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Depriv'd if not Slaughters? How vain then is the Supream Power, that's boasted * in mortaKKingSj who cannot do what they would, without their Subjects Leave?

But the Power of the Supream King de». pends upon none, but his own pure Will. "And who can Resist Omnipotence, that wants neither Soldiers or Arms, nor any thing at all out of Himself? And when*ever he uses the Ministry of Men or Angels, or any other Creatures, 'Tis only because he will; Not that he cannot Execute .whatever he pleases, as.easy without'em. For he, that without any Partner, Coadjutor, or Minister, made Heaven and Earth, and all that is in 'em, with his bare Word, and Keeps 'em up by his mere Will, C3n he not as easily Rule and Administer all by his sole Controul?

Nor does God alone truly Reign, only .because the Supream Power, but also the Supream Art of Reigning is lodg'd in none but in Himself. Neither does he ever need any Senate or Council; Isa. 40. 13. Who hath directed the Spirit of the Lord; or being his Counsellor, has taught him? He is the . only Potentate'/ Not Only Terrible to the Kings: of the Earth; but Great above all Gods $ i. e.. . Idols and Damons; or the quasi-Gods, thatare set up only by Participation from him;; such as Men and Angels, whom he has .all entirely subject ' his Empire. As the

proud ;. proud Nebuchadnezzar, after he had been Tutor'd by the punishment' of his Arrogance, came humbly to acknowledge, Dan. 4. 34. and J. My Understanding returned to me, and I blejsed the most High, and f raised and honour d him that Livetb for ever and ever j whose Dominion is an everlasting Dominion,' and his Kingdom from Generation to Generation. And all the Inhabitants of the earth are reputed as nothing ', and he doth according to his Will in the army ef Heaven, and among the Inhabitants of the eartb. And none can stay . hit band, or fay to him, What dost thou } Here's one, who being first Himself taught (as with Bryars and Thorns) may teach all the biggest in the World, to Humble themselves under the mighty hand of God. Yea, and to take more pleasure, submissively to serve thtKing of Kings, and gain his blessed Favour, than ever haughtily to Arrogate to' themselves, and Resist his Will; and so,. come to feel the weight of his intolerable Wrath.

G H A P. IV.

Shewing that all the Blessed are Kings.

TH E Fourth and chief Reason why the Place and State of the Blessed


goes under the Name of a Kingdom, is because in Heaven they are all of 'em Kings. Tho' there they serve the Lord, yet so it is, that they Live and Reign in Royal State and Kingly Height themselves. As the same persons may be both Servants, and Sons; So may they be Servants and Kings. Servants they must needs be, who are Made of God, and still owe him Duty and Obedience, to whom they ever owe their Being and Life and All. And yet they are Sons too; Because Born of God ; And also Kings, Because that Royal degree and Dignity is communicated to 'em by the King of Kings.

Kings of the Earth (you'll say) they may be; ( whom the Pjalmijl cautions to be so wife, as to serve the Lord with Fear, and Rejoyce with Trembling, Psal. 2. 10, 11.) But who can conceive or Believe, that any can be Servants, and yet Kings of the Heavenly Kingdom? Whether it gain Belief or not, This we have upon no less Credit, than that of God's own Word; Mat. J. 2. BhJJed are the Poor in Spirit ; for their's is the Kingdom of Heaven. Mat. 25". 24. Come ye Blessed Children of my Father, Inherit the Kingdom. And Rev. }. 21. To him that Overcomes will I ^rant to fit with me in my Throne. Here's the Promise made, yea, Possession, and also Enthronement given. And what can all this signify less than a

Particifatitn Participation of the Royalty., Power* Wealth, Honour, and other Goods of the Heavenly Kingdom? If we Suffer, we shall also Reign with our Lord. 2 Tim. 2. 12. Yea, even such as may seem to stand most Re.? mote from it, and not at all likely for it, (the very Toor of this tforldj .God has chosen to be Heirs of the Kingdom, which he has prepared for them that Love him. Jam. 2. 12.

Nor is this Kingdom at all Diminished, because so Participated, even by the Innumerable company, that are made so Blessed. For 'tis nothing like the poor Earthly Kingdoms here, that will not abide such .Partition, without Diminution and Consumption. But the Kingdom of Heaven is whole to All, and whole to every One. Even as the Sun is seen wholly by each particular Person j and it Enlightens and Warms every one individually and singly, as much as All together; and as if no qther enjoyed the fame Benefit. This will be easier understood, when the Goods of the Heavenly Kingdom come to be explained. But sir/I, the conditions and Qualifications of these Kings are to be considered, That none may call in question the validity of this Reason, why all the Blessed should he so called.

The two main Qualifications requisite in Kings are Wisdom and Justice. With the Wisdom holy Scripture joins Prudence,


Counsel, and all those Accomplishments that pertain to the Understanding; and with the Justice, Clemency, and the rest of those Virtues that adorn and perfect the Will. Now in the Wisdom, 'tis required, that he who Reigns, should know how to Rule well, and in the Justice, that his Heart be set upon it.

So, when Solomon, in the Beginning of his Reign, was allowed of God, to Ask even what he would, He Sesir'd Wisdom j as the Chief of those good Accomplishments requisite in Kings. And the Petition so pleased God, that he answer'd him in the wishes of his heart. Had he so well . bethought himself, as also to ask Righteousness; It might have secur'd him from falling as he did, into so scandalous Wickedness. His Father pray'd better for him, Psal. 72. 1. Give the King thy Judgments, O God, and thy Righteousness to the King's Sen. For tho' Righteousness' cannot be without Wisdom j Yet there may be a sort of Wisdom separate from Righteousness. But both of these are ever conjunct in the Blessed above, Tho' many of the Saints were Weak and Illiterate here on Earth j yet in Heaven they Commence Illuminati on a sudden, To See All in Him,who is the First Cause of all: and presently they exceed even Solomon in Wisdom, as well as Glory. There they - fee not darkly, but Face to Face; and Know, not in Part, but


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