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A Call to Fasting and Prayer. Jehovah shows Pity and Favor for the water brooks are dried up, turn ye unto me with all your heart, and the fire hath devoured the and with fasting, and with weeping, pastures of the wilderness.

and with mourning: 13 and rend 2

and sound an alarm in my holy and turn unto Jehovah your God; mountain; let all the inhabitants of for he is gracious and merciful, slow the land tremble: for the day of Je-| to anger, and abundant in lovinghovah cometh, for it is nigh at hand; kindness, and repenteth him of the 2 a day of darkness and gloominess, evil. 14 Who knoweth whether he a day of clouds and thick darkness, will not turn and repent, and as the dawn spread upon the moun- leave a blessing behind him, even a tains; a great people and a strong ; meal-offering and a drink-offering there hath not been ever the like, unto Jehovah your God? neither shall be any more after them, 15 Blow the trumpet in Zion, even to the years of many genera- sanctify a fast, call a solemn assemtions. 3 A fire devoureth before bly ; 16 gather the people, sanctify them; and behind them a flame the assembly, assemble the 5 old men, bureth: the land is as the garden gather the children, and those that of Eden before them, and behind suck the breasts ; let the bridegroom them a desolate wilderness; yea, go forth from his chamber, and the and none hath escaped them. bride out of her closet. 11 Let the

4 The appearance of them is as priests, the ministers of Jehovah, the appearance of horses; and as weep between the porch and the 2 horsemen, so do they run. 5 Like altar, and let them say, Spare thy the noise of chariots on the tops of people, O Jehovah, and give not the mountains do they leap, like the thy heritage to reproach, that the noise of a flame of fire that devour nations should 6 rule over them : eth the stubble, as a strong people wherefore should they say, among set in battle array.

6 At their the peoples, Where is their God? presence the peoples are in anguish ; 18 Then was Jehovah jealous for all faces are waxed pale. 7 They his land, and had pity on his people. run like mighty men; they climb 19 And Jehovah answered and said the wall like men of war; and they unto his people, Behold, I will send march every one on his ways, and you grain, and new wine, and oil, they break not their ranks. 8 and ye shall be satisfied therewith; Neither doth one thrust another; and I will no more make you a rethey march every one in his path; proach among the nations; 20 but and 3 they burst through the weap- I will remove far off from you the ons, and break not off their course. northern army, and will drive it 9 They leap upon the city; they into a land barren and desolate, 7its run upon the wall; they climb up forepart into the eastern sea, and into the houses; they enter in at its hinder part 8into the western the windows like a thief. 10 The sea ; and its stench shall come up, earth quaketh before them; the and its ill savor shall come up, beheavens tremble; the sun and the cause it hath done great things. moon are darkened, and the stars 21 Fear not, O land, be glad and withdraw their shining. 11 And rejoice; for Jehovah hath done great Jehovah uttereth his voice before his things. 22 Be not afraid, ye beasts army; for his camp is very great; for of the field ; for the pastures of the he is strong that executeth his word; wilderness do spring, for the tree for the day of Jehovah is great and beareth its fruit, the fig-tree and the very terrible, and who can abide it? vine do yield their strength. 23 Be 12 Yet even now, saith Jehovah, glad then, ye children of Zion, and

rejoice in Jehovah your God; for 2 Or, var-horses 3 Or, when they fall around the weapons, they, 5 Or, elders 6 Or, use a bywoord aucrip 4 Or, are not wounded | 7 Or, with its forepart

1 Or, folds

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8. Or, tam

Outpouring of God's Spirit promised. The Nations to be judged he giveth you the former rain in itage Israel, whom they have scatjust measure, and he causeth to tered among the nations : and they come down for you the rain, the have parted my land, 3 and have former rain and the latter rain, 2 in cast lots for my people, and have the first month. 24 And the floors given a boy for a harlot, and sold a shall be full of wheat, and the vats girl for wine, that they may drink. shall overflow with new wine and 4 Yea, and what are ye to me, 0 oil. 25 And I will restore to you Tyre, and Sidon, and all the regions the years that the locust hath eaten, of Philistia ? 5 will ye render me a the canker-worm, and the caterpil- recompense? and if ye recompense lar, and the palmer-worm, my great me, swiftly and speedily will I rearmy which I sent among you. 26 turn your recompense upon your And ye shall eat in plenty and be head. 5 Forasmuch as ye have satisfied, and shall praise the name of taken my, silver and my gold, and Jehovah your God, that hath dealt have carried into your temples my wondrously with you; and my peo- goodly precious things, 6 and have ple shall never be put to shame. 27 sold the children of Judah and the And ye shall know that I am in the children of Jerusalem unto the sons midst of Israel, and that I am Jeho- of the Grecians, that ye may remove vah your God, and there is none them far from their border; 7 beelse; and my people shall never be hold, I will stir them up out of the put to shame.

