, and the covering of 2 seal- therein. 8 And thou shalt set up skins, and the veil of the screen ; the court round about, and hang up 35 the ark of the testimony, and the up the screen of the gate of the staves thereof, and the mercy-seat; court. . 9 And thou shalt take the equat 36 the table, all the vessels thereof, anointing oil, and anoint the taband the showbread ; 37 the pure can- ernacle, and all that is therein, and dlestick, the lamps thereof, even the shalt hallow it, and all the furni- tad lamps to be set in order, and all ture thereof; and it shall be holy. sa te the vessels thereof, and the oil for 10 And thou shalt anoint the altar the light; 39 and the golden altar, of burnt-offering, and all its vessels, and the anointing oil, and the and sanctify the altar: and the altare sweet incense, and the screen for shall be most holy. 11 And thou the door of the Tent; 39 the brazen shalt anoint the laver and its base, altar, and its grating of brass, its and sanctify it. 12. And thou shalt staves, and all its vessels, the laver bring Aaron and his sons unto the and its base; 40 the hangings of the door of the tent of meeting, and shalt court, its pillars, and its sockets, wash them with water. 13 And thou and the screen for the gate of the shalt put upon Aaron the holy garcourt, the cords thereof, and the ments; and thou shalt anoint him, pins thereof, and all the instruments and sanctify him, that he may minof the service of the tabernacle, for ister unto me in the priest's office. the tent of meeting; 41 the finely 14 And thou shalt bring his sons, wrought garments for ministering and put coats upon them ; 15 and in the holy place, and the holy gar- thou shalt anoint them, as thou ments for Aaron the priest, and the didst anoint their father, that they garments of his sons, to minister in may minister unto me in the priest's the priest's office. 42 According to office: and their anointing shall be 2 Or, porpoise-skins

3 Or, set up

1 Or, turban

it; and

ark with

ad light nd thou

The Tabernacle erected. The Cloud over the Tent ed Moses

to them for an everlasting priest- | manded Moses. 28 And he put the id all the head throughout their generations. screen of the door to the tabernacle. w all the Thus did Moses: according to all 29 And he set the altar of burntnad done that Jehovah commanded him, so offering at the door of the taberzimanded adhe.

nacle of the tent of meeting, and 17 And it came to pass in the first offered upon it the burnt-offering

month in the second year, on the and the meal-offering; as Jehovah ake unto frst day of the month, that the tab-commanded Moses. 30 And he set the first emacle was reared up.

18 And the laver between the tent of meeting halt thou Moses reared up the tabernacle, and and the altar, and put water therein, ne tent d laid its sockets, and set up the wherewith to wash. 31 And Mohalt put boards thereof, and put in the bars ses and Aaron and his sons washed stimon, thereof

, and reared up its pillars. their hands and their feet thereat ;

19 And he spread the tent over the 32 when they went into the tent of bring in tabernacle

, and put the covering of meeting, and when they came near he thing the tent above upon it; as Jehovah unto the altar, they washed; as Jeou shalt commanded Moses. 20 And he took hovah commanded "Moses, 33 And

and put the testimony into the ark, he reared up the court round about and set the staves on the ark, and the tabernacle and the altar, and pat the mercy-seat above upon the set up the screen of the gate of the ark: 21 and he brought the ark into court. So Moses finished the work. tebe tabernacle

, and set up the veil 34 Then the cloud covered the of the screen, and screened the ark tent of meeting, and the glory of -fore the of the testimony; as Jehovah com- Jehovah filled the tabernacle.

manded Moses. 22 And he put the 35 And Moses was not able to table in the tent of meeting, upon enter into the tent of meeting, bethe side of the tabernacle north- cause the cloud_abode thereon, and ward, without the veil. 23 And he the glory of Jehovah filled the

so the bread in order upon, it before tabernacle. 36 And when the d hang Jehovah; as Jehovah commanded cloud was taken up from over


. 24 And he put the candle the tabernacle, the children of stick in the tent of meeting, over Israel went onward, throughout against the table, on the side of the all their journeys: 37 but if the tabernacle southward. 25 And he cloud was not taken up, then they "lighted the lamps before Jehovah; journeyed not till the day that it 23 Jehovah commanded Moses. was taken up. 38 For the cloud of % And he put the golden altar in Jehovah was upon the tabernacle the tent of meeting before the veil: by day, and there was fire therein

and he burnt thereon incense by night, in the sight of all the of sweet spices; as Jehovah com- house of Israel, throughout all their 10r, set up



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The Law of Burnt-offerings And 1

Jehovah called unto for a burnt-offering; he shall offer Moses, and spake unto him out it a male without blemish. 11 And of the tent of meeting, saying, he shall kill it on the side of the 2 Speak unto the children of Israel, altar northward before Jehovah : and say unto them, When any man and Aaron's sons, the priests, shall of you offereth an oblation unto Je- sprinkle its blood upon the altar hovah, ye shall offer your oblation round about 12 And he shall cut of the cattle, even of the herd and it into its pieces, with its head and of the flock.

