Jesus Opened My Eyes

Jesus Opened My Eyes, 2006 - 352 páginas
Marino Kintaro was born in Palau, a small tropical island in Micronesia and raised in a Christian family mixed with cultural taboos. Although he considered himself a Christian, his life style of wild parties filled with hard rock and alcohol was contrary to the Lords teachings. He became very ill; with death being near and all else failing he made a commitment to the Lord to serve Him, if He would make him well. Jesus healed him and revealed to him that he is a Pentecostal like Peter and Paul were. Today Marino lives with his wife in the United States. They have a son and a daughter. One day God opened his spiritual eyes to understand the scriptures of the Bible and led him to write this book. He believes this book Jesus Opened My Eyes will help others to understand some of the very secret revelations of Jesus and scriptural meanings of the Bible providing a true peace of mind and full enjoyment of life. The living God has given him a couple of dreams about this book, Jesus Opened My Eyes showing him that this book would be very successful and would be read all around the world. When he started to write this book he was given a dream that 777 was on a big brown envelope that contained the draft of the book. He also had an inspiring dream that a very Bright Light appeared in the sky above the mountain and two halos from that Light came upon him and his wife. Yes, Jesus can also open your spiritual eyes to understand the scriptures just as He opened the minds of the Apostles and Marino to understand the scriptures in the Bible. Let the excitement fly when you read this book.

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I would love to have a copy of this book, Jesus opened my eyes. I can't find it for sale anywhere.

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