place whither ye have sold them, * 23 And it shall come to pass after- and will return your 6 recompense ward, that I will pour out my Spirit upon your own head; 8 and I will upon all flesh; and your sons and sell your sons and your daughters your daughters shall prophesy, your into the hand of the children of old men shall dream dreams, your Judah, and they shall sell them to young men shall see visions : 29" and the men of Sheba, to a nation far also upon the servants and upon the off: for Jehovah hath spoken it. handmaids in those days will I pour 9 Proclaim ye this among the out my Spirit. 30 And I will show nations ; ? prepare war; stir up the wonders in the heavens and in the mighty men ; let all the men of war earth: blood, and fire, and pillars of draw near, let them come up. 10 smoke. 31 The sun shall be turned Beat your plowshares into swords, into darkness, and the moon into and your pruning-hooks into spears: blood, before the great and terrible let the weak say, I am strong. 11 day of Jehovah cometh. 32 And 8 Haste ye, and come, all ye nations it "shall come to pass, that whoso - round about, and gather yourselves ever shall call on the name of Jeho- together: thither cause thy mighty vah shall be delivered ; for in mount ones to come down, O Jehovah. 12 Zion and in Jerusalem there shall Let the nations bestir themselves, be those that escape, as Jehovah and come up to the

valley of 9 Jehoshhath said, and 3 among the remnant aphat; for there will I sit to judge those whom Jehovah doth call. all the nations round about. 13 Put +3 in

and in that time, when I shall ripe: come, 11 tread ye; for the wine4 bring back the captivity of Judah press is full, the vats overflow; for and Jerusalem, 2 ] will gather all their wickedness is great. nations, and will bring them down 14 Multitudes, multitudes in the into the valley of Jehoshaphat; and valley of decision! for the day of I will execute judgment upon them Jehovah is near in the valley of there for my people and for my her- decision. 15 The sun and the moon

5 Or, will ye repay a deed of mine, or will ye

+ Ch. 4. 1 in Heb. do aught unto me? swiftly &c. 1 Or, in (or, for) righteousness

1 Heb. sanctify.

8'Or, Assemble yourselves 2 Or, at the first

9 That is, Jehovah judgeth. 3 Or, in the remnant whom 8c. 4 Or, return to 10 Or, vintage

11 Or, get you down

* Ch. 3. lin Heb.

6 Or, deed

The Nations to be judged, and Judah to be delivered are darkened, and the stars with- Judah shall flow with waters; and a draw their shining. 16 And Jehovah fountain shall come forth from the will roar from Zion, and utter his house of Jehovah, and shall water voice from Jerusalem; and the heav- 1 the valley of Shittim. 19 Egypt ens and the earth shall shake: hut shall be à desolation, and Edom Jehovah will be a refuge unto his shall be a desolate wilderness, for people, and a stronghold to the chil- the violence done to the children of dren of Israel. 17 So shall ye know Judah, because they have shed inthat I am Jehovah your God, dwell. nocent blood in their land. 20 But ing in Zion my holy mountain: then Judah shall 2 abide for ever, and shall Jerusalem be holy, and there Jerusalem from generation to genershall no strangers pass through her ation. 21 And I will 3 cleanse their any more.

blood, that I have not cleansed : 18 And it shall come to pass in that for Jehovah dwelleth in Zion. day, that the mountains shall drop

1 That is, the valley of acacias. down sweet wine, and the hills shall

2 Or, be inhabited flow with milk, and all the brooks of

Or, hold as innocent



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God's Judgments on Neighboring Nations 1

The words of Amos, who was and the remnant of the Philistines

among the herdsmen of Tekoa, shall perish, saith the Lord Jehovah. which he saw concerning Israel in 9 Thus saith Jehovah: For three the days of Uzziah king of Judah, transgressions of Tyre, yea, for four, and in the days of Jeroboam the son I will not turn away the punishof Joash king of Israel, two years ment thereof; because they delivbefore the earthquake.

ered up the whole people to Edom, 2 And he said, Jehovah will roar and remembered not the brotherly from Zion, and utter his voice from covenant. 10 But I will send a fire Jerusalem; and the pastures of the on the wall of Tyre, and it shall deshepherds shall mourn, and the top vour the palaces thereof. of Carmel shall wither.