its fat; and the priest shall lay them 3 If his oblation be a burnt-offer- in order on the wood that is on the ing of the herd, he shall offer it a fire which is upon the altar: 13 but male without blemish: he shall the inwards, and the legs shall he offer it at the door of the tent of wash with water. And the priest meeting, that he may be accepted shall offer the whole, and burn it before Jehovah. 4 And he shall upon the altar: it is a burnt-offering, lay his hand upon the head of the an offering made by fire, of a sweet burnt-offering; and it shall be ac savor unto Jehovah. cepted for him to make atonement 14 And if his oblation to Jehovah for him. 5 And he shall kill the be a burnt-offering of birds, then bullock before Jehovah; and Aaron's he shall offer his oblation of turtlesons, the priests, shall present the doves, or of young pigeons. 15 And blood, and sprinkle the blood round the priest shall bring it unto the about upon the altar that is at the altar, and lwring off its head, and door of the tent of meeting. 6 And burn it on the altar; and the blood he shall fiay the burnt-offering, and thereof shall be drained out on the cut it into its pieces. 7 And the side of the altar; 16 and he shall sons of Aaron the priest shall put take away its crop with the 2 filth fire upon the altar, and lay wood in thereof, and cast it beside the altar order upon the fire; 8 and Aaron's on the east part, in the place of the sons, the priests, shall lay the pieces, ashes : 17 and he shall rend it by the head, and the fat, in order upon the wings thereof, but shall not the wood that is on the fire which is divide it asunder. And the priest upon the altar: 9 but its inwards shall burn it upon the altar, upon and its legs shall he wash with the wood that is upon the fire: water. And the priest shall burn it a burnt-offering, an offering the whole on the altar, for a burnt- made by fire, of a sweet savor unto offering, an offering made by fire, | Jehovah. of a sweet sa vor unto Jehovah. 10 And if his oblation be of the 2 And when any one offereth an

oblation of a meal-offering unto flock, of the sheep, or of the goats, 1 Or, pinch

2 Or, feathers

Flall offer 11.11 of the

ta shal he alta

ead and arthen

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The Law of leal-offerings; of Peace-offerings Jehorah, his oblation shall be of the covenant of thy God to be lackfine four; and he shall pour oil upon ing from thy meal-offering: with it, and put frankincense thereon: all thine oblations thou shalt offer 2. and he shall bring it to Aaron's salt. was the priests; and he shall take 14 And if thou offer a meal-offer-' thereout his handful of the fine flour ing of first-fruits unto Jehovah, thou thereof

, and of the oil thereof, with shalt offer for the meal-offering of all the frankincense thereof. And thy first-fruits grain in the ear the priest shall burn it as the memo parched with fire, bruised grain of ral thereof upon the altar, an offer the fresh ear. 15 And thou shalt ing made by fire, of a sweet savor put oil upon it, and lay frankincense unto Jehovah: 3 and that which is thereon: it is a meal-offering. 16 And leit of the meal-offering shall be the priest shall burn the memorial of Aaron's and his sons': it is a thing it, part of the bruised grain thereof, mest holy of the offerings of Jeho and part of the oil thereof, with all sah made by fire.

the frankincense thereof: it is an 4 And when thou offerest an offering made by fire unto Jehovah. oblation of a meal-offering baken in the oven, it shall be unbeatenea 3 And if his oblation be a stela:

fice of 2 peace-offerings; if he Fehovah cakes of fine flour mingled with oil offer of the herd, whether male or

or unleavened wafers anointed with female, he shall offer it without blem-
cal And if thy oblation be a ish before Jehovah. 2 And he shall
meal-offering of the 1 baking-pan, it lay his hand upon the head of his
shall be of fine flour unleavened, oblation, and kill it at the door of
mingled with oil. 6 Thou shalt the tent of meeting: and Aaron's
part it in pieces, and pour oil there. sons, the priests shall sprinkle the
41: it is a meal-offering. 7 And if blood upon the altar round about.
tay oblation be a meal-offering of 3 And he shall offer of the sacrifice
the frying-pan, it shall be made of of peace-offerings an offering made
Sne four with oil. 8 And thou shalt by fire unto Jehovah; the fat that
bring the mead-offering that is made covereth the inwards, and all the fat
of these things unto Jehovah; and that is upon the inwards, 4 and the
it shall be presented unto the priest, two kidneys, and the fat that is on
and he shall bring it unto the altar. | them, which is by the loins, and the
9 And the priest shall take up from caul upon the liver, 3 with the kid-
the meal-offering the memorial neys, shall he take away. 5 And
thereof, and shall burn it upon the Aaron's sons shall burn it on the