11 Thus saith Jehovah: For three 3 Thus saith Jehovah : For three transgressions of Edom, yea, for transgressions of Damascus, yea, for four, I will not turn away the pun. four, I will not a turn away 3 the ishment thereof; because he did punishment thereof; because they pursue his brother with the sword, have threshed Gilead with threshing and 9 did cast off all pity, and his instruments of iron. 4 But I will anger did tear perpetually, and he send a fire into the house of Hazael, kept his wrath for ever. °12 But I and it shall devour the palaces of will send a fire upon Teman, and it Ben-hadad. 5 And I will break the shall devour the palaces of Bozrah. bar of Damascus, and cut off 4 the 13 Thus saith Jehovah: For three inhabitant from the valley of 5 Aven, transgressions of the children of and him that holdeth the sceptre Ammon, yea, for four, I will not from the house of Eden ; and the turn away the punishment thereof; people of Syria shall go into captiv- because they have ripped up the ity unto Kir, saith Jehovah. women with child of Gilead, that

6 Thus saith Jehovah : For three they may enlarge their þorder. 14 transgressions of Gaza, yea, for four, But I will kindle a fire in the wall I will not turn away the punishment of Rabbah, and it shall devour the thereof; because they carried away palaces thereof, with shouting in the captive ? the whole people, to deliver day of battle, with a tempest in them up to Edom. 7 But I will the day of the whirlwind; 15 and send a fire on the wall of Gaza, and their king shall go into captivity, it shall devour the palaces thereof. he and his princes together, saith 8 And I will cut off the inhabitant Jehovah. from Ashdod, and him

that holdeth 2 Thus saith Jehovah : For three will turn my hand against Ekron; four, I will not turn away the pun;

1 Or, habitations 2 Or, revoke my word ishment thereof; because he burned 3 Heb. it (and so in ver. 6, 9, &c.).

the bones of the king of Edom into 4 Or, him that sitteth on the throne (and so in 5 That is, Vanity.

8 Heb. the covenant of brethren. 6 Or, Beth-eden 7'Heb. an entire captivity.

Heb. corrupted his compassions.


TOU you



ver. 8)


Judgments on Jedah and Israel. Necessity of prophesying Evil against Israel lime. 2 But I will send a fire upon your place, as a cart presseth that Moab, and it shall devour the is full of sheaves. 14 And 2 flight palaces of Kerioth; and Moab shall shall perish from the swift; and die with tumult, with shouting, and the strong shall not strengthen his with the sound of the trumpet; 3 force; neither shall the mighty deand I will cut off the judge from the liver 3 himself; 15 neither shall he midst thereof, and will slay all the stand that handleth the bow; and princes thereof with him, saith he that is swift of foot shall not deJehovah.

liver himself; neither shall he that 4 Thus saith Jehovah: For three rideth the horse deliver 3 himself; transgressions of Judah, yea, for 16 and he that is courageous among four, I will not turn away, the pun- the mighty shall

fee away naked in ishment thereof; because they have that day, saith Jehovah. rejected the law of Jehovah, and have not kept bis statutes, and their 3 Hear this word that Jehovah which their fathers did walk. 5 But dren of Israel, against the whole I will send a fire upon Judah, and it family which I brought up out of shall devour the palaces of Jerusa- the land of Egypt, saying, 2 You lem.

only have I known of all the families 6 Thus saith Jehovah: For three of the earth: therefore I will visit transgressions of Israel, yea, for upon you all your iniquities. 3 four, I will not turn away the pun- Shall two walk together, except they ishment thereof; because they have have 4 agreed? 4 Will a lion roar in sold the righteous for silver, and the the forest, when he hath no prey? needy for a pair of shoes — 7 they will a young lion cry out of his den, that pant after the dust of the earth if he have taken nothing? 5 Can a on the head of the poor, and turn bird fall in a snare upon the earth, aside the way of the meek; and a where no gin is set for him? shall a man and his father go unto the same snare spring, up from the ground, maiden, to profane my holy name: and have taken nothing at all? 6 8 and they lay themselves down be- Shall the trumpet be blown in a city, șide every altar upon clothes taken and the people not be afraid

? shall in pledge; and in the house of their evil befall a city, and Jehovah hath God they drink the wine of such as not done it? 5 Surely the Lord have been fined.

Jehovah will do nothing, except he 9 Yet destroyed I the Amorite reveal his secret unto his servants before them, whose height was like the prophets. 8 The lion hath the height of the cedars, and he was roared; who will not fear? The strong as the oaks; yet I destroyed Lord Jehovah hath spoken; who his fruit from above, and his roots can but prophesy? from beneath. 10 Also I brought 9 Publish ye in the palaces at you up out of the land of Egypt, Ashdod, and 5 in the palaces in the and led you forty years in the wil land of Egypt, and say, Assemble derness, to possess the land of the yourselves upon the mountains of Amorite. il And I raised up of Samaria, and behold what great your sons for prophets, and of your tumults are therein, and what opyoung men for Nazirites. Is it not pressions in the midst thereof. even thus, o ye children of Israel? | For they know not to do right, saith saith Jehovah. 12 But ye gave Jehovah, who store up violence and the Nazirites wine to drink, and robbery in their palaces. 11 Therecommanded the prophets, saying, fore thus saith the Lord Jehovah : Prophesy not.

An adversary there shall be, even 13 Behold, 11 will press you in

2 Or, refuge shall fail the swift pressed that is full

of sheaves 1 Or, I am pressed under you, as a cart is

3 Heb. his soul (or, lije).

4 Or, made an appointment


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