, an offering made by fire, of a altar upon the burnt-offering, which
sweet savor unto Jehovah. 10 And is upon the wood that is on the fire :
that which is left of the meal-offer- it is an offering made by fire, of a
ing shall be Aaron's and his sons : sweet savor unto Jehovah.
it 13 a tbing most holy of the offer 6 And if his oblation for a sacri-
ings of Jehovah made by fire. fice of peace offerings unto Jehovah
11 No meal-offering, which ye be of the floek; male or female, he
shall offer unto Jehovah, shall be shall offer it without blemish. 7 If
made with leaven; for ye shall he offer a lamb for his oblation,
burn no leaven, nor any honey, as then shall he offer it before Jeho
an offering made by fire unto Jehovah ; 8 and he shall lay his hand

. 12 As an oblation of first- upon the head of his oblation, and fruits ye shall offer them unto kill it before the tent of meeting: Jehovah: but they shall not come and Aaron's sons shall sprinkle the up for a sweet savor on the altar. blood thereof upon the altar round 13 And every oblation of thy meal- about. 9 And he shall offer of the offering shalt thou, season with salt; sacrifice of peace-offerings an offerneither shalt thoa suffer the salt of

2 Or, thank-offerings 10r, flat plate

3 Or, which he shall take away by the kidneys

burn it

offering. Street


turtle 5.In to d. and

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of Israel err, and the thing be hide

The Law of Sin-offerings: for the Congregation ing made by fire unto Jehovah ; the bring it to the tent of meeting : 61 fat thereof, the fat tail entire, he and the priest shall dip his finger in blu shall take away hard by the back the blood, and sprinkle of the blood in bone; and the fat that covereth the seven times before Jehovah, before inwards, and all the fat that is upon the veil of the sanctuary. 7 And the bu the inwards, 10 and the two kid- | priest shall put of the blood upon neys, and the fat that is upon them, the horns of the altar of sweet in-lite which is by the loins, and the caul cense before Jehovah, which is ini, upon the liver, with the kidneys, the tent of meeting; and all the shall he take away.

11 And the blood of the bullock shall he pour shei priest shall burn it upon the altar: out at the base of the altar of burnt- con it is the 1 food of the offering made offering, which is at the door of the che by fire unto Jehovah.

tent of meeting. 8 And all the fat of sther 12 And if his oblation be a goat, the bullock of the sin-offering heshalla 14 then he shall offer it before Jehovah: take off from it; the fat that cover 13 and he shall lay his hand upon eth the inwards, and all the fat that tage the head of it, and kill it before the is upon the inwards, 9 and the two is the tent of meeting; and the sons of kidneys, and the fat that is upon Aaron shallsprinkle the blood thereof them, which is by the loins, and the upon the altar round about. 14 And caul upon the liver, with the kid- more he shall offer thereof his oblation, neys, shall he take away, 10 as it is even an offering made by fire unto taken off from the ox of the sacrifice hd Jehovah; the fat that covereth the of peace-offerings: and the priest inwards, and all the fat that is upon shall burn them upon the altar of cotton the inwards, 15 and the two kidneyş, burnt-offering. 11 And the skin of this and thief at that

is when them, while the bullock, and all its flesh, with its liver, with the kidneys, shall he take wards, and its dung, 12 even the away. 16 And the priest shall burn whole bullock shall he carry forth. them upon the altar: it is the food without the camp unto a clean place, of the offering made by fire, for a where the ashes are poured out, and sweet savor; all the fat is Jeho burn it on wood with fire: where vah's. 17 It shall be a perpetual the ashes are poured out shall it be statute throughout your generations burnt. in all your dwellings, that ye shall 13 And if the whole congregation eat neither fat nor blood. 4

ses, saying, 2 Speak unto the they have done any of the things children of Israel, saying, If any one which Jehovah hath commanded shall sin 2 unwittingly, in any of the not to be done, and are guilty; 14 things . which Jehovah hath com- when the sin 'wherein they have manded not to be done, and shall do sinned is known, then the assembly any one of them: 3 if the anointed shall offer a young bullock for a sinpriest shall sin so as to bring guilt offering, and bring it before the tent on the people, then let him offer for of meeting. 15 And the elders of his sin, which he hath sinned, a the congregation shall lay their young bullock without blemish unto hands upon the head of the bullock Jehovah for a sin-offering. 4 And before Jehovah; and the bullock he shall bring the bullock unto the shall be killed before Jehovah. 16 door of the tent of meeting, before And the anointed priest shall bring Jehovah; and he shall lay his hand of the blood of the bullock to the upon the head of the bullock, and tent of meeting : 17 and the priest kill the bullock before Jehovah. I shall dip his finger in the blood, and 5 And the anointed priest shall take sprinkle it seven times before Jehothe blood of the bullock, and vah, before the veil. 18 And he 2 Or, through error shall put of the blood upon the horns

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Teh. bread.